Here is a NEW Stayfree coupon!!!

Thanks Stephanie!

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Has anyone that lives in an area where the RA deals start on a Friday tried it yet….using the BOGO coupons along with the $1off coupon? Is it beeping and the cashier has to push it through, or are they going without a hitch?

It looks like Walgreens will have an in ad coupon for $3.00 Stayfree next week. These are regularly $6.49 according to their website.

cont. for the 24 -48 count pads. Buy 2 for $12.98, – $3.00 (max limit on the buy one get one free coupon), – $1.00 11/7 RP, -$6.00 Wags in ad coupon. $2.98 oop for both packages or $1.49 each for up to 48 ct. pads. This is better than the CVS deal when comparing price per pad. Unfortunately we don’t have Rite Aid around here.

now printing from my very own home computer (thanks mom!). So I’m thinking rite aid with these.

4 bogo coupons (2 bricks 2
8 packs of stayfree = 20
-10 coupons
-4/20 vv coupon
Pay $6 (with existing +up)
Get 4 $2 +up

$2 mm if there is no +up limit!

I saw on the insert preview for this Sunday that there is another Stayfree BOGO!!! I usually buy 10 inserts so HELLO Stayfree :)

i used mine today at target and used the 1.00 off coupon, the cashier didnt say anything!! :)

Thank goodness! Cosidering my 4 year old just ripped into my last package and stuck them to herself! *SMH*

HAHAHAHA!! Did you get a picture?!?! :)

Unfortunately no. Camera was dead, phone was MIA, but this child is a walking tornado, there will be many more opportunities! She’s my special needs child and makes it her mission to keep my day interesting. Yesterday she took to coloring on the dog! Not the first time she’s done this either, that poor dog!

This says available at family dollar which isnt in WA in my area so you might want to let ppl know. I didnt know until it printed out.

Available at FD, is different than Redeem only at FD. You can use this coupon anywhere :)

Thank you so much! I have three daughters, so these coupons come in so handy! Will these BOGO’s be able to be used with the printable $1 off coupons from the other day?

Thanks so much; I am looking forward to taking advantage of this next week. I am new to this coupon maddness…………and am already finding it so much fun!!!

Your site rocks!

I Love your SITE! You are sooooo Funny. I have always couponed but never like you. Last night I went to Dollar General and got 2 swiss hot choc. and a hand soap and they paid me .34 cents to take it out of the store. So fun!