Here are my 3 favorite FREE deals at Walmart right now!

Athenos Greek Yogurt, $1.00
$2.00/2 – Athenos Feta, Hummus, Baked Pita Chips or Greek Yogurt – (
Final Price: FREE

Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles, $0.48
$0.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba Product  from SS  1/2
Final Price: FREE

Tuck’s Take Along Wipes 12 ct, $2.78
$3.00/1 – Tuck’s Take Along Wipe – (
Final price: FREE

Thanks I Heart the Mart for these deals
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40 thoughts on “Free Athenos Yogurt, Yakisoba Noodles and Tucks Wipes at Walmart!”

At my Wal-mart the Yakisoba noodles are $.52; however, my store also allows for coupon overages, so with the some of the other coupons that I used, these were “free”. I grabbed the razors (also with coupon overage to apply to other things in my cart). i saved 70% off of my transaction today!

Ok I need help finding more Maruchan Yakisoba coupons. I live in Georgia and roger has them free this week and my husband eats them daily at work. Can someone help me w buying coupons? I am very new to all this and Don’t know how to go about buying coupons.

I bought a bunch of the Athenos yogurt and I have to say it is the WORST yogurt we’ve ever bought. It has a horrible bitter taste and my 15 year old daughter (who eats all kinds of yogurt) gagged and refused to eat it. The only way to make it edible is by adding some sugar to the yogurt. Has anybody else discovered this?

I know wha you mean…maybe I’m just used to the sweet yogurt that the Athenos one are sour. For the strawberry flavor, just has some strawberry jam on the side for self mix and it is just not quite enough to make that taste!!

Thanks so much for that observation. Even if it is free, no sense in getting it, not liking it and then wasting it. I hate to waste food, so I really appreciate you giving ur opinion on the yogurt. :)

It was awful without mixing the side of topping but after I mixed it it was awesome.

i think that is the difference with greek yogurt if you are not used eating greek yogurt the taste is different. Im so glad to have free greak yogurt i love it and its really pricey on its own.

We use it in place of sour cream, or mix fruit/granola into it like other have mentioned. You might try that.

I know what you mean i didnt like it at all either but my sister told me to add it into the mashpotatoes instead of sour cream…it is WAY healthier less calories and taste absolutely delicious!

My husband really likes this yogurt.

I am not sure that this is the place to post this messege. But here goes.
First let me say I am very excited about finding out about couponing. I watched EXTREME COUPONING , TWICE! I took notes each time. I got on this web site and down loaded the Coupon Binder helper. I now have an organized binder, thanks to your advice. I went out and bought 6 Sunday papers and started clipping coupons from them. I went to the links on the site and down loaded several coupons. I even ordered more coupons on line from the links on your site.

On the Extreme Couponing programs there were examples of people getting hundreds of dollars of items for only a few dollars at checkout. I was hoping to get some of that success for myself. But, when I started to try to find such “deals” I couldn’t match their success at all. Some of them went to the store and bought hundreds of an item for pennies! I quickly realized I must have missed something here. You can only print two coupons per item from the web. You can only buy so many Sunday newspapers. And you can only print so many Manufacturer coupons too. It seems to me, the only way to get most items for “free” or drastically reduced, you would need a manufacturer’s coupon, the stores coupon, an already discounted store price and a store that doubles up for that item. B1G1 free helps a little. But, I have no idea how people get 10, 20, and 30 of the same item without having other people print manufacturer coupons for them on their computers.

I am hoping to get some guidance here to better understand the “equation”. That way I can find my own “deals” without having to depend on others to find them for me. Does that make sense?

I live in rural Missouri and the only stores I have close at hand are WalMart, Target and Walgreens. These are the stores I am most interested in.

Any clarification will be GREATLY appreciated! What am I missing here??? ;o)


First of all, it sounds like you’re doing a great job! As fun as it seems, doing big shopping trips can be a lot more work than just steadily building a stockpile week-to-week. On the show, I used 40 pasta coupons, which I purchase for probably about $4 online. I never shop 4-cartloads at a time, so I don’t have that many coupons each week. I also did have access to multiple printers. I actually do this quite often. I’ll call up a few friends and ask them to print coupons for me, then I’ll print a few of another coupon that they want and we swap. Works great!

If you want to achieve 90%+ savings, you should look at drugstores like Rite Aid! Their sales are insane lately and if you watch their beauty videos on the adperks site, you can print a $4 off $20 purchase coupon that can be used in addition to your manufacturer coupons!

