Yesterday I posted a deal about $7.00 off Physicians Formula Cosmetics at CVS. (see the post HERE)

Well you can score even a better deal when you scan your Extra Care Card at the Magic Coupon Machine (the Coupon Kiosk found in CVS stores).   If you’re lucky you might get a $10.00 off coupon for Physicians Formula Powder Palette, Blush or Foundation!

Let us know if you score this coupon!!

Thanks The Frugal Find

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21 thoughts on “CVS: Deal gets better on Physicians Formula Cosmetics!!”

I got the $3 coupon off…but check around the boxes because a lot of mine still had the $2 and $4 peelie coupons on them! So, I scored on the Eyeliner/Shadow pencil – originally 9.49 minus the 7.00 and the minus my 2.00 coupon! .49 cents each….I bought every eye color they had and plan to give away…plus had the $3 CVS coupon! I got some other things…almost everything was scanning with the $7 off but signs not posted on all. Also, keep an eye out for the TRY ME FREE label on the mascara duo…it was 10.99 at my store. Planning on stopping at another CVS to look for more peelies! hehehe

got the $3 off. Got some free powder and stocked up on the $.99 concealer. i love Physicians Formula, and have never seen such a good deal!

I scored (after many of the unwanted candy coupons) I got $10 off the Physicians Formula. The clerk let me load up on the clearance concealer (which surprised me). She adjusted the coupon down to 9.95 making the whole lot of it free!

Awesome deal when paired with the almost free (soon to be moneymaking) purchase of 4 Finish packs at .75 each due to the 2.25 off coupon!

I went to my CVS and got the $3 dollar coupon, but it didn’t have the makeup on sale. Is this a national deal or regional? Maybe their sign was just missing…

I went to CVS today and got $7 off Physicians Formula. The powder foundation I got was normally 13.50, marked down $7 making it 6.50. With my CVS coupon it was a .50 moneymaker. Yay!

I tried 3 times for a coupon, NO LUCK! GRRRR : (

I got a $3 off coupon! So, I got a blush that was originally $12. $7 off + 75% off of that + my $3 coupon = free blush. Not bad! And I got an extra buck for next time using my eco-bags.

I’m so frustrated with my CVS. They STILL haven’t put paper in the coupon printer, they told me they’re under new management and they don’t have time. It’s been a week. Yesterday I drove to another CVS just to scan my card – and got candy coupons! So today I went and just bought make-up with ECBs and it was a fiasco, I’m going to have to go back to get my receipt corrected now. Thanks for letting me vent!

I didn’t get the $10 coup but I needed concealer so was excited about the deal anyway. I got one for like $1.25. yay!

also, I agree with Casey, freaking candy coupons!

i don’t get the $7.00 off.i went to the cashier with a blush that had a 75% off sticker came up to $2.99. asked the cashier what the $7.00 sale tag was for she said for extra bucks but i did not get any? help.

no, they were pre marked down, that 2.99 was sale price, everything I seen was marked 8.49 thru 20 something and had sign in front 7.00 off. Some things did not have full price tags showing, so I scanned a few….

I did get 2 concealers, but they were 1.49, instead of .99….. I think the prices should be the same everywhere! Either way cool deal! So, we just scan our cvs card at the price checker and it spits out coupons???? I didn’t know it did that! Will have to try next time I’m in!

Ooh, I NEED concealer for my audition for “Extreme Couponing: The Series!” Just kidding. But I really do need concealer.

All i got was candy Q’s also….ugh~~

Freaking Candy coupons

I wish! I keep getting those candy coupons too!

Sometimes you can scan your card twice, I always get candy too!

Got a $10 off – the makeup I bought was only $8 so a $2 MM!

I got one yesterday for $3 off Physicians Formula Powder Palette, Blush or Foundation. (Chicago CVS)

Mine keeps printing candy coupons – I don’t want candy, I NEED powder. :) Fingers crossed for today, otherwise I may be tempted to use one of my other $10ECBs.

I went in last night and the machine printed off a 3.00 off any phys. formula makeup. I was able to score a free lipstick with it being 75% off clearance!!!