Lay’s Stax chips are reportedly producing 1 $1.00 +Up reward at Rite Aid!  Since they’re priced at 2/$2, or $1.00 each in this week’s ad, that means they’re free!  No coupons necessary!  Many stores will likely be out of stock soon, so I wouldn’t wait on this one!

Lay’s Stax, 5.5-5.75 oz $1.00
Buy 1, Receive $1 +Up Reward (unadvertised reward for purchase of food)
Final Price: Free

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72 thoughts on “Free Lays Stax chips at Rite Aid”

  1. mrs field says:

    I bought 15 Lay’s got 15 $1.00+UP and $5.00 in wellness rewards. Thank you KCLs.

  2. FMMZZ says:

    I got a raincheck for the Stax since of course the stores were out of them. If I go next week, will they still give the UP reward, or is the UP reward only a weekly thing?

  3. Yesenia says:

    Also got the $5 in wellness rewards so it became a money-maker.

  4. Yesenia says:

    Any idea when this sale will end? Thursday or longer since it was not an advertised sale. I actually got 15 in one transaction and got the $15 up+ rewards.

  5. Kim says:

    I went to get ice cream and check mix and the store was wiped out. The checker said that a lady came in sunday morning and bought all they had. I got reinchecks, and he let me know that freight comes in on Wednesday, but refridgeration come in on Thursdays. He also said that it changes every time there is a major holiday. So after Easter freight will come on Thursdays. So he suggested I come in on Thursday evening to shop.

  6. Rose says:

    I tried to buy 2 CHEX and 1 LAYS for $3 thinking I would get $3 UP rewards back but the receipt did not provide the rewards. The cashier told me I had to buy $15 worth of merchandise in order to activate the UP rewards…is this true?

  7. Carly says:

    Just like the Chex Mix, my RA was completely cleared of the Lay’s Stax chips. Got a rain check and I’m hoping to go back, or try another RA in the area.

  8. Amanda S says:

    i bought 6 of these yesterday and 4 today.

    when i went to a different food area to get the JIF peanut butter, i saw that the manager had a huge box of them in the corner and i guess he was only putting a few out at a time so that no one can clear the shelves!

    i didn’t realize that you get $5 back if you buy 15, so i might go back and buy a few more tomorrow.

  9. Gayle says:

    What is a rite aid +up reward? Is it like an extra credit buck or Register Reward? Does it print out at the end of your recipt?

  10. Stephanie says:

    Just want to say THANK YOU, Krazy Coupon Ladies! The deal worked like a charm and my kids will be thrilled with the free chips!! :D

  11. leizel says:

    I heard about this deal so i went to the store and WOW, they were 35 of them available so i went ahead took 15 cans so I got $15 ups back and $ 5 ups for purchasing 15 of them….EASY MONEY MAKER :)

  12. emmetts says:

    all out of the lays here in medford, but managed to get some of the chex mix. didn’t take them all, but few left.

  13. Victoria says:

    I just went and got 12! The cashier was very nice and helpful:) It is sad when others take everything on the shelf but there is PLENTY on the shelf at riteaid in Eureka, CA.

  14. Nicole says:

    Got the last 2 left in our store here and sure enough got the $2 up rewards!! Good deal.

  15. Lauren says:

    I am in the Pittsburgh area and just did a run. I was able to get 8 stax, 5 bottles of 7-up, and one edy’s ice cream (those are 2.99 with $2 up) for a total of $17 something. I had a $1.99 up and got back $16 in ups.

    No limit at my store, but the stax were half gone.

    Does anyone know this….the “get a +5 ups ” (for buying $15) says that you can only get one. Does that mean per card or per visit? If by card, does anyone know if that is being enforced?

    • another Lauren :) says:

      Sounds like you’re ready for a superbowl party! To answer your question, the +UP reward limits are enforced through your wellness card. They will be enforced regardless of the number of stores you visit or transactions you complete because they are electronically programmed into the card. Once you’ve earned the 5+UP for the $15 purchase, you will not get another +5UP printed even if you spend another $15 since it is recorded in the system that you already earned a +5UP. I hope I explained that clearly.

