Loving this Huggies deal starting Sunday 1/23 at Walgreens!

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers, Pull-Ups or GoodNites 12-50 pack $8.99
Buy 1, Receive $2 Register Reward, Limit 1
$2.00/1 – Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants – (pull-ups.com)
$1.50/1 – Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Any (smartsource.com
(90210 pg 3)
Pay:  As low as $6.99, Receive $2 Register Reward
Final Price:  As low as $4.99

See the rest of the Walgreens deals HERE

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67 thoughts on “Huggies at Walgreens: Only $4.99 per pack!”

Walgreen’s is a pain in the rearend….not going there again.

Wish I had read the above before my trip, didn’t know about the coupon to items ratio so I ended up grabbing a .69 pack of gum in order to use my RR and $1.50 coupon on my second pack of diapers. My first ever Walgreens run with RR, but now I know! At least the guy at the register was nice about it.

I’m new to this! Can anyone tell me if you can use multiple RR on a purchase? I just got 4 RR from Rite Aid. Can I use them all on a future purchase? Thanks!

I am going to do this deal at Target using my Target Card to get an additional 5% off. We always pay it as soon as we use it so no interest. That makes them $4.97 each before tax and I don’t have to deal with Walgreens…so excited about cheap diapers!

I hear ya! I avoid walgreens unless the deal is awesome. I did target today and got 6 for $5.33 each after q’s/gift cards.

today I was at target and bought Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers for 3.99!
I thought the pack but 8.99 but rang up 7.49 I had a manufacture coupon doe 3.00$ off and a target coupon for 1.50$ off!!!

For all of you who seem to be having issues with Walgreens not taking the RR and coupons, you have to remember your coupon to item ratio. You can NOT have more coupons than the number of items that you are purchasing. There registers count items against the number of coupons. So if you want to use the RR in addition to the coupon you will need a cheap filler item to raise your item ratio. You can usually find something like a pencil in the school supplies for .10 or usually up by the registers they usually have some caramels that sell 3/.100. Make sure that your filler item is not going to eat up the value of your RR. People get frustrated with Walgreens cause they think they are not being fair in taking the RR and coupon together but you just have to remember the ratio.

Hi All-

I live in Northern Ca and all 3 of my local Walgreens do not print out catalinas when you use a MQ”s :(

I had a problem at Walgreen today too. The RR would not print out because I had used a Mfg coupon (from the Sunday paper)on the item. I used no RR’s and had no problem with the number of items versus the number of coupons. Very simply, no RR since I used a mfg coupon on purchasing the item. I called Walgreens and spoke to customer service who said they will check it out and get back to me.
The cashier said she thought it was something new and some of the manufacturers were setting it up that if you used a mfg coupon to purchase the item, you would not be given the mfg register reward.

I went today and bought huggies. None of them printed RR. It had nothing to do with coupons though. The manager even rang it up alone to get my RR but the system wouldn’t work on the huggies (even without a coupon). He rang up 4 different transactions for the Colgate ProClinical Toothpaste and printed me 4 $2.50 RR!!! I got an even better deal!

I printed 2 manufacturers coupons for $3.00 off at the Target website and used them at Walgreens doing 2 transactions (of course) for Huggies Snug & Dry.

I’ve tried twice at my Wags to do this deal. Neither time would the RR print. I wasn’t willing to do the mail-in. Management said the machine hadn’t been working this week and seemed genuinely sorry. I was sorry, too! It’s not a deal without the RR so I returned the diapers twice. (That’s the real bummer…you don’t know the deal didn’t work until you’ve paid.)

hey with the new $3 off coupon, these will end up coming out to be even cheaper! Like $3.99 a pack (if I count right)

The $3 off is 60ct. and higher, so it isn’t the $8.99 size pkg

I have (6) $2.50 RR from buying the Thermacare heat wraps last week. I also have (6) $1.50 coupons from this past Sundays Smartsource. Hopefully I can find a really cheap filler item. Last week my Walgreens had leftover holiday candy marked down to 10 cents so they made great fillers so I could use my RR with another coupon. So I’ll pay $5.00 for a pack of 31 Huggies Snug&Dry. That’s 16 cents a diaper which is pretty good for Huggies. They are the only diapes I’ll use!

