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You’ve just seen the extreme side of couponing; you’ve seen the POWER of coupons and what can be possible when using them!  Now, stick around and learn how you can implement some of the practices you saw on the show into your not-so-extreme life!  Coupons will pay dividends equal to the time you put in:  whether that’s 15 minutes a week or 5 hours a week, you can save your family major moolah!

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  1. Get the coupons!  Subscribe to your Sunday paper and get extra copies from friends, neighbor’s, co-workers, coffee-shops, convenient stores or recycling bins!  Can’t wait to start?  Print coupons right now from your home computer!
  2. Organize your coupons!  If you have NO time, get a file box and organize by date.  If you want to create a coupon binder like the one you saw Joanie Demer use, download the 36 coupon-binder categories for free.
  3. Stack-up the savings.  Now that you’ve got your coupons, don’t use them just cause you have them and DON’T buy something your family won’t use!  Wait until the products you use are on sale (at least 75% off retail and stock-up)!
  4. Stockpile!  Now, I’m not saying you need a stockpile like mine or anyone else’s on the show, but every successful coupon-shopper MUST stockpile to some extent! Read more about stockpiling here.
  5. Pay it forward!  When you begin saving loads of cash, it allows you to give back to your family, neighborhood and community!  #1 goal of couponing is to become financially independent.  #2 goal is to give back!  Get creative with giving back:  watch me donate 300 lbs of food to my food bank or watch KCL co-founder, Heather donate toys to a woman’s shelter.

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144 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing 101: What you need to know after watching”

I’ve been couponing for over a year now and so far consider a savings of 30-50% a good day. I would love to save the amounts you talk about! I just recently came across your site and love it! Since I live in southeastern WI, I am just wondering how to get my grocery stores listed, i.e. Roundy’s, Sentry, Piggly Wiggly, Sendiks. Also, I notice my local stores do not seem to offer the awesome discounts that you mention at stores in your area. Any suggestions? Roundy’s is the only one I know of that will double up to 5 coupons per transaction. I have been able to split my order into two…haven’t pushed three yet.

Well, I just watched the show. WOW!! I have been following this site going on three years now. When it was still in Idaho.(Idaho misses you!!) I loved watching Joanie make that hall!! I have been couponing since I have been following this site. Truly fantastic show. I just hope that the manufacture companies and the stores don’t start diminishing the savings. Looks like Albertsons have already started. (This weeks ad is NOT fantastic) Just wanted to say “Great job!!” Love the site!!

I’ve been following your site for over a year now – congratulations on all of the success the two you have created for yourselves! I noticed on the show that you have your own re-usable grocery bags!? I would love to know where I could buy a few.

Your segment was great – do you have any tips for those who only eat whole foods (non-processed) – 99% of the coupons that I come across are for prepackaged foods filled with sugar, sodium, preservatives & fillers.

I have been doing this for 12 years,but not to the extremes shown on the show. No stores anywhere in a 50 mile radius would allow it in my area. They ALL have STRICT limits. P&G coupons even state on them now that there is a limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip in red print, and I bet a lot of others will follow suit sooner or later. As for dumpster diving, you are lucky! I know places around here where I could get many inserts that are thrown in the dumpsters, BUT it is ILLEGAL to dumpster dive here, and you WILL be prosecuted for theft. I have actually seen it happen when I was working at a convenience store last year, so it is not worth the risk to me…it does make me sick to see all of those coupons go to waste, though!

Girl, I need to get in the loop like you. That was awesome! I even had the hubs watching and he was like un-freakin-believable! We need to know the trick on how you actually got started couponing because I can sit in a pile of coupons on a Sunday with great intentions, but it never seems to work out for me…maybe I am a tad bit intimidated…:(

Maybe, I need a one on one class…;)
I’m really glad I was able to catch the show! Good job!

-Oh and your hair cut is darling, it really suits you!

So here is my recent donation I made to a shelter in Las Vegas!
Keep in mind that I live off a graduate program stipend which is basically nothing but I still did this!

6 suave shampoo bottles
10 1.75 oz vaseline
3 clean & clear 1oz travel size face wash
3 reach floss
7 colgate toothbrushes
4 schick extreme 3 sensitive razor 4 packs
10 zantac heartburn trial size
1 130 tablet aspirin
7 halls cough drops
13 travel size vaseline lotion
11 travel size conditioner
5 travel size shampoos
9 travel boath soaps
8 travel face soaps
28 degree travel size deodorants
863 boxes of ronzoni garden vegetable pastas
21 pouches of tuna
5 glade french vanilla air sprays

I felt pretty good about it!
[img]http://thekrazycouponlady.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/donations 1_4_11.JPG[/img]

I’m new to couponing, what does +ups mean?

Just watched the show. So great!

