Children’s Chestal Honey Cough Syrup $5.00
Buy 1, Receive $5 Extra Buck, Limit 1 (unadvertised)
use  $1.00/1 – Children’s Oscillococcinum or Children’s Coldcalm or Children’s Chestal, any – (
Pay: $4.00, Receive $5 Extra Buck
Final Price: $1.00 Money-Maker!

Thanks, Centsable Shoppin!

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23 thoughts on “Free Chestal Children’s Cough Syrup at CVS”

I was able to use the coupon although it printed out almost full page and looked ridiculous! No ECB though but it was still worth it as it was the only product I felt good about giving my 2 year old for her cough. I also gave her some local honey in her juice cup and used the Vick’s Baby Rub. CVS does have a good price on that with the available manufacturer’s coupon.

The cough syrup is not the chilren’s version. The manager at CVS said they are all the same and the only difference between regions is whether or not they’ll accept expired ECB’s. hth


Im in Iowa and my CVS had childrens for full price no ecb…

I’ll have to go back to check the adult’s cough syrup because I thought it was for the children’s and it was ringing up $7+. Also, does anyone know if the Disney vitamin B1G1 deal is working?? I tried that too and the Disney vitamins didn’t have a sale price listed??

I’ll have to go back and look at the adult’s because the children’s was definitely not on sale.

Forget my earlier statement…the children’s is not on sale. The “adult’s” is. However, if you compare the two, you’ll see that they’re the same thing. The children’s just says children’s and doesn’t have the adult dosing. It’s 1 tsp. for kids and 2 for adults.

Guys, DON’T BUY THE CHILDRENS. that’s not the one on sale! IT IS THE ADULT COUGH SYRUP. hth! :)

It’s working at mine in Northern CA – good thing too, because we need it! I bought some Zarbee’s and my kids hate it…

This was not working at my store in NC either … was ringing up $8.79 (yikes!)

I’m wondering if this is a regional sale as it is not on sale at my CVS in Virginia. :(

I went there this morning and I did not get an ECB with the children’s cough med :(

I think the ECB is for the adult cough syrup, not the childrens.

I just got back from my CVS-Houston, TX and the adult version is $5/$5 ecb but not the Children’s. has the link for the coupon for the adult version. Apparently it’s a month long deal. Hope this helps!

Thank you, Lynette!

I now this is off the subject but I have a coupon question.
I have 2 coupons for FREE Gallon of White Milk with $100 grocery purchase. Do I need to make 2 $100 purchases to redeem both or can I use them both? Another question is the $100 purchase before or after coupons I would use to purchase my groceries?

You would need to make two $100 transactions to use both coupons. For the majority of stores, the $100 would be *before* you hand over any coupons. But I would check at the customer service desk at the front before you start shopping, just so you can make sure.

Yea me too was all excited this morning ran up to CVS and it rang up 7.79..And also the big red machine only printed me out a $1.00 of kudo bars. CVS doesnt love me they dont love me :(

Checked this out at my store this morning, and it was ringing up for $7.xx. Bummer!

Me too – ours was ringing up at $7.21 each. I had the pharmacy chekc the price and they said every CVS is different.

FYI: this stuff is fantastic! Very effective and pleasant smelling and tasting.

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If loreal makes this cough syrup, it must be good stuff.