Thanks for your reply! Multiple printers is a good tip. I will continue to scan the web site several times daily (I’m retired) for more tips, advice and Great deals..;o)

You’re setting the bar too high. Start small or you’re going to get discouraged and overwhelmed. Once you get the hang of it it’ll get easier. I find Target is the best/most fun to start with. You can stack Target and manu. coupons to get great deals, even better if it’s on sale. I also live in the land of no double coupons, but I’m happy as long as my bill’s 50% by the end of things.

Don’t get discouraged!

Thanks Jen for the encouragement. I won’t give up easily! I am sure everything will “click” for me soon.;o)

Hey Sam. I just started couponing and I’m putting it on the same level as Sunday NFL Football!!! This is my new hobby. And if you start slow, be patient, it will be yours too. Just remember to start slow. Like Joanie says “you will be at the store often”. This whole couponing thing is an adventure; a marathon and not a sprint. Just have fun with it my friend!! :)

Thanks Ty for the impute. I am running to the store much more often now. Buying printer ink! haha PS anybody got any coupons for Lexmark ink??

Sam, I’m new to this too! I started on Thanksgiving day and boy am I thankful. I have already saved hundreds of dollars and it is so nice to have a stockpile. I can’t believe how much money I was wasting. My suggestion for ink is Staples. They offer rewards on all ink purchased and give credit for empty cartridges. I just roll the rewards over for more ink. Sometimes Target offers a gift card with an ink purchase which is nice too. I’m sure the other office supply stores offer something similar, I have Staples here so that’s what I go with. Good luck!

I’ve looked for these yogurts at my Safeway and my Walmart. Where is it? I asked the girl working on stock in yogurt and she said she’d never heard of it and maybe it was in the deli area. Is it located with the regular yogurt, or by the hummus since it’s an Athenos brand?

I went in to walmart Got 4 packs of athenos yogurt free – 2 $2 off coupons
2 bottles of motrin -6 dollar off coupon
2 tucks take alongs – 2 -$3 coupons
4 jars earths best baby food- coupons for 4 for free

There was overage from the tucks coupons so that was .52 more cents taken off so I spent $1.12 + tax .Our south williamson ky walmart had pj 2 piece sets for 12 months to 5T at $1 each were originally $5. Happy Shopping = )

Does anyone else have problems with using internet coupons at walmart? I tried to use mine yesterday and they said they cannot accept internet coupons

Our WM manager tried to pull that on me. It is not true. When I complained to corporate, I was offered an apology and, as I recall, a gift card. This was a few months ago, so it is quite possible they are now leaving it up to the managers. I would definitely contact the store manager. If that doesn’t help, get in touch with HQ.

I have installed the coupon printer 4 times and the coupon will still not print. Very frustrated. Cannot get the coupon, and my Walmart stocks this item! :(

If you are using firefox or google chrome the coupon printer wont work. I had to set my default broweser to Internet Explorer and can only use that browser to print from

Do these deals end tonight, as Walmart usually resets their sales for Sunday? Are these deals available past this evening? Thanks ahead for your time.

The Athenos Greek Yogurt is still a rather new item. It’s only been around a couple months. It might be a while before it makes its way into all the Walmart setups.

Our Walmart in Boise used to carry the yoghurt, however this morning they were completely out. This afternoon, they had removed the price tag and had started filling it up with other items… Is Walmart discontinuing this yoghurt? I really love it, especially the honey one.

Always sold out at our Walmart even though it’s not in a big town. Sometimes we get lucky and get to use a coupon but its very popular since backed by the biggest loser!

I’m new to couponing. Is there a limit as to how many of the yogurt coupons you can print? I know I can’t use more than one at one visit to the store…but can you print more than one and use one on other separate trips?

Usually, the print limit is 2. (per computer)

Hi Crissy,
You can only print two of each of these coupons PER COMPUTER. You can use multiple coupons in one transaction…just remember that you need a coupon for each item. Have fun!

You can print 2 coupons per computer, and you can use more than one coupon at a time. If you look on a coupon it will usually tell you how a coupon can be used. e.g. “limit one coupons per purchase”, if you purchase 5 items and you have 5 $1/1 coupons you can use them all. Most coupons are like the example above. Proctor & Gamble coupons sate:”limit 4 per transaction”, meaning you can only use four of those particular coupons per transaction. Hope that helps.


ask friends (nice ones) or pay small fee (pennies) to print extra @ libary. Or Coupon clipping services…hope this helps!

THANK YOU for these! I have them all ready to go tomorrow :)

also if anyone still has the $2.00 off any schick disposable razors there was a 12 pk on roll back at my store for $1.97. I did this deal last night

Do you know what date those were in?

Do you know what date the razors were for?

The Walmart in Tifton, GA doesn’t carry Athenos Greek Yogurt.

Our Walmart in Texas just began carrying it a few months ago. Hopefully, yours will soon!