I watched the tlc show last week and ordered your book!! My husband watched tonight and now i cant get him off the computer looking for coupons!! LOL We have 3 kids of our own and I have a home daycare with 10 more kiddos so our grocery bills have become CRAZY!!! ( average 400 or so a week )…We have made this a goal to start using coupons and do some stockpiling, we go through alot so its gonna take some of your magic plans. Thank you for the motivation!!!!

I have been following you on facebook for awhile it is really great to know someone close to my age with the same passion, my husband laughs at me for my craziness.

Our husbands would get along. :)

Though my husband gives me a hard time, he LOVES to brag about my couponing!

Hahaha…mines too!

Okay, funny story, I found your site while watching TLC. You had chosen a nice looking male cashier and said I bet he’ll be nice to the “crazy coupon lady”. I said to myself, I bet there’s a site out there with that name! It’s so ironic that it’s YOUR site! 

Since I’m already here, I just want to take the time to thank you for taking time to help others save money. I always knew it was possible to save loads of money with coupons, but never knew how. I am a young single mother of a soon to be 5 year old and thought things would get easier with time, but every day is a struggle for me and any help I can get to save money is greatly appreciated. Thank you, you are a gem.

Glad you found us! My cashier, Matt was awesome huh? Matt and JJ, my checker and bagger were SO great! Loved them both!

On the show, the clerk offered to help you with putting your items on the belt, but you declined because you wanted to organize them???? I don’t understand that part. What/how do you organize?

TLC didn’t show that I actually did a few small transactions before the last one. I believe I was organizing by making sure I had just the right items in each transaction. I was also counting my items against my coupons to make sure I had the right quantity of everything. With all the cameras around, i was off my game as far as organizing while in the aisles. :)

I loved the show and I was wondering if you met the others and if you learned anything new? How did you feel about watching it?
Personally, to me, Amanda and the guy seemed way over the top, I totally agree that 3-6 month stackpile is plenty. I love going to the store and getting what we will actually use and need. I will stock up on items that we will use or share. I also will coupon for life and have had a binder for years, now it’s got your organization pages…which are awesome…I added a meat page…other than that it is perfect..
Thanks for all you do for us!


I haven’t met the others but there’s something exciting in the works and I anticipate meeting Joyce next week! Shhh!

And as far as what I learned? Well, I learned that if you go to a recycling center with cameras, you’d better bet that your 4 yr old is going to want to do everything mommy does especially diving in a recycle-bin! I learned that I should always have a 4 yr old size pair of gloves in my car for just such an emergency! :)

i’m watching now…. omg that lady is crazy…. really do you need all those candy bars?? glad she don’t live here… there would be nothing for me later…ha ha. if i tried to take over my husbands man cave he would be a widower….lol

The show was taped before Halloween. Maybe she was really nice to trick-or-treaters! :)

I can’t wait to watch the show again. I have my friend couponing now too!!

I do have a question and it might be a stupid question….
How do you double/triple coupons. Do the grocery stores automatically double the coupons. I was just wondering if I have to tell the checker that I want to double the coupon b/c Market Basket and ALbertsons are advertising double coupons.

i’m a first time visitor and it’s all due to the show! my husband and i watched the show together and were totally impressed by your skills and your organization! in fact, he turned to me when your segment was over and had that look in his eye that something was cooking in his head. once the show finished, he turned to me and asked if we could try couponing for at least a month (i’m a sometimes-couponer). of course i agreed!

i absolutely love your site! it is answering so many questions that i have to get started on our couponing adventure!

Welcome Jana, and good luck on your journey! KCL is an awesome resource in LARGE part because of the awesome community of helpful and generous women and men that are here. :)

One part of the show was disappointing and it made couponers look extremely greedy. The guy who grabbed a large amount of toothbrushes, etc and had people helping him shop, that is not the average couponer. It was a parody and I was disappointing that the guy would agree to show his extreme behavior, even if he was donating all the items. It was also unrealistic because most store wouldn’t let a customer deplete all their stock. It was just rediculous but I think that will be the only part people will talk about.

Your so funny who knew? I loved your segment on the show it was fun to watch and what I can’t beleive is that you can do all of this with your son!! I also didn’t know you lived in FAR northern California, I live in the Redding area and always wonder why we have higher prices on items, I used to think that if these Krazies lived anywhere near here they wouldn’t be able to get such great deals, Glad to know you can Thank you
Oh and I’ve shopped at your Safeway before and let me tell you I spent a ton of money!!

So I watched the show last evening with my wife. I just recently started this coupon craze! With 5 kids, I need it!!! I noticed that 2 of the stores on the show appeared to be Kroger, like the Ohio one. What I did not understand was how the store was allowing you to double more than 3 coupons that are alike. Our Kroger up here only allows 3 coupons to be doubled, so I always have to make 2 carts. Nevertheless, I hae an 80% savings average since starting, so I am content. We donate alot to the food bank at our church. If I can get around the coupon doubling, I could get more to donate. Any thoughts???

