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19 thoughts on “BOGO Nesquik flavored milk!”

  1. Stephanie says:

    They are printing again!!!!

  2. Ellen says:

    Awesome deal. my local Winn Dixie has these on sale for 10/$10.
    gonna go get a bunch tonight.

  3. Dia says:

    They are printing again!!!!

  4. siobhan says:

    they are all gone. sad!

  5. Rama says:

    Were sorry this coupon is temporarily out of prints. Please check back later today for an update. Thank you for your patience. ” Is this just the message you are using rather than the one that says we already printed the coupon? Will this coupon be available again today?

  6. sophia says:

    “Temporary out of prints, check later today”

  7. Stephanie says:

    Its out of prints…

  8. Bob says:

    I got ripped too, say’s I already printed the allowed number of coupons. Seems like this happens a lot going through facebook. And, the KCL page ALWAYS loads with “Done, but with errors on page” at the bottom.

  9. Racheal says:

    Same here. Tried it on three different computers and its saying the same thing to me..grrrr

  10. Monica Gandy says:

    It said that I printed this coupon number of times aloud, but I never printed it! :( hate that!!

  11. Jessica b. says:

    The coupon site is experiencing issues and they posted that they are working on correcting it. They probably got bombarded with people printing. It’ll be fixed soon.

  12. Brandi says:

    Ugh.. Screwed me out of this one too.

  13. Dianne says:

    Ditto, they are not printing now, dang!

  14. Jessica says:

    Man…This is the second coupon I tried to get through Facebook that says we’re sorry you’ve already printed this the allowed number of times when I hadn’t even printed it once! I lost on on Minute Maid that way too!

    • Lindsey says:

      I got the same message and I just now liked Nesquik and tried to print for the first time. =( Not sure what the deal is!

  15. shannon says:

    It wouldn’t let me print this coupon. It says I already printed the coupon the number of times allowed and I never printed it:(

  16. Jessica says:

    This is completely off-topic here but I’ve got a question. I’m looking at the Albertson’s ad that will start Wed. and there’s coupons on the back. They say Manufacturer’s coupons but are they? I always thought these were store coupons. If they are store coupons we may be able to get Skippy PB for free this week!

  17. Kimber says:

    Thanks for posting this. :)

  18. Danae says:

    Same here :(