      • Evelyn says:

        Happy to say that I went to a 3rd rite aid and they to did not know about this deal going on. however the clerk was nice enough to say let’s try it and it rang up correctly so I bought 6-left some on the shelf.
        Question on buying the 15 to receive $5 +UP rewards. Do I have to buy $15 worth in one transaction or if I buy separately does it still calculate on my card and once I hit the 15th one it will give me my &5 +UP reward?

  16. Evelyn says:

    I went to two different Rite Aids today and at one it did say the 2/$2 Lays Stax but nothing about the $1 +UP reward. Would it say this or as it is an “unadvertised” special you have to ring it up? The other store said it was a $1 +UP reward but the price was $1.79. At both stores I asked the managers and they said that what it said on the ticket is what the price was; they did not know anything about it being $1 and receiving $1+UP reward. This is East coast-Maine. Any suggestions on what to do next? Should i just bring a can up to the register and ask them to see if it would print a $1+UP reward or are they unable to tell?

    • Lauren says:

      The Stax +UP is unadvertised. I just bought 6 this afternoon in PA and got 6 +UP rewards. Usually even the employees and managers don’t know about the unadvertised deals and are surprised to see the +UPs printing out. The only way to confirm that it’s actually working is to purchase the product and see if the +UPs print…a bit of a gamble, but if it doesn’t work you could return the product I suppose.

  17. emmetts says:

    justed filled my rain check for the kleenex for ten with no problem. this was saturday. tp is still out.

  18. JenK says:

    Wow, it sounds crazy out there. Where I live in So Calif, doesn’t seem that too many people know about the unadvertised food UPs. There are no signs in-store, so people would only find out via the internet. I took just a few Stax, then told my neighbor about getting them free. Next thing I know the Stax at our store are wiped out, LOL! Still the Chex Mix & Dixie are in stock. Also, no one seemed to know about the free Progresso a couple wks ago. People here sure know about the advertised freebies though, because they wiped out the TP & tissue.

  19. jen says:

    the stax and the chex mix producing ups is part of a month long promo ( so are a bunch of other snacks ) so they will be spitting out 1$ups all month long but the 2/2$ is this weeks SALE price for the stacks and 2/3$ sale price for the chex so if your store is out totally get rainchecks you don’t have to ask that the ups be included in the raincheck just the sale price because the 1$ ups will be spitting out all month longth long

  20. stacey says:

    I just wanted to see if this happened to anyone else. I got a rain check for the free kleenex and toilet paper on the Sunday the 16th at around 10.00 am and all the local stores were out.This was prior to the retraction of one per wellness card at any rate I called and was told by a manager that they will only fill each rain check for 3 this was a message from corporate I called more stores and the same story I must say I am upset its my opinion they should still honor the rain check. Any feedback or suggestions?

  21. mollee says:

    I just cannot believe the CRAZINESS you guys have to go through just to get products on the shelves at your rite aids! I live in MA and I am pretty sure almost no one uses coupons (except me) because there is always plenty of the sale and even free items all week long. It does also help I have about 7 Rite Aids within a 10 minle radius. Going to do my trip today, hope I don’t eat my words. Good luck everyone

    • Amanda says:

      I know – I don’t have any problems at my RiteAid’s either – I have two very close to my house and they always have everything in stock! I guess there are not a lot of KCL’s in my area!!

  22. Kara says:

    Went to Rite Aid this morning in PA and my Rite Aid was limiting the Lays Stacks to 2. I was a little annoyed b/c it messed up “my plan” but thankful there were still some left.

  23. Ann says:

    do i need wellness card to avail the offer..

  24. Angela says:

    Just FYI-when Rite Aid has an error in +Ups printing it will only occur on the weekends. Rite Aid has no IT to correct the issues on the weekends. Come Monday morning the +Ups misprints are corrected! So make hay while the sun shines! (Sunday only)

  25. Claire says:

    Oops! It would only be a moneymaker if you had 2 VV .50 cent coupons like I did (one was left over from last month). Even so, if you bought 2 bags of ChexMix using only 1 VV .50 cent coupon and 1 .50 cent manufacturers coupon, you’d get them both for free after the UP rewards!!