My Walgreens is in Hawaii and so the price is $2 bucks more for the huggies but $6.99 is still a steal when it comes to diapers especially in HI

I so wish I had a Rite Aid here in TX!!!

I need the zip code for the huggies pull ups!!! all it shows is diapers and wipes.

Sundays paper has a coupon for 1.50 off the Huggies Goodnights.

I just got back from Walgreens. The RR did not print. They gave me a form to mail in and it said it would be 6-8 weeks to receive the coupon in the mail.

This happened to me too – don’t waste a stamp sending that form. I called Walgreens and emailed them and I had a lady call me back and say she would generate the RR at a local Walgreens store and let me know in 2 days when they were available to pick-up. Then later, I had the manager call me and tell me to come in for a gift card.

It looks like next week at Rite Aid, the Huggies will be
-$2.00 Video Value
-$2.00 Manufacturer coupon
Final Price: $4.99

Problem is, you can only print 1 VV per account, so you can’t really stock up.

Is this for 60 ct or is it for the 50 ct? Could I use the $3/1 from the Target site?

I don’t see the $2 VV on my screen. Was that one you saved from Jan.?

The RR didn’t print for me today and the manager claimed it was because I used the Manufacturers Coupon. I’ve never heard of Walgreens not printing RR if you use a coupon. Anyone else have this problem?

I had the same problem. $2 rr did not print. They gave me a form to fill out and mail in.

Can someone please tell me the zip code to use to get the Huggie’s PULL UPS? Every time I click on the link provided it brings up the coupon for the DIAPERS. Thanks!

Question I am new to using walgreens if I get a $2 register reward can I use it on a second package of huggies on a second trip and a coupon?? thanks

Yes, but you won’t get another RR.

Yes you can but since you are paying with the RR that printed with the diapers another RR will not print for those diapers.

you will have to have a filler because the RR acts as a MCoupon. You can’t use 2 coupons for only 1 item. You are only allowed 1 diaper per person so another RR will not print.

How do you view the ads for next week at RA???

all i see are diapers for 8.99 at rita aid next week…w/ no +ups

when diapers are 1.99 at rite aid…they are cleared off the shelf by sunday morning. I have never successfully been able to get cheap diapers from rite aid.

Sesame Street- Where would I find the 4 off 20 coupon?

If you go to rite aids website (riteaid.com) look in the left hand column and click “video values” from there it will take you to an ad perk pert of the website where you can watch videos to earn rite aid coupons. You do have to sign up and confirm your registration to use this portion of the website. If you watch all the videos under the “beauty” category you will be able to print a coupon for $4 off $20 at rite aid. I believe it will be good through february 26th? but i do not know how long you have to watch the videos. most videos are only about 30 seconds long with a few that are a little longer but most of the coupons you get are pretty good. there are also videos to watch for $1 off coupons. hope this helps

Yes! I have a bunch of $2.50 off huggies coupons I can use!

Where did you get $2.50 coupons for huggies?

Has anyone else had issues w/Walgreens lately? I bought a Gillette ProGlide razor last week w/a $4 P&G coupon that came in the paper. My intention was to buy another one in another transaction with the $5 RR plus another P&G $4 coupon to get it @ $0.99. The cashier wouldn’t let me do this b/c the RR is considered a Manufacturer’s coupon and so is the $4 P&G coupon. When did Walgreens start this?! I was able to do this sort of transaction last time they had this sort of offer on the Gillette ProGlide razors. I was SO frustrated. This was the same case with the Pantene offer last week too – the RR had “Manufacturer’s Coupon” printed on it too, not allowing me to use it plus the P&G Pantene coupon in another transaction. I left out of there feeling disappointed & defeated for having spent more $$ than I had planned.

I have not had them do that to me but I do know that my Walgreen’s considers the RR as a coupon in my total coupon count. So if I was only buying a razor in the transaction and wanted to use a regular manufacturer’s coupon and a RR coupon I would need a little filler item so that they would take both coupons. Usually some of their in-ad coupon deals are good prices and Walgreen’s coupons don’t count against your 1 coupon per ea. item total. Hope that helps.

I thought that register rewards and extra bucks were like using cash….it must be something with the setup in issuing their rewards….will make me think twice now….

Carla I had that problem today, I purchased 1 huggies package of diapers then got my register rewards. I returned to purchase another package and went to use my 2.00 coupon from the paper then my register reward but they would not allow me because the register reward is considered a manufactuer coupon and since I already had a manufactuer coupon they would allow it.

