Did your Smartsource insert get the $2.00  off 2 Snuggle coupon?  You can purchase the coupons on eBay or TheCouponClippers.  Walmart prices vary pretty greatly by region, so please leave a comment to let us know if you find a different price in your area!

UPDATE:  There is a new printable coupon on facebook, so you can get this deal even without the $2.00/2 coupon from the paper!

Snuggle Blue Sparkle fabric softener, 40 ct $1.87
Use $2.00/2 Snuggle Fabric Softener liquid or dryer sheets from SS 1/16
or $1.00/1 – Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.87 each, when you buy 2

Thanks Passion for Savings!

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34 thoughts on “Snuggle Fabric Softener sheets $0.87 at Walmart”

$1.87 is the everyday low price.

Does anyone know when this sale ends?

I got the SNUGGLE LIQUID FABRIC SOFTENER 32oz. at 2/$6 plus I used my $2/2 and came up to 2/$4. Was it a good deal?, I think so (I needed it anyways).:)

I got this deal as they are 1.87 at my local walmart. Thank you!

If you live in South Florida (West Palm Beach area for sure) Publix has the 32oz bottles of Snuggle liquid fabric softener on sale till 1/26 for 2 for $6 plus the $1 off coupon from Facebook its only $2.50 for each bottle (I just prefer liquid softener more).

Does anyone know how much they are at Target?

They are alot more at target! Although this week they have the snuggle fabric softener on sale for $3.99 and all these coupons work on that also!

Vancouver WA locations had the 40 ct. for the $1.87 price – yay! Love stock up prices!


New to couponing, but i bought 2 Sunday papers on 1/16 and neither one of the SmartSource inserts had the coupon for this Snuggle deal. Do the coupons in SS vary from state to state? Thanks for any feedback 😉

Yes they are regional, but buy them from Ebay or a coupon clipping service.

Can someone tell me where to go to post a question to everyone without “leaving a reply”? I tried to send a question and thought I posted it but I don’t know where to go to find the post and then see if anyone replied.

i just ordered a few of these $2/2 q’s since they weren’t in my paper :(
plan on using them with an aafes q for $1/1 and getting them for $1 for a 70 ct box…. and plus no tax 😀

hi washington girls! i’m in sunnyside between yakima and kennewick/pasco and my walmart came out to .86 per box our fiesta foods in yakima county is doing a good cambell’s soup offer at .99 and with the .40 off sunday coupons i got them for like .19 a can

I have a question….I live in Houston,TX and was wondering if its possible to use a internet coupon from another state’s zip code? I ran across a great coupon for $1/1 any brand cheese so I was just wondering. BTW I found it with a zip code from Utah 84101…Thanks in advance

Denise…often times the zip does not matter. However, the cheese coupons are often for a specific state(s) and state so right on the coupon when you print it. If it state for ut only, then you should not use it in tx. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I just read the fine print on it and it does state the state in which it is valid…thanks again

if you need another coupon go to snuggle on facebook and you can get 2 $1/1.

Thank you! Added the coupon link above!

It works out to be 87 cents per box because the coupon is 2 dollars off of 2 boxes (so $1 of each box). I figure I paid less than half price for them so it was worth get a little stockpile going as I am new to couponing and needed some dryer sheets. They weren’t on sale this was normal price so if it looks like there won’t be a better deal I can use my other 2 coupons in the future. I bought 6 boxes using 3 coupons and paid 5.78 with tax.

how do you figure .87 for 2 if they’re $1.87? I’m I missing something here?

2 x 1.87 = 3.74 – 2. = 1.74 divided it by 2 and it is 87cents a piece.

I didn’t get the cooupon either. If I buy them off of ebay the cost becomes $1.13 each and I’m not sure if that is cheap enough for me….

was 1.87 at walla walla walmart stores and used 2.00/2 bought 6 boxes with 3 coupons worked out to be .87 a peice for 6

I’m brand new to this and I’m from Pasco. I would love to have a fellow couponer closer to me. Seems like a lot of the sale prices, like the Ken’s dressing are different in our area. I won’t pester you…I am getting it figured out but it should would be nice to have a mentor/sponsor local….

Is this a good deal??? I am not new, but am new to things that are not food.

they run around 1.87 to 2.00 a box so .87 cents is a good deal i thought ty.

is this a regional coupon?

Got it!! Twice! And probably more when I get the neighbor’s stuff!!

If you have a Dollar General in your area, they carry 40ct Snuggle sheets for $2 so they are a dollar a box. My walmart does not have them for the $1.87 price. FYI

Thanks for the info. My WalMart didn’t have them for the price either.

Is this a stock up price? If I order the coupons off ebay it will come to about .93 a box. 50% off sounds great but should I hold out for 70%?

Thank you! I was running low!!!

Funny how I think down to 4 boxes is running low now that I stockpile. I got tons of these free close to a year ago when they had the $2 or $3 off 1 – this is not as good at $2/2 – I think this is the future for couponing – not going to make it where you get it free or close to free anymore – just my opinion. :(