$1.00/1 – Fritos Corn Chips, valid only at Walgreens – (pepsicofootball.com)
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Thanks, Wild For Wags

Fritos Corn Chips $2.89
$1.00/1 – Fritos Corn Chips, valid only at Walgreens – (pepsicofootball.com)
Final Price: $1.89

I usually end up paying full price for these when I am craving Taco Soup, so I think this a pretty good price!  (You could also try your luck using this coupon at Walmart, I am sure their price is a little lower)

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26 thoughts on “$1.00 Fritos Corn Chips Coupon, Plus Walgreens Scenario!”

can you use target coupons at walgreens?

Oh my they have a hard enough time accepting their own coupons and manuf coupons. But no they dont

These are BOGO at Safeway through today. I just stopped by and they accepted the coupon. Chili Frito Pie for Super Bowl Sunday in our house!

I am a 14 year associate at Walmart in California and a super couponer. I understand why people have some trouble using certain coupons. We have lots of fake coupons come through the registers. There was and still might be out on the internet a smartsource coupon generator. You put a picture of the item and the real upc # and it scans and looks like a real smartsource coupon. All I can say is the associates I work with are amazed by what I get and how little I pay. And I owe all that to THE KRAZY COUPON LADY website.

Fritos are BOGO free at Safeway…

The coupon does clearly state it is a Manufacturer Coupon! Should be able to use anywhere coupons are accepted.And if there is a Walgreens coupon in the January book then yes you should be able to stack them-one manufacturer and one store coupon.

I have used the Walgreen’s Fritos coupon this morning at a Walmart; their sale price is $2 a bag. THe cashier looked at the coupon and questioned the “Walgreens only” remark but confirmed with their manager of duty that they will accept a competitor’s coupon. Bought my KING size bag for $1.00. Score!

Where does it say on Walmart’s Coupon Policy that they honor other store coupons?

Wow! I had terrible time at my local Dollar General. I had two coupons for Cream of Wheat, “any size, any variety $1 off.” DG had Cream of Wheat boxes for $1 each, so I thought….BINGO. Their computer accepted them, but the MANAGER insisted it couldn’t be right because it didn’t look like the photo on the coupon. Again, I had a coupon for buy 2 motrin, get $6 off……min. 25 ct. I found 2 boxes of 26 ct Motrin. The manager told me I couldn’t use it, because then I would be getting it for free. I was treated disrespectfully. I asked for the Motrin and Cream of Wheat to be voided because I would go to another store which would accept them. She didn’t want to do that because it would “mess up the cashier’s drawer.” I insisted, and the items were voided. I was so EMBARASSED, and made to feel like a criminal. I told the chain about my story. I probably won’t go back there.

I got really lucky at Walmart on Saturday. I found Gatorade Prime on sale for $1 and almost half of them had $1 off coupons attached to them!!! So I got 4 to make sure it was for real, that the coupon wasn’t already deducted from the price listed, and I got them for free!!! I went back and got 10 more and paid 10 cents for the tax! I haven’t been able to find that deal anywhere else, and wish now I would have gotten more!

Don’t give up so quick ladies! Remember this is new for most Wal-Marts! I live in Mountain Home and they have been taking coupons from everywhere (albies – even doublers, fred meyer, target, etc) for a while and they are GREAT about it! Saves all us Mountain Homers from having to go to Boise for one or two things. But I’m sure once they all get it and are brought up to date, they will be on top of things. Ours is so great, they open up lanes for me, they price match things like pros, accept coupons with no problem…they even go super slow when they see my ads and coupons and ask if I have this to price match or this, and if a coupon beeps, they go through bags with me to find items and make sure it’s legit. I think ya’lls will turn around once it becomes more common!

I got the coffee-mate coupons $1/1 i seen where it said to use at albertsons and get it for .99 which is a great deal, well i am telling you know if you still have your coupons heres a better deal,target has them for $1.74 so you could get them for as low as .74 or even better fred meyer has them on sale this wk. 2/$3.00 so if you use your coupon you can get them for .50 a bottle. So sad i already used mine :(

Does anyone know whether this coupon can be combined/stacked with the $1/2 Frito Lay coupon in the Walgreens January Savings book?