Just wanted to say I loved you on the show! I didn’t realize you had a site until I saw it on another blogs comments. While the show was extreme it motivated me to get back to couponing the way I used to. I have no problem with people having a stockpile and I love how organized your is. I would be the same way 😉

I have been out of the coupon loop this past week due to teh holidays and I was so surprised when I was channel surfing last night and saw you on TLC! I was so excited for you! I thought you did a great job representing the coupon world.

PS– I was really impressed with your garage! Holy cow, girl!Talk about organized… =)

I had fun watching the show but Honesetly I was really dissapointed in how it was all explained by TLC and I just think YOU and maybe Nathan shoulda been on a different show. I thought it was funny Nathan mentioned he has others do the work for him on Blogs while he’s pretty much talking about what you do. I just felt like the first lady they spent more time on and she clearly loved the SHOPPING part of it more. She gets a high from shopping.
I wish they woulda spent more time on Joanie and explaining it better and talking about donating.

Thanks for the motivation! I am a veteran coupon shopper – like 20 years!! I sometimes get lazy tho. My husband kept asking “why don’t you do that?” – I totally can, I just have kinda gotten a bit lazy, so thanks so much for the inspiration. I totally did the pasta/pasta sauce deal at Safeway a few months ago too!!! Just not on your scale. Oh, I have TOTALLY done the dumpster dive thing!! Course, now I just make my way to the dollar store on Sundays (I give away the rest of the paper to shoppers in the store that are getting ready to buy a paper)
Last thought – how did you get away with paying less than tax?? You shouldn’t have been allowed to do that – not that I’m complaining – I’d love to be able to – but I have never been able to go below the tax amount.
Oh, and I am here because of the show – I froze the TV on your binder list LOL – I’ve never been a “binder kind of gal” – but I am going to give it a go!

California does not place tax on food items. Other states are a different story!

i loved watching this! im so new at couponing so can someone help me? i dont understand how everyone gets the free toothpaste and things like that?

Just wanted to stop in and say great job! This is a great post for newbies! Off to watch your donation!

First of all, the show was amazing. I just started couponing about six months ago and it has definately changed my life financially! I check your website several times daily, I am truly addicted. And don’t give a second thought to those people who call us borderline compulsive, I am proud of my new found addiction!!!
Second, which website is a reliable source to purchase coupons to combine with the ones online and in the paper? Thanks

I was disappointed in how the show portrays couponers. No one should have enough toilet paper for 40 years, disgusting. Why not donate and help others in need? And all of that salad dressing? It will expire before any normal family could use it. This show should have given normal people tips on how to save money with coupons, not show ridiculous amounts of food stockpiled in peoples homes when there are families homeless and starving. I like your site and the deals you post, but TLC should think about the message they are sending. Most normal couponers don’t have stockpiles like the ones shown. Having that much stuff hoarded is nuts and selfish!

I would have to agree. It appears to be hoarding at that point. I do buy a lot of things, but my family eats them as fast as I can buy them sometimes. The first gal was just nuts! Who needs 240 boxes of pasta? Think you will get tired of it??

Coupons and sales come in cycles so if you are a good couponer, you need to stockpile. My stock pile is twice as big as Joan and I never had anything expire or go bad. It is not greed, it is smart shopping,as couponers we know every item that we have andmost couponers do share with family and friends. I started couponing two years ago and I help so much people in my community by providing them with shopping services. I can get items for them at 50-75% off for them. Stockpilling might be DISGUSTING to people who have a good income but it is not to people who struggle to make ends meet and coupon to feed their kids.

It is wonderful to hear that you donate items. Joan, however, did not mention donating ONE BIT.

That was fantastic. You are my favorite blogger by far! I live in North Pole, AK and can’t get such a great deal on food but with coupon shopping I’m paying less than most. I related to your story and thought I was most like you on the show. And here I find you are my favorite blogger!

Hey Kristen,
I live in Fairbanks! Glad to see a local Alaskan on here. I agree, it’s hard to get these kind of savings here, especially without a Walgreens, CVS or Target. Right now Safeway has Fruit Gushers on sale $1.49, must buy at least 4. You can use 1 coupon for $1 off 3 and another coupon for $0.50 off 2, so 5 will cost $5.95, you get a $3 off next purchase making it $2.95=$0.59 each!!

The show was awesome!!!!

