Another FREE deal coming up at CVS starting 1/23: Full Fast Appetite Control Spray after Extra Bucks!

Full Fast Appetite control spray 2 oz, $14.99
Buy 1, Receive $14.99 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Pay $14.99, Receive $14.99 Extra Bucks
Final Price: FREE

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11 thoughts on “CVS: FREE Full Fast Appetite Control Spray”

Does this stuff even work?

Yes,Ihave usedit. I got two bottles free from Wags. It isn’t somethingI would purchase without it being free but I didn’t think I had much to lose. Im picky about using anything with a lot of chemicals and it is mostly all natural. It does seem to work for me, but it could just be the power of suggestion! Yes, it doesnt taste great…like concentrated flat sprite, but It was free!

How did you get this product free at Wags?

I might need some of this after all the junk food I seem to be buying with my coupons! I gotta be careful!

I just got this free at Walgreens. It doesn’t taste to good…not sure if it was worth the tax money I spent.

Anyone tried this stuff???

I wouldn’t use this product…but I have $11 in ECB that are about to expire…if I can’t find anything else, should I use them, pay the $3 and get the product and coupon?

My motto is if you won’t use the product you shouldn’t buy it, you’re just wasting your money (and that’s what your rewards are…FREE MONEY). You could always give it away, but you have to be careful about giving something like this away. I know you are probably trying to roll your rewards over into more rewards, but you might be better off buying something you would use…like candy, toilet paper, shampoo, or cleaning supplies. If you know there is something coming next week you would use the $14 on then it might be worth spending $3 on the spray just to roll the rewards over. Ultimately it’s your money!

I got this free at Wags this week – if it doesn’t make me skinny, I want my money back – LOL

hmm…I wouldn’t use this product, but I have $11 in extra bucks that are expiring soon. I may use them and pay the $3 to get the $14.00 in rewards if I can’t find anything else I need. I am so new at this – its confusing!

All the CVS stores in my area accept extra bucks even when they are expired. I usually use them within a month or two of when they expire. At first I requested a managers signature on my extra bucks stating to please honor it, because I have found that info. can vary from cashier to cashier in other stores, CVS has honored my expired extra bucks every time with no problem though, so I don’t even bother to ask anymore, I just use them when I’m ready. It couldn’t hurt to ask in your store too. Since it’s an in store coupon they are able to bend the rules since they are their own rules.