Did it work? I was wondering the same thing?

No, the Frito-Lay coupon in the Walgreens booklet is for Doritos, Lays chips, or Tostitos. Doesn’t work for Fritos. Personally, I’m going to hang on to this Fritos coupon for another week or so and see if any sales come up or if there’s a Frito coupon in the February booklet. :-)

By the way, I used some printable coupons for Kikkoman soy sauce the other day at the walmart near my work and didn’t have an issue. They also have a self checkout which I plan to use for some of these deals and as long as they don’t beep for an override, it shouldn’t be an issue :)

I was told by a Wal-Mart employee that they accept other stores coupons but they don’t do a manu with another stores coupon only 1 coupon per product.

I had a Walmart cashier trying not to accept buy coupon for 1.00 off ANY ortega product. I was buying taco sauce and a taco seasoning packet. She tried to say i didnt have 2, then tried to say I was supposed to buy what the picture on the coupon showed. I said to her for the 3rd time, ANY ortega product…no restrictions. She eventually got frustrated with me and just deducted 1.00. Oh, and btw, her name tag said she has been working there for 10 years (shakes head)

I gave some coupons to a friend of mine. They were from Target and I told her she was able to use these at Wal Mart. Well, low and behold, she came back the next day very angry because Wal Mart would not accept her coupons. I went the week before and was able to use my coupons from Target at Wal Mart. I printed out the Wal Mart policy and will be bringing it to the Store Manager so she can be educated on Wal Mart policy. I guess it depends on the person at the register.

Fritos are also $1.88 on sale at Kroger. At my Kroger it’s through tomorrow.

Tried the Reach dental floss deal at Walmart yesterday and I probably won’t bother going back to them. I eventually won but had to go back to the store with a copy of the coupon policy and everyone was clueless that internet coupons even exist, INCLUDING the assistant manager. I finally won him over once I read the policy aloud to him. Then he and the checkers couldn’t figure out what to do when the coupon came up at $1 off for a .97 item. He finally couldn’t figure out what to do with the system so he voided the floss off the transaction, kept the coupons and told me to take the floss and he would adjust the inventory manually. LOL! I am supposed to get a call from the store manager but who knows if they have a clue at this point…

i have done the reach deal at my walmart and gotten about 15 free dental floss’s. I didn’t have any problems, + i even got to keep the $.03 difference from each coupon!! one night i bought 5 floss and 1 colgate toothpaste $1.00 (w/$.75 coupon) and only spent .69 including tax!

Cashiers at Walmart really don’t have a clue sometimes. Yesterday a cashier wouldn’t let me use an IP coupon for $.50/5 Yoplait yogurts, insisting that it was a fake. In the course of discussion when I was trying to convince her that it was indeed legitimate, she blurted out “there is no such thing as a coupon for 50 dollars off yogurt!” Well, she was right about that, but the coupon clearly indicated 50 cents, not 50 dollars. After I pointed that out, she accepted it.

And, my daughter had taken off her jacket and put it in the cart. The same cashier wanted me to give it to her to scan, and when I told her it was my daughter’s, she still insisted that I hand it over, which I did, thinking that she’d quickly realize it wasn’t even a brand that Walmart sells, but she didn’t. It was a new jacket, that we’d just bought at Kohl’s they day before (yay for Kohl’s clearance sales and that additional 15% off coupon!) and therefore wasn’t dirty and still looked brand new. As she was searching for the tags to scan and asking where they were, my daughter threw a fit and insisted the jacket was hers, and so the cashier let it go. My little one must have appeared more honest than I did.


Question for anyone. At cvs I noticed a buy one get one free on colgate toothpaste. I also have two $1.00 off coupons one toothpaste. Would I be able to use both of the $1.00 coupons as technically I will get two boxes of toothpaste. Or since I am “buying” one and getting the other free can I only use one of the $1.00 off/1 box toothpaste?
thanks for your help!

Never mind I found the answer on the CVS coupon policy that is posted here! It says I can use both coupons for this BOGO offer!!!