I absolutely LOVED the show. I live in Canada and finding a 50 cent coupon is about as lucky as I’d get. There’s no store coupons, no doubling, no freebies etc. Just doesn’t happen here. I am so jealous and I know if I lived in the US I’d be all over extreme couponing. I’ve been following Kelleigh Ratzlaff’s blog because I love her coupon posts (and she’s pretty darned funny!). She’s often mentioned your blog but I had not visited till now. While I can’t participate with coupons I’ll be back often to check out the scores you find! Congrats on the show….I really enjoyed watching it.

I just finished watching the show! Awesome!
The only thing I can say is that I will never be such extreme couponer becuase CA stores do not double coupons :-(

I couldn’t believe it when the groceries came out to less than $3! And we rarely get any kind of manufacturer coupons in our newspaper!! Here in Hawaii everything is so expensive. We have a Safeway and Walmart and the one locally owned store. How is it that you could save so much?! This would really be a lifesaver for us all!

Hey Joanie! Loved you on the show. Just one question, where is your yellow jacket from? I’ve seen it on a couple other shows, and it is super cute!!!

I agree….the jacket was absolutely adorable!

This may be a silly question but when do you hand over your store reward card? I saw the nurse give her card after all the coupons were entered. Is that one of the ways to get your total down lower???

I don’t know about the store where Joyce shopped, but at my store I give my reward card number first, (but the order does not matter).

I did not see the show – no access, but I can guess why she did that from my experiences at my store.

Catalina deals where you spend $25 and get back $10 will often work on pre sale prices. So you don’t actually have to spend $25 to get the $10. Unfortunately when you scan your rewards card first, you will only see the sale total. If you scan your rewards card last, you will be able to see the presale total. To be able to see the presale total is very handy when doing cat deals. It ensures that you are over the preset minimum to receive the $$ cat coupon back. Knowing you presale total is a necessity, especially when stores like mine keep changing their prices and the shelf tags don’t reflect the true price because they haven’t gotten to changing them yet.

Again, this is at the stores where I shop. It may work the same or different at other grocery stores.

Top moment of the show… The respect and restraint Joanies son showed in putting back the superman fruit snacks without one hint of a complaint since they “didn’t have a coupon for those”.

I know! My fave part of the show too! What a cutie! He was SOOOOO good in the store, too! I loved him getting covered up in groceries in the cart! I might need to make my kids watch this with me to get some pointers. LOL. My kids know too that “we don’t buy things we don’t have coupons for!”

OMG this is awesome!!!!! I do couponing but not to this extreme! I wish I could! Living in ny you cant dumpster dive for coupons and you have limits on coupons used! I have been doing this for about 2 years and have saved alot! I do get freebies it is possible! If only the store would let it be!
keep up the great work I am glad they made a show about this now maybe the store managers and cashiers will see some of this and stop making couponers feel like thieves! and people in the stores make you feel like scam artist!
3 cheers for this show!!!!!

I guess I’m just an average couponer, but would love to be as extreme as you. One thing I noticed was stockpiles of toilet paper and dishwasher detergent. I have been seriously couponing for a year now, and have not found good enough deals on either of those to stockpile. What am I missing?

I enjoyed watching your family on tonight’s TLC special. Your site is one of many I refer to on a weekly basis to get my deals. Thank you for your website!

I am familiar with couponing sites and getting things for free and do this myself. What is strange to me and everyone I “know” online is that these stores are allowing you to use so many coupons at once. All of the grocery stores in my area only allow 20 coupons per person per day, and no more than 2 of them can be internet-printed coupons. Some have even more restrictive coupon policies. Wherever all of you were shopping must have no restrictions. Good for you, but I am just thankful for doubles (and sometimes triple days) and the 20 per day limit!

After watching the show “My Strange Addiction” (that was on right after the extreme couponing show) about the girl who ate toilet paper now I know why you have all that toilet paper 😉

Ashley – you are SO right about the soap! Why are you spending $18 on soap?? Just wait for a coupon because when a freebie deal comes up you won’t have room in your house!

Joanie – you are just a darling person! I am 25 and newly engaged and my fiance and I watched this together as we just started looking at your site a few weeks ago. I think you made couponing look fabulous with your cute hair and trendy clothes – way to save face from the first gal!

Heather – I am really sorry to hear TLC did not want to show everyone donating their items. Is there somewhere we can write to them to mention that? I was really looking forward to seeing it and think it is SO important to show! People may not be into the idea of amassing tons of deodorant, but if it’s free and you can donate it to others, it suddenly sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday!

After watching the show, I was curious to find out more about couponers. Joyce, one of the people feature on the tlc show actually puts her couponing to use and helps others. She has her own couponing club where she teaches others how to save money. She also stresses to donates items that you don’t use or need. It was also nice how she was teaching her friend how to shop during the segment.
I found a clip on her

Hi. I’ve been following this website for quite a while and have really seen my grocery bills go real low as a result of shopping at the drugstores for most items. Since I am affiliated with the military I usually do one large grocery stock up at month end to use all my expiring coupons.

