The NCP Home Scan is now accepting applications! If accepted, they’ll send you a hand-held scanner that you use to scan the barcodes on all of your purchases!  All you do is send them the info from your scanner each week and in exchange, they’ll give you points that you can redeem on an array of name brand products.  If you’re looking for a way to earn a little and get some products for free, this is a great program!

Get started and apply today!

NCP is only accepting a limited of applicants, so hurry and apply!

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41 thoughts on “Hurry! NCP Homescan now accepting applicants!”

I have been doing this for about 3 months now. Yes, you do need a lot of points for most items but they aren’t cheap items. They are things you would get at any store and name brand. The longer you are a member the more points you will earn. You also do short surveys online for additional points. At first it seemed like a lot to scan but now I know the order of questions and what buttons to push and don’t have to read each question. Scan right when you get home as you put your items away and it goes by quick IMO.

I have to agree, its way too time consuming.

I was on the waiting list for a year and very excited when we finally got the scanner.

But we are a family of 7, Mom and Dad and 5 homeschooled kids. Reading the ads and clipping was one thing. But to have to work that hard keeping track of everything when I got home…there were better ways to spend my time or save money.

I needed to know the if the price was a discounted in any way. And in my house, if I am buying it, it probably has some type of sale or coupon. If you are being honest, you are supposed to scan everything. Long trip, quick trips, eating out….

And maybe taking it to the store would help, but couponing or even shopping in general is hard enough when you have kid with you. I can’t imagine, for me, scanning on the fly too.

If you can do it, its probably fine, but for my life, it wasn’t going to work.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! Seriously, don’t! They expect you to scan EVERYTHING you purchase- online, gas, entertainment, etc. Who has time to do that? And the scanner doesn’t even work all that well- I have to enter in the long UPC number by hand frequently. If you were just scanning, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, but to enter in the quantity, the price, coupons used and amount, where you got the coupons from, if there was a store sale as well- for every single item- it takes FOREVER to scan your shopping! And as we couponers know, we use a TON of coupons. There are much better ways to utilize your time. If only I had the energy to send it back.

I agree with the majority of the ladies here. I got my scanner and tried using it a couple times but WAY WAY WAY too time consuming if you are going to do it correctly. With two kids and my couponing I cant imagine having time to do this too.

I’ve been a memeber of NCP for over 4 years and I love them. I do alot of coupons shopping but I have found if I take my scanner with me while I shop and scan it right there it saves me so much time and looking at the damn receipt. just a little heads up. good luck

What a great idea. I never thought to take my scanner to the store with me. I’ll have to try it. I agree with your statement about “looking at the damn receipt” made me laugh though.

I thought of bringing the scanner with but my 16 yr old daughter & 14 yr old son said they would not be seen with me & a scanner! It is getting easier to remember to scan when I get home. The first couple times I had to go all over the house to track down everything I had put away! Have had a lot of troubles with transmission errors, when I remember to transmit.

Hi I signed up last time around, was sent an e-mail about the waiting list and them a few weeks later another email that they were sending a scanner. I live in a rural area so I was surprised to get a scanner so fast. However i also started a new job at the same time and because it look like a lot of work, given the amount of info they wanted, I sent it back. Good luck! I hope it works for some of you!

I got mine today. I had been on the waiting list nearly a year. I don’t mind scanning the stuff as I put it away or after I have put my son to bed at night. Not that big of a deal if you miss entering a coupon or two. I made one mistake on my first store entry but I am not to worried about it. I would love to win a vacation. I would use it as an opportunity to have our wedding/honeymoon 😉

I just applied and at 80%
received a message that said I would be “placed on the waiting list for a family such as yours.”

WOW. what the heck does that mean??? I’m offended (sniff, sniff)


Lol! Sorry you had to get 80% of the way through to find that out!

I have been on their waiting list for several years; apparently too many people in my area are involved – or this isn’t an area they need information from, because I kept getting emails saying they would let me know when I was needed – then they stopped contacting me. I moved but kept the same email address and when I re-applied using my new address and old email, they said I was already registered.

I received my HomeScanner in the mail this morning. I’m gonna try to use it tommorrow since I bought some stuff earlier.

I got the scanner & after the first shopping trip I sent it back. Way to time consuming, that & we only have cell phones so couldn’t send in the info. I was under the impression that I could hook it up to my computer to download the data but it didn’t work out that way.

