Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Strips, 6 oz $2.50 (through 1/31)
Use $1.00/1 – Tyson Frozen Grilled & Ready Breast Strips, Manufacturer Coupon – (target.com)
or $1.00/1 Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken strips coupon from SS 1/2
Final Price: $1.50

Thanks Hooked on Bargains!

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28 thoughts on “Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken $1.50 each”

I just went looking for these today at my Target and I couldn’t find them! I didn’t even see an empty spot like someone had cleared them out. I’m going to look at a different Target that I will be by tomorrow though. I was dissapointed!

Wow.. Thought I got dupped.. My Target had the frozen bags for $6.99.. Didn’t realize that it was the 6 oz refigerated bag.. Never checked for that and ran out of time to look. I will have to try to get back there before the end of the week.. Target is not close to me so I have to plan my trips. Did make out on the Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones though.. 28 boxes for about $1.70 a box.. That’s lunch for me for a month..woohoo.

HOLY COW! You have no idea how exciting this is. I have a couple coupons for these and my 14 month-old son LOVES them.

You officially have a new follower :)

How do you stock up on items? Wont the store only let me use one coupon in one purchase?

You can try paying for each item separately using a coupon. Just tell the cashier that each purchase is going to be separate. Have them ring up the first one with the coupon and pay for that one. That is one individual purchase. Then do the same for the next and the next and so on.

I do this all of the time at our local Target.

Try to do it when the store isn’t busy, and try to find a young (under 25) male cashier as they are the easiest to deal with. But I have never had a problem except for one young female cashier who couldn’t understand the concept of being able to use a Target coupon AND a manufacturer coupon in the same transaction.

That was strange. I printed the coupons once, then tried click the link here to print the chicken ones again and they disappeared from the Target site. All the other ones that I printed the first time around were still there though, only the chicken ones disappeared.

This happened to me too!!!!

6 oz. is what one chicken breast? I dont really see how this a deal? fresh chicken breast is 1.99 a pound for boneless and skinless this week, that is a decent price but 6 ounces, I don’t get it.

I get your point, I don’t think it is a hot deal for chicken but for already cooked chicken that you can throw in your salad, I think it is great. Especially for when you are having “one of those nights” and don’t want to cook.

Can you use the Target coupon at Winn Dixie?

Can you find these in the regular Target stores or only in the Super Targets?

Mee tooo….oh-well, at least I have a CVS and a Safeway (Well, Kroger and Randalls)!!! Target still rocks….they are very good with my couponing and never make me feel like Walgreens!! I hate Walgreens and Walmart!

The $2.50 price is for the 6 oz size, the bigger bags are $6.99, there is 2 different coupons in the paper, and the $1.00 off one for the small bags is actually $1.00 off if you buy 2. So they are .$2.00 a bag. If you so the math, the large bag with the dollar off coupon vs. 4 smaller bags with use of 2 $1.00 off coupons and comparing weight, the larger bag is the same price for 22 oz at $5.99. So not a great deal………but the smaller bags have steak one which is nice…I think holding these coupons for a Safeway deal of a Target coupon to go with it will be better!

You’re right Becca, the $2.50 ones at Target are the refrigerated ones and the coupon is $1.00/2. The $1.00/1 coupon is for the FROZEN strips. Makes them $2.00 but still a good deal I guess. Wish I had a Winn Dixie here!

I think the coupon on Target.com is a MQ, and so is the clipped. Just checked at my Target, though, and these are $6.99. Boo. I’ll have to check back later to see if they went down.

My target was the same way. All they had was the 6.99 frozen chicken strips …no other variety and they weren’t sold out either. I asked someone and he was very nice but basically said if it’s not in the ad, it’s not on sale–which I know is not true but still….grrrr.

My Target only had the $6.99 bags too. phooooey.

Anyone else having problems printing the coupons from the target site? It keeps telling me to install the coupon activator, I have done this 15 times successfully, but no coupons!! Am I doing something wrong?

Does anyone know why i cannot get the coupon. i go to target.com and look at all the coupons and it is not there! please help!

Actually, if you stack the two coupons you can get 1 for .50! I know they allow stacking at my Target. :)

In florida these are BOGO at Winn Dixie this week, so I got them for just $0.75 each. We just used them to make easy chicken quesadillas and try were delish :)

OK Now that is an awesome deal! Too bad I am snowed in.

these are on sale at the commissary for $1.10 so with the coupon I got 10 of them for $1 SCORE! IM TOTALLY HOOKED ON COUPONING


I don’t suppose you live in Indiana?? Do you know if this sale would be at all commissaries?? I guess I could call before I go.

I live in AZ and item is not on sale. Cashier said it was 6.99.

They are 3.49 at Winn Dixie, but BOGO! If you have two coupons, that is two packages for 1.49!!

Awesome deal….thanks!

found for 2.50 at walmart