I saw the show and thought the stockpiles were kinda large for my taste for the first and the last people interviewed. I personally have what I consider a manageable stockpile (less than 20 of most items) except for some monster deals on TP meaning I have something like 120 rolls of TP (tee hee).

I think if your spouse is as angry as the first gal’s was then there might be a problem.Donating the goods to others helps me curb my tendancy to have too large of a stockpile for personal use.

I’m so glad you got the great publicity! Keep those great deals coming!

You did an EXCELLENT job on the show tonight. You were the only one that I saw that didn’t do anything to excess and was very organized. Keep it up.

@ Amy, while I think Joanie and the lady from Philly were most representative of the average couponer (even though the show said extreme couponing) I think the lady from Philly was the most reserved of all the couponers.

The first lady is clearly a hoarder and Nathan has some issues, too. LOL

Saw the show tonight and was totally inspired to start saving. I aspire to save like you someday – (soon)!

I am a couponer as well and I watched the show and have followed your site long before this show ever aired. It was neat to put a face & name to a blogging site that I have visited. However, I was rather dissapointed in the show because it gave a very false impression of a typical couponer and I think it will also leave a very sour taste in the mouths of the executives at major companies that produce these products and put out the coupons as well as the stores that sell them. And unfortunately, couponers already have a difficult time at alot of stores and get treated poorly and this show didn’t help couponers when we go to check out. I am curious if you were pleased with how the show portrayed couponers?

This show wasn’t about “typical couponers” it was about EXTREME Couponers… hence the shows name.

Sure, it may put extreme couponers in a bad light but it’s impossible for it to have portrayed “typical couponers” negatively since it didn’t have anything to do with the “typical couponer”.


Do you feel this show put you in an accurate light? Is this what you typically do when you go to the grocery store? Go from 600 something to just a couple bucks and use 6 carts to checkout? Or was this just fabricated for the wow factor of a TV show?

Definitely NOT a typically shopping trip. But the show wanted to show what is possible with coupons. I save 70% regularly. 98% savings on a $600 order was a record for me. And what the show didn’t portray was that I did a few transactions before the big one and used Catalina checkout coupons to help bring my total down on that last order.

That’s what I thought. I’ve saved 98% tons of times…after 5 transactions of $15 each.

I also shop at Safeway, but they will only allow me to use 3 coupons for the same item. How did you get them to allow you to use so many coupons for the same item? Most stores, like Frys have a policy that allow you to only use so many coupons for the same items.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I DVRed the show but I caught the last ten minutes. I have to agree that the guy at the end did make couponing seem like a bad thing. I also was thinking the whole time I wonder if this will make it harder or have the manufacturer change thier policies. I think that the point of couponing is to share the wealth. I have been following your blog for about a year and only recently really feel like I am a couponer. I have been able to give back to family and friends. My next goal is to give back to my community. I think you guys are totally awesome and thanks for helping me to become the right kind of “krazy” couponer! :)

You are my Idol!!! I have followed you for about a year now and you have helped us in so many ways. You are awesome.!!!

I’ve only yet seen the preview, but there are two particular things that bother me about what they showed in the preview.
You were in a paper bin, not in a restaurant’s grease bin, they shouldn’t have made it sound like you were going through nasty stuff with the dumpster diving.
I also hope that it was cleared up in the aired episode that the massive quantities are coming from special orders instead of shelf clearing. Neither my Walgreens or Walmart has as many toothbrushes as Nathan purchased and it’s not like my city is a tiny place. So I really didn’t believe he sat there swiping his arm through the “shelves”. But it seems a lot of people are assuming the opposite.

You were brave to take on TLC, with them focused so much on dramatics. I’m amazed they balanced out with the therapist admitting that you can’t shout “OCD” at someone just because they stockpile and that the “too far” limit is individual.

OMG OMG OMG!!! Watching it now on west coast. I MUST LEARN HOW TO DO THIS!! What a great way to not only stockpile, but keep food going to the food banks in a bad economy. I am so excited, but I’m also confused. Looks like a lot to learn, but I’m ready and willing!

I loved the show – I have been couponing for about 2 months and aspire to create a stockpile. I have a question though, I thought you were suppose to be limited to 3 like coupons – how is it people were getting 100’s of them to go through? Do store not enforce the policy?

Stinking cable in Wyoming apparently has a different schedule…turned on at 6 (8 pm eastern)its not on. :( Left it on, nothing. Just checked again, and now it is on at 9 pm MTN? Who could have guessed.

awesome post! thanks so much for the tips!

So fun to see you on the show and make the connection between seeing you and your blog. It is nice to have a “face with a name”. I love your organization of your stockpile! You have inspired me to get back into all of it. I have kind of stopped after adopting a baby 4 months ago and have really enjoyed being able to rely on our stockpile. Now that it is getting low, time to start up again!

Will be looking for this show online! I will say, though, that the pic in the post made me snicker — the placement of the “ET” symbol looks kinda funny.

MUAHHAHAHAHA… I hadnt noticed til you pointed that out. Too funny!!!

I thought you were great! I really enjoyed your segment. I screamed, though, when the guy bought all that soap for .30 each. I wanted to shake him and scream, “you can find a .50 off somewhere and get that for free!!!”

I have to ask, though. Is the pasta in the blue box ALWAYS on sale? I think every person on the show bought some. I don’t have that brand in the stores that double coupons but I always get coupons for it.

The Barilla pasta is often $1 at my stores but they wont double any coupons over .40 so never free for me.

I did not get to watch the show but it sounds like some people have taken a good thing to extremes. Which is sad because it makes us all look bad. I am not sure why anyone would need 300 toothbrushes and things like that I am afriad will impact how coupons will be distributed and how stores will take them.

As far as the newspaper coupons it was acutally cheaper for me to have a Sunday only subscription than buy it. I paid 11.00 for 26 weeks of Sunday only so I have 2 subscriptions and have a friend give me hers.

Thanks KCL for all the hard work you put into this blog it has helped me save hundreds if not thousands over the last year.

I loved the show! Some of the other couponers appeared to be organized hoarders though. I really wish they had given you a good plug too. Anyways thank you for being a more appropriate example of coupon use.

Ha ha ha…loved the show! Awesome.

You did a great job and your stash looked great!! I just found your website last week. I have been couponing one month and so grateful for websites like yours. I feel so confident that I can save now and pay off debt in a timely manner. So excited about what the future holds. Hopefully these extreme purchases don’t put limits on those of us who just want to save for our families. Thanks a million times!!!

You were the best on the show. The first ladies and the man were just terrible and give couponing a bad name

You were amazing! My husband doesn’t think it’s nuts anymore after seeing the other lady and that dude. Haha. You are the only one that made it realistic and not bordering on needing psychological help. I was worried this show would be completely like hoarders or unhealthy addictions making people think twice about couponing being a good thing. Thanks Joanie.

Yes, you were definitely the best representative on the show! Thanks ever so for all you do here and ‘out there’! I confess, though, that throughout the whole show, I was hoping that a whole lotta people wouldn’t watch this and start gettin’ ‘krazy’ and make it all even harder. 8-}

I enjoy your site and gather a lot of great information here. Thanks for all that you guys do! I too wish they (TLC) would have highlighted on paying it forward more!

I enjoy your site and gather a lot of great information here. Thanks for all that you guys do! I too wish they would have highlighted on paying it forward more!

Hey Joanie – been following you a year and a half now on kcl.com. Loved watching the show! Yours and the lady from Philly are more representative of couponers like myself.

I do wish there was more conversation about donating – while Nathan was donating his cereal which is super, I would have liked to have seen his over 150 year supply of deodorant and over 300 toothbrushes in the pickup pile, too. His shopping and the first gal’s shopping really seem to give couponing a bad name – they were literally clearing shelves of some of the items. The first lady clearly has a hoarding problem. She was using phrases such as “the more stuff, the more I’m happy” and was associating her happiness with more stuff – this is representative of a typical hoarder. Sure, we’re happy when we know we don’t have to buy laundry detergent for a year but her happiness was directed otherwise. Clearly her husband was terribly unhappy with her “hoard” going into his living space.

Anyway, it was fabulous seeing you get your family and friend involved and I think you are teaching wonderful money values to your children – when they’re young and need to learn the value of a dollar. Congrats!

Great job Joanie! I’ve only been couponing since October but it’s changed everything…my hubby and I watched the show tonight and he agreed that he loves that we actually have a stockpile of toilet paper now rather than waiting until we absolutely needed it to pay full price (now that’s crazy!!!!)

Pretty interesting show. I got my fiance to watch with me and he couldn’t stop going on and on about how organized you are( so much so to the point I wanted to choke him!! lol). I think I’ll have to organize my stockpile much better now. I think it’s great you guys were able to save so much money. I just wish my stores would allow so many coupons per transaction. The stores around here will only double 3 like coupons per transaction and depending on the cashier, you can only do 1 or 2 transactions.

I totally loved the show, very extreme but shows you what you can really do with coupons. I use to do this faithfully all the time and got out of it to some extreme, but after watching the show. wowsaaaa Im going to be starting it back up a bit more. Great show!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome! I watched the show and was amazed. Dumpster diving for coupons doesn’t seem so funny when you are saving money! A point the show didn’t mention was that the stores make money from you using the coupons.