At first, I received the wrong scanner. There are two types. One for landline phones and one for Ethernet hookup. I have the Ethernet one now and find it works just fine. If you know you have to scan things, you will save yourself time. My husband even helps scan and depending on the store, you may not have to enter the price paid. HTH

I applied in November and got my brand new scanner new years eve. My friend has done this for a couple of years – she actually won a super vacation (Disney World plus Disney cruise) through them. I have yet to see if it will be worth my time, it would be much quicker if I wasn’t a couponer.

Well I got put on the waiting list, hope to at least be able to try it out! Though it seems like it would be much easier if they just had us send receipts in!

I applied and was on the waiting list for about a year. I received my scanner about a month ago. Fun so far- it’s like a new toy. Although it did take about a year to get my scanner, it was no loss to me since I didn’t have to do anything to remain on the waiting list. Appy, it can’t hurt.

I got my scanner about 2 months ago. I used it once and put it right back in the box and sent it back! If you are a couponer, it is way too time consuming. They want the original price, then the coupon value, and the final price…one every single item! My receipts are usually a mile long, so it took me over an hour to get everything scanned in. On top of that, you don’t earn very many points with this. It will take years for you to get enough points for anything good.

There are a lot of good programs out there, but in my opinion this is not one of them. Good luck!

I did this for a few months last year….WAY too time consuming with little reward. There was always a connection problem, and if you use a lot of coupons (if you are reading this then you most likely do!) it gets really difficult to enter all of the store discounts, store coupons and MQ’s….it used to take me FOREVER! You earn a few points and it doesn’t add up to much in the end. IMO not worth the stress!

I applied but how do you know if there’s slots available in your area? I didn’t get any information but “wait and see” I guess.

From what people have said I might not do it if its very time consuming. I’ll have to think about it if theres spots in my area.

nothing available in my area. dratz! :(

Every time I try to apply, they tell me I already have and can’t process my application. Does this mean I am on a waiting list or am I out of luck?

I updated the link. Sorrry about that!

I am on a waiting list for my area.

This link keeps taking me to the AMF bowling site. How do I get to the site for ncp homescan?

The link took me to a bowling website in VA. Weird. Interesting idea though. I’d be willing to do that.

They aren’t accepting applications here. Go figure. Nobody ever is.

I applied a couple of months ago and haven’t heard anything. :( How do they go to choosing someone?

I’ve been a member for about 4 years. Once you get the hang of it it’s second nature, but I could see how it would be frustrating when starting up. I’ve earned quite a few prizes already (DVD player, kids water table, Wii game & remote) so it’s not bad, the gift catalog has a pretty big selection. It does take awhile to start earning more points though as you start out earning fewer and get more the longer you’ve been on the panel.

Weird. They took my info, but magically had no spots available. Then, the redirect page couldn’t be found. Are there actual people who can vouch for this company?

I have been a member for 4 years and only got 80,000 points so i redeemed it for a few things and sent my scanner back to time consuming.

I did this for a month and found it way too time consuming. You individually scan each item that you purchase and then answer roughly 3 question per item such as coupons used, sale price,etc. If you have the time its not a bad program but it wasn’t a good fit for me. HTH

how much did they pay

They don’t technically “pay” anything. You earn points. I did it for a couple months, but the points accumulate VERY slowly and it’s quite time-consuming. It just didn’t work out for me. I’m boxing up my scanner and returning it.

Do you know people personally who work for this company and do they recommend it?


I have done the scanning for 6 months. It really is not that time consuming. I get free stuff sent to me frequently. I have yet to accumulate enough points to purchase anything good, but they do have some good stuff.

If by free stuff you mean a reusable shopping bag and some sort of bottle opener/gripper, it is no where near the compensation we should get for the amount of time we put into it. I think I might have enough points accumulated now (6 months) for some sort of cheap bath toy.

I used to do it a long time ago. It is time consuming, and I never redeemed my points, because you need a lot of them to redeem for anything. Finally, the wires stopped working and I couldn’t send the info to them, so I just packed it and returned it. They don’t send you a new scanner, usually it’s an older beat up one, and every time I tried to send info to them, if had some sort of problems. I gave up on it. If you do get it, make sure to keep original package, as they want the scanner back.

No scanners available in my area :o(

I just got mine on Saturday! Excited about it too. If you use is first thing when you walk into the door after you make your purchases, it makes it much easier. Otherwise, your products will be laying out until you scan them.