On Amazon you can get a 1 year subscription to Food Network Magazine
for just $10!  The magazine is on sale for $15   but $5 will  automatically deduct when you check out making it just $10.  This looks like a great magazine with a lot of great cooking tips and recipes.

Go HERE to get started!

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5 thoughts on “Food Network Magazine Subscription for $10”

Hey what happened? I did all the steps and my card was still charged the full $15.00. The subscription the the Foodnetwork Magazine was only supposed to be $10.00. Taking the additional $5.00 off at the end of the transaction. It didn’t taker the $5.00 off and charged my card the full $15.00. What is up with that? Very disappointed with that transaction. Any input will be appreciated. TY Barbara Erdman

I am a current subscriber to Food Network Magazine and when I saw this deal I ordered two gift subscriptions for both of my kids. It is a good magazine and at a great price. Thanks for letting us know about it.

i think mycokerewards has this mag for free as well! they have some great new mags on there

So excited for this magazine, plus when I went to check out it had taken $5 off two times making it $5 for the year subscription. One was a magazine promotion and one an amazon promotion, even better!

Is that an affiliate link?