That is SUCH a great point! They didn’t mention that the stores get paid for the coupons we big bad couponers use. =))

The stores get reimbursed FULLY, PLUS they get an extra $0.08 on each coupon! It’s called a handling fee and it more-than covers any costs associated with sending the coupons of to the clearinghouses where they’re sorted.

I only saw a preview of the show, and am looking forward to watching it! I saw the scene where a shopper bought 300 toothbrushes, and it made me wonder if this (and similar situations) will cause manufacturers to limit the use of coupons, kinda like how internet coupons are usually limited to 2 printed per computer. That shopper must have used a service to get all those coupons. I don’t think manufacturers are intending for one customer to use like 300 of the same coupon!

Nathan (who bought the toothbrushes) special ordered his items ahead of time, so as not to clear the shelves. The producers had the store set up a display that included the items he had already ordered, so it looked like he was buying them off the shelf.
The producers spin it for the sensationalism.

Nice!!! I didn’t realize it was you at first and I was thinking to myself ‘wow that second lady has the right idea, I want to be like her’.

i think its great that your stores let you buy in bulk like that. i live in central florida and they are horrible here with their limits our stores dont carry normally more than 6 of the same products in health and beauty. half the cashiers look at you like your nuts or just roll their eyes. cvs is by far my favorite store but they even dont keep up with their inventory. and i am not a fan of getting rainchks they are just a pain and most stores dont like to write them. i donate alot to but we dont double coupons here or i would buy more.

has anyone told you that you cant go in the recycling dumpsters ive been doing it for a year but wondered how legal it is

you go girl you are my hero.

Why didn’t they show you donating anything? I thought they videoed you doing that? They should’ve shown it. =(

Christy, we tried really hard to get them to show us donating, and for some reason they didn’t even want it mentioned. . . Not sure why!? :)

They probably didn’t want to show that because of what TLC wanted this show to really be about. I feel like they were wanting the shock factor here. Like in the description of the show on my tv guide it said “shopaholic” I’ve been ready other blogs and I feel bad for you and the woman from Philly because the other 2 that were featured are crossing the line into hoarding tendancies. When you have enough pasta to provide for your family for at least a year and then you go to the store and buy over 100 boxes more, just for you to keep, that’s getting a little crazy. Why not help out local food pantries, shelters, schools etc. It’s unfortunate that this show will get negative reviews because of the 2 crazy couponers / hoarders. I wish they would have showed more about teaching others how to coupon, like you do, it would have made couponing seem more reachable for folks. Thanks for all you do!

I think they must have filmed Amanda and I around the same time because we both were using the Barilla piccolini coupons. I bought 40 boxes, I think. I have ZERO left. Used one and gave them rest away. I like full size pasta (the piccolini are cute little mini-pastas). lol.

gooooooo! i missed it! i even told my husband to remind me. :( are they going to air it again that you know of?

It’s again again at 1am. If you can’t stay up that late it’s on at 10pm on January 5th.

It’s again again at 1am. If you can’t stay up that late it’s on at 10pm on January 4th.

I show it coming on at 1 am today or (12/30) and again at 10 pm on Jan 4th, and 1 am Jan 5th

Great Job Joanie! We are just getting started, but I can’t wait for my first $600 trip to turn into $2 (or LESS!) In regards to a previous post, I’m going to have to see if I can get my paper at the local Dollar Tree on Sundays! What a great idea!

you were awesome on the show!! very well done.
i don’t “extreme” coupon shop, but my husband still says i’m over the top. there are only 3 of us, so my stockpile is a bit smaller. most things would go out of date before having a chance to use them.

didn’t you say that when clearing a shelf, you should see if you could buy a case from the back or do a special order instead? then it leaves items on the shelf for other shoppers.

I wish I could be as good as you!! I can’t believe what I just saw over 600 dollars worth goes down to 2 dollars. Thats insane. Im getting better and better with practice and your tips though.

Thanks Mandi, keep in mind that this was THE best trip Joanie has ever had- but it’s certainly not typical.. we are happy with 70% savings most trips! :)

Congrats to your success! I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime and it’s exciting to see you on TLC! AND…it’s nice to finally be able to show my husband the different between crazy and “krazy”!! When you are stockpiling items that are actually going to be used, or giving excess to charity, it’s a good thing :)

i wanna watch too! :( but our first cutback to saving money was to get rid of cable. so hulu and netflix it is! lol

I’m stuck in the same boat :( I really wanted to see this too!

Can you help that other lady get medical attention. She buys just to buy and doesn’t appear to donate a dang thing. She is a hoarder in my opinion. When the heck is she going to use all that dtergent, 200+ boxes of pasta and all those candy bars.

Thanks for shedding some good light by saying the every 3 month sales and stockpiling for 3 months. Plus you donate stuff as we have seen, The other lady I think just is crazy and needs help.

I totally agree with you! I thought it was kind of funny how her husband was getting ticked at her. I’d totally be on her side for the great deals but I’m not for two reasons. The first being she doesn’t appear or says anything about donationg. The second that I thought she was being greedy and not leaving any to the other shoppers.

I so totally agree with you chad! The first gal is clearly a hoarder – it’s obviously causing some issues with the relationship – she is “overflowing” her hoard into her husbands personal space, and she associates happiness with her stockpile – all very real signs of a hoarder – she also spends upwards of 70 hours a week, and also stops her social plans to run out and get a great deal – clearly this is interfering with her ability to live a fuller, more gratifying life. How sad and I hope she gets some help after seeing herself on the show.

Actually, I “know” the first lady. (know her online) She does donate stuff, but they cut that part out. They used a few moments in editing, when she was feeling stressed out, because of not feeling well that day, and gave the wrong impression.

Watching TLC, love couponing; however, hoarding it is not good or kind. One must donate stuff to those in need.

Glued to my tv, krazies! so excited! congratulations! (and my husband thinks you’re cool too!)

ps–cute jacket, joannie!!!

Great show, even better site – I’ve been using your site for a while and appreciate you very much!

On another note, I would like to kindly suggest that people also consider allowing local schools to benefit from their couponing and stockpile – similar to donating to food banks, churches, shelters and more.

I am a teacher and give many of my free toiletry items to my students and use deals for snacks, bandaids, feminine products, school supplies and more for my classroom. I am sure that there are a lot of families whose weeks could be made when their young person comes home with a whole bag of toiletries that didn’t need to come out of their household budgets and there are even more teachers who would feel the same for classroom items.


I LOVE giving back to the school. This past holiday season I was able to save so much on my kids’ gifts that we donated a bunch to the school in the form of gifts on the ‘teacher wishing tree’ in the office. It was a no-pressure way to let teachers ask for what they wanted and let the parents donate. It was stuff like sharpies, kleenex, glue, scissors, an electric pencil sharpener (swagbucks=amazon.com gift cards=fulfilling this one!), etc. :)

I agree with you Holly – while I was impressed by all the ladies’ couponing skills, I really, really hope you all are donating items to the local foodbanks and families in need. It’s important to share these great deals with those who may not have the means to get them for themselves!

MAN!!! I been trying to find a way to watch this online but i cant!! NO i really wanted to watch this :(

Great Show!…& I LOVE your stockpile, Joanie! Beautifully organized! I’m glad to see that the show airs again on TLC these dates/times:

Jan 4th 9pm Central, 10pm ET/PT
Jan 5th 12am Central, 1am ET/PT


Thank you!

Ditto – I’ve been hoping to see it online somewhere since I only have internet and no cable, but no luck yet.

in regards to #1. I live in Chicago, the sunday Trib runs for more than a buck. A tip that one of my friends gave me was to buy the sunday trib at a dollar store hey only a buck, save more $. I’d thought I share that with yall :) instead of subscribing or paying the regular amount.

If I could get my Sunday paper for a buck I wouldn’t be in a dumpster! Nice job!

Thanks darling, love your site I’m recording TLC so I can watch it when I get home…so excited congrats! FYI I purchase my Sun paper from the dollar tree see website store locator for a store near you…sharing is caring lol


The Dollar Tree stores in my area no longer sell the Sunday paper at all, because the price got raised to $2 and they cant sell items for over a dollar.

Absolutely! I save 75 cents on Sunday just by buying from the dollar stores…! I love it! I’m not as extreme as the people on show…giving major respect to all of you…but, I need to be and it gave me more reason to get up and start saving money again! The economy is hard and we needed this boost of hope more than ever! Thank you!

I lived in Chicago (before moving to the twin cities) and if you subscribe to the Red Eye on Saturdays there are the EXACT same coupon inserts in them. Plus you get it on Saturday instead of Sunday! :)

Some regions sell the Sunday early edition on Saturday afternoon. Costs the same as the weekday paper, 50 cents, but includes the Sunday sale/coupon inserts. I buy anywhere between 3 and 13 (never that many from one store, that wouldn’t be nice) depending on how many inserts there are and what is included, which I add to the Sunday morning edition delivered. There aren’t any stores here that double, but its still a fair trade with the great bogo sales I find every week. Now I’m just waiting for Joanie and Heather to start posting the Publix deals :)

What cities sell this early edition on Saturday with Sunday coupons? I want to subscribe. Usually they will mail to out of town subscribers.

here on ft bragg the paraglide is free… and it has all of the coupons in in ….some times they are a week behind but a lot of the time they are on cue!!!! and they come out late thursday/early friday!!! free…. no need to buy the actual paper

Such a great post! Love your 5 steps…Thank you!