  26. Claire says:

    I want to mention that yesterday when I bought 2 bags of ChexMix, they each produced a $1 UP reward. ChexMix is priced in the add at $1.50, so if you had the VV .50 cent coupon, they’d be FREE! Or, if you had the VV .50 cent coupon and the .50/2 manufacturers coupon (from this Sunday’s inserts…I can’t remember which one), it would be a small money maker!

  27. tina says:

    Thanks ladies……I will break up my transactions. Oh and the reason I had so many is the winter rewards and the heart smart. Have a great day

  28. Lori says:

    I understand all the frustration. I got there when they opened along with 4 other people. My store stocks up on advertised sales, but the Stax $1 +UP was unknown until a couple of days ago and it was too late to get more in for today. I did not get Stax, someone ran to the Dixie plates and took Every package on the shelf (they had more in back, but still, most people got 0). It has become a way for people to make extra money in hard times and I have a hard time begrudging people that.

  29. Sheila M. says:

    I arrived at Rite Aid at 8:04 (opens at 8:00). I know it is disappointing to see an empty shelf, but it only takes 3 people buying 4 Lays Stax each to ‘wipe’ the shelf when there are only 12 on the shelf Sunday morning. Since this was an unadvertised +Up reward printing, I’m not surprised that the store had very little stock. I am still learning to ‘roll with it’ and be glad when I get a good deal and remember another one is just around the cornner when I don’t.
    By the way, at my Rite Aid, the computer system was down and I had to leave my items and return later. I appreciated the cashier setting my basket aside with my name on it and calling me when the problem was fixed. So…it was a good day, I got Lays Stax for free…also a bad day, I had to make two trips. Taking the good with the bad!

  30. tina says:

    Well….here is my hotter story, I worked late so when I got to RA they were just about out of lays I had plenty of pringles coupons so no problem. I also bought Colgate, crest, dog treats, candy, and several otheritems. Totaling $115. I had $42 in up rewards from last week an $53. In coupons I swiped my card for the balance oh yea I also bought the razors knowing I’d only receive up on one. Not one up rward printed! Not one, well I politely asked for the manager. The manager was so annoyed he was actually slamming my items around he told me I’d have to call the company I again very politely asked him to return and really ring my stuff. He was sooooo mad but he did I payed $25 but left with $28 in rewards.what a night I felt bad but I spend alot of money there and what’s the point of couponing if your gonna be defeated. I thanked them and promised not to return for at least a day or two

    • jen says:

      Many people on many different sites I frequent have been having similar prolems. Too many rewards cause the register to not give any ups at all or only some. It is better to break up your transactions into smaller totals to make sure the ups print and so you dont have to spend so much out of pocket. what you make in your first can pay for your second if you dont have enough from before. I couldnt go through $50+ oop in months. ive had the same 40 on a gc since christmas (down to 37.73 after 5 transactions today alone). Keep up the great job!

      • Sarah says:

        We started with $21 up rewards the 1st of January and now we are up to $49 up rewards (After getting $20 up rewards for their winter heart healthy promo) We have spent less then $8 OOP total so far at Rite Aid! Smaller transactions are the key. Break it up so your only paying $1 or less OOP after using your up rewards. I LOVE RITE AID! :)

  31. Janice says:

    Wow! I guess I was lucky today because where I shopped there were plenty but I only bought 6 combined with the ice cream and a couple of chex mix to get the extra $5. I didn’t expect to find much when I went out late in the afternoon becuase it seems I never get to do but maby 2 or 3 deals if I’m lucky.

  32. Monica Gandy says:

    OMG! Called my store and they said people were lined up at 8:00 in the morning and wiped them out!!!! My lesson, if your ever gonna get anything for free your gonna have to be a FREAK Coupon Lady!!! Can’t beat them JOