Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

We have exciting news! is offering an 80% discount code valid through the end of the month!
Save 80% on gift certificates with discount code: MEAL
Offer valid through Friday 1/31

Start by heading to

  • Enter your zip code to find participating restaurants in your area.
  • Pay only $2 for a $25 Gift Certificate with discount code: MEAL
  • Print the certificate immediately and use it as soon as today!
  • In most cases, Certificates do NOT expire.
  • Limit one certificate per table, excludes alcohol.

This is a LEGITIMATE offer!  The ONLY catch is that there is a minimum purchase required to use the gift certificate.  Usually the minimum purchase is $35, and is clearly shown on the site.   So you’ll make sure your bill is just over $35, present your gift certificate to your server as payment and you’ll only owe $10, plus tax & gratuity.

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15 thoughts on “$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates, Only $2.00!”

At the top it says “offer valid through Friday 1/31”. Friday is 1/29, Sunday is 1/31. Which is it?

FYI…If you live in Rocklin Ca. Gaetano’s pizzeria is no longer in business.

This is how we eat out. I love them. FYI, go thru or and earn 25% right now so a $25 GC would be $1.50. (Percentages change, you can always check to find the best cashback site.)

Thanks for sharing, Just got one to a Mexican restaurant we love to eat at, just in time for mom visiting out of state, we now have a babysitter to get out for a dinner!

I bought this for a local restaurant in Denver, and they won’t honor it anymore due to “noncompliance by”.

This is a great deal for date nights! I just bought two $25 GCs for two local area restaurants that I love. I used the promotion code and only had to pay $5 for the two of them.

I recommend showing the server the GC first thing, usually saying “This is what brought us in tonight.” When I didn’t do that, I’ve had a restaurant that didn’t want to honor it because it was “expired after 90 days” and not including the alcoholic beverages in the total despite the lack of restriction (we would have ordered soft drinks!).

A couple restaurants said they dropped out the program and offered a small discount instead. But they prominently posted this near the door and on their website, so not as big of a problem.

I bought one for myself and one for my parents. The one I purchased did not say that it was a minimum of 50 dollars before gratuity until after I purchased. It is a really nice place, though, so it will be an affordable way to treat ourselves :)

These work better if there are more then 2 people eating. There is usually a minimum to spend and that takes you over what 2 people usually spend without deserts. They usually don’t include any alcolhic drinks in the total minimum either.

I’ve tried this and love it! Great way to save money!

I have used this a number of times in my city and it has worked out great! I passed this along to my coworkers as well.

Remember for these that most of them put the 18% gratuity on BEFORE the discount is taken.

My wife and I bought a coule of these and the 18 percent gratuity that is added to your purchase is infact a service fee that goes back to They are a great deal but the fact that they say it is a gratuity is wrong they lead you to belive that the wait staff will recive that gratuity. Just a little FYI..


If the 18% gratuity goes to are you expected to tip the waitstaff seperately? I was thinking of purchasing my first gift certificate and assumed the 18% went to the waitstaff.

Awesome! Thanks!