However here is a tip: If you add another item (example a piece of candy for .25) they will take both coupons, its insane but it needs to off set the price alittle.


YES-YES-YES!!! This same thing happened to ME! I just thought that it was my local store that had changed their policy, however, it seems that other coupon moms are having the same trouble with Walgreens. The cashier told me the exact same statement, that the RR were considered “Manufacturers Coupons” and I could only use one coupon per item. So, if I had 1 pack of Huggies, they would only allow me to use 1 coupon (either the RR or the $2.00 coupon I printed)… Aaahh!! You are not alone, this seems to be a horrible new policy they have!

I will consider taking my business elsewhere in the future… :(

Sesamestreet what is the great deal, all I could see is Huggies 8.99 a pack for next week. Thanks for your help!! I have 2 in diapers and 1 in pull-ups so I can use all the help I can get :-)

Ladies, I would hold off on buying the Huggies at Walgreens this week. Next week RiteAid is supposed to have a GREAT deal on huggies and when they have great deals I can get a jumbo pack of huggies for only $1.99. Just a thought, especially if you have your $4 off 20 beauty reward to use on top of the ad perk coupon.

Thanks for the heads up about RA and Huggies next week! I have a friend who will be having her 5th baby (!!) in a few months. Rather than giving her more clothes and toys which she has plenty off, I am shopping the baby supplies bargains and will give her a huge (hopefully!) box of supplies right before the baby comes.

where are you getting that the huggies will be 1.99? all i see is that they are on sale for 8.99..

Ladies, I would hold off on getting Huggies this week. Next week at RiteAid there is supposed to be a smashing deal! It isn’t irregular for me to get huggies for 1.99 for a jumbo pack when one of these deals rolls around.

I usually avoid Walgreens like the plague…..however, this is a good one! Are these RR’s able to be rolled? If you do separate transactions, can the RRs be used in a transaction that contains the same item?

RR 98% of the time DO NOT ROLL. So you wont be able to use them to buy another pack, unless you don’t want another RR.

Will Walmart price match the register rewards also?

Does Walmart price match the register rewards?

I have some RR that are about to expire and a rain check from a few weeks ago when Huggies were 6.99 a pack. If I use a rain check and/or some RR from a previous transaction with new RR print?

I would guess yes. Just make sure the RR you are using are not from the same manufacturer (kimberly clark) and your RR should surely print!

I’m going to rock this deal @ target instead. Buy 3 get a $5 Gift card. I’m price matching Meijer @ $8.49, buy 3, use 3 $1.50/1 = $20.97 oop/ $5.33 each after GC.

Plus, no walgreens hassle.

does Target price match? I knew Walmart did, but didn’t think that Target did…..

Target does price match. I do it all the time.

How do you do price matching? I am new to couponing and haven’t done this yet?

Thank you.

I have been trying to find information on these reward points at walgreens but i cant find any. Can someone explain how i get them? Do i have to sign up for them or request a special reciept?
thank you.

Register Rewards print at the end of your transaction. There is no card required and you don’t have to request them. Walgreens offers RR on certain items each week. Keep in mind that only one RR will print for like items per transaction. So if you purchase 2 packages of Huggies in the same transaction only one RR will print. BUT you can do separate transactions and a RR will print each time!!

From my experience you can’t roll the RR’s on the same product though otherwise it won’t give you another.

Can someone tell me how Walgreens keeps track of how many items you buy? For example, this Huggies deal says “limit 1” but there is no rewards card like CVS and Rite Aid. So is there a way to get this deal multiple times? Thanks for your help!

you can get the register reward multiple times because they don’t track, but the coupon can be printed X amount of times (usually 2) from a computer, so you’d have to print the coupon from multiple computers to continue to return for more savings.

You will only get one register reward. So, if you buy 2 packs of diapers in a single transaction you will not get (2) $2 register rewards only one. You have to buy one pack at a time. Check out at the cosmetics counter, they’re always more than willing to let me split up my transactions. :)

Is this a good stock up price? If so I’d like to get several packs (I’m hoping my daughter will potty train soon!)

Hi I’m a newbie,quick question do i get the two dollars off instantly or do I get two off on my next purchase? Thanks!

Off your next purchase.