Now through 1/31 you can get a 24 ct case of  Enfamil Premium Newborn Nursette Bottles 2 oz for Free!
Just call 1-800-BABY123 to request yours.

Good through 1/31/11 or until supplies last

Thanks Hip2Save

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28 thoughts on “Free Enfamil Bottles!!”

I called and they said I needed to have a flyer that was given out by my health care provider. They said I did not qualify.

I just called and they said that I would have to get it from my healthcare provider. So how did you all get it by calling this number??? Although they are sending me a coupon. Any thoughts or comments about this. Help!!

I just called and talked to a really nice guy. Got the offer no problem! Thanks!

please don’t make this into a breastfeed issue Jennifer. these women obviously use formula and that is what works best for them.

I also called and got my free case, though they said it will be delivered within 5-7 business days instead of weeks. I am not expecting though, my youngest is 7 months, so i don’t think i can use newborn with him. I will give mine to a local hospital.

Do we select option 2 (sign up for membership) or 8 (formula options)?

you do need a code (they maybe nice and send it to you anyway) that comes on a coupon. bought mine on ebay for 1 cent one for me and one for my sister. only thing is the people who are selling them want $3 shipping.

Sometimes the pediatrician’s office will give you the free samples, too.

sometimes when a number is busy and their board is overloaded that happens (can’t get through). Also if you dial the number too fast that can happen

Just called and my formula will be here in 4-6 days. Woohoo! I LOVE free stuff. I was on hold for half an hour though. Thank goodness for unlimited night/weekend minutes. :-)

Worked for me…we’ll see what happens!

got message” you have reached a non-working number”.
Called again, same recorded message. I’m disappointed!

Keep trying! It took me four times to get through.

Just keep trying! It took me four times for the call to finally connect. :) Good luck!

The # didnt work…any suggestions?

Just keep trying. It took me 4 tries to get it to actually connect and start ringing. :)

I tried to call this number and it comes up as a busy signal.

I called that number and they said they aren’t running a deal like that so idk how to get it

says call cannot go through, then says not a valid #

Got it to go through and they are on their way! I am an avid breastfeeder, but this will be GREAT for a baby shower gift! Thank you so much!

Dud. Non working number.

I don’t think that the number is working anymore, am I right on that?

Super nice lady on the phone, long wait time. Formula is for 0-3 month old babies, so if your due date is much past 90 days or your baby is older than 3 months, they may not send it to you.

They said to be eligable you need to be due in the next 90 days FYI

Just an FYI: I called to get my free case and I was told that I need a code from a flier. However, the representative was kind enough to send me a free case without having a code. My case will arrive within 4-6 days. Thanks for the great deal!

I am on hold now.. 18 min wait time lol

I tried to call, but it never rang. It disconnected right away :(

Tried calling, but it didn’t even dial. It disconnected right away :(

Thanks for the info! Calling right now and my wait time is 23 minutes! Yikes!