Hotness!I love this coupon!

$1.00/1 – Kraft 2% Milk Singles – (

Use at Safeway for this deal:

Kraft Singles Cheese $1.99
Final Price: $0.99

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31 thoughts on “New $1 Kraft Singles Coupon, Plus Safeway Scenario!”

It great to see so many valueable offer from the krazy coupon lady, but most are geared for larger cities, we live in a rual area and the only major store we have here is a super walmart, it would be nice
to see more coupons that can be used for Walmart. I know there is lots of coupons for Safeway, krogers etc but more for Walmart would be nice.



Hi Ben! All the coupons they list can be used at any store unless of course they’re “store coupons”. Any manufacturers coupon they list can be used anywhere. As long as Walmart carries the items, it can be used at Walmart. :)

If you have other stores in your small town, like? I dont know… Aldi (or whatever) or something out of the way like that… I highly suggest Google-ing for a blog that discusses the stores that are in your area!

Good luck with it. :)

I have a problem when printing the coupons the barcode is printed in like two lines that makes it unreadable so my supermarket will not honor it, does anyone has suggestions?


Our Ingles stores have Kraft cheese for 2$ each this week. I’m going to go to the store and see if the 2% is included. If it is that will be a great price.

Walgreens also has a $1/2 coupon right now for Kraft Singles – under their coupon section on the website, making them $0.50 each.

I was at safeway on Wed and the ad says only reg cheese slices and my Qs are for 2%. The cashier made an adjustment for me cause he was having problems voiding out the 2% items.

Just email me… I typed my email with spaces because spammers search online for email addresses. Just copy and paste it and delete the spaces. I love having sites that do the match ups because it makes it so much easier. What is the commisary?

Hi Judy,
I am in Fallon and shop at safeway and scholaris all the time. I do go to Reno usually weekly.

Good to see so many of us Northern Nv gals on here! I’m new to Spanish Springs from Southern California and I’m also new to couponing. I really like this site. I like this blog too:

Thank you so much for the link. I have been looking for savemart and smiths matchups! This is wonderful. How do I post my email for you? No spaces? Dont understand?

Would love to keep in touch. Lots of times, I have extra coupons I cannot use and would love to share with someone in the area. Can you shop at the commisary? They have wonderful deals there too.

If any KCL ladies are in the Virginia region, our Kroger here is running the cheese -2% for $1.49 on sale. So this would make a great deal !

Our Safeway in ad coupon is for 16 oz. Kraft cheese varieties. The 2% only came in 14.7oz and 10oz, so the coupon was a no go for me. :(

I can confirm that this scenario does *NOT* work, due to the size restriction on the Safeway in-ad q. The in-ad is for 16oz packages, but the 2% variety only comes in 14.6oz packages (and some other sizes too, but not 16oz).

I am wondering where Brandi lives. I am in Reno and we have Scolari’s and Safeway.. would love to have a refunding pal

I am in Spanish Springs (Sparks, Nv). I just started couponing and I LOVE IT! I don’t think the cashier was right about the steaks, but she argued that she was, so I wasn’t going to argue about paying more money. I am an honest person, but if I try to tell a cashier there is a mistake and it took off too much money and she has too much pride to realize there is a mistake, I tried. :) I love that there are so many stores so close to me. I have 2 boys and although they are only 5 and 22 months old, they eat so much that I LOVE saving some money. Email me if you would like to! My email is brandi n durham @ (no spaces, but didn’t want spammers).

Just got back from a Scolari’s and Safeway shop! Got some great deals!

Scolari’s (They double coupons): Peanut butter for $0.49, Johnsonville Brats and Italian Sausage for just $1.78 each, Daisy Sour Cream (24oz) for $1.49, Buitoni Fresh Pasta $0.69, Broccoli for $0.99, Land of Frost Premium Turkey (16oz) for $3.99 ($2.00 off), Denison’s Chili @ 2/$3.00, rotini pasta, Oscar Mayer Salami, McCormick Salad Supreme for $1.49 and 5lbs of Potatoes.

Safeway: Rice-A-Roni 10/$10.00, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 5/$4.49, 2 boxes of Hotpockets only $1.30 each with Catalina coupon, Colgate Toothpaste $0.99, BOGO Minute Maid Orange Juice $1.25 each, Silk Almond Milk $0.99, Sunny Delight $1.04, Buy 2 Blueberries, get 1 free, I bought 4 packages of Rancher’s Reserve Porterhouse steaks that were on sale for $4.99lb which I used 4 $2.00 off Rancher’s Reserve Meat Coupons and it ended up taking $2.00 off each package on my Just for U savings as well, the cashier argued that it was correct though… I’m not sure it was because I’m new to Just for U and I never added any meat coupons to my Just for U online, bought a large package of chicken breasts that were $0.97lb.

Overall I paid $59.54 for everything at both stores! Not bad for a newbie! :)

I am just wondering if you know of any sales right now on Finish Quantum. I just had the dishwasher repairman over because our dishwasher wasn’t working very well. He let me know that since they have taken out the phosphates in the detergent, none of them are cleaning very well. Here is the formula he gave me for clean dishes, just in case anyone else is having this problem.

Use Finish Quantum tablets, one in the automatic dispenserand one in the silverware basket.
Use Turbo jet dry in the dispenser.
Also for an extra shine add some Lemi Shine in the automatic dispenser with the Finish tablet.

So I seriously need a stock up price because this is quite a pricey formula. Hope this helps others:)

To find the current deals for any product, go to the top our website and type keywords in the search box, like in this case “finish” “quantum” or “dishwasher”. It will then bring up all the current posts we have!

Just out of total curiousity:

Who are you KrazyCouponLady and if you’re an owner of this blog, why isn’t there a box around your posts? Thanks for answering! Have a nice night.

curiosity… that is. :) Thanks again.

If you just use any regular detergent with the lemi shine it works just as well. I use the cascade complete pacs – 1 in the pre-rinse and the lemi shine in the main wash receptacle and they come out great!

Is the 2% cheese included in the sale? I’ve heard it’s more expensive than the other slices. Has anyone confirmed this yet?

I have the same question. Here in Phoenix, in many grocery stores (including Safeway) only the regular slices go on sale (not the 2%). I’m going to Safeway tomorrow anyway, so will check. I wonder if the stores pay more to Kraft when they buy the different varities or if they all cost the same.

Everything I’ve been reading says that it’s not included. If you’re near a Kroger or Affiliate, I’ve heard their Kraft cheese is $1.88 this week, which would make it $.88. Cheaper and there’s not a $10 min purchase.

Use 2 at safeway and double both for $1.00 more in savings. 2 cheeses for $1.00!

…and these can be doubled too! Thanks KCL :)

Thanks!! I am getting ready to head out, and the coupon I had was only .75 cents. Using this one instead, you rock!! 😉

Our Kroger store (central IL) also has this deal for .99 with Kraft MQ for those who aren’t around a Safeway. :o) Just wish it would have come out a couple of weeks ago when my local IGA had them 2/$3.00! LOL!

Where are you in Illinois? I’m in Champaign.

Angie–is there a Kroger in Champaign? We live east of Danville in Indiana, but shop in Champaign on Black Friday and at Kroger in Crawfordsville. Did really well there today, even during the snowstorm. Spent $37 and change OOP, got 2 catalinas totalling $2.50, and my register receipt said I saved over $96.

at Safeway like in this example do I give the in-ad coupon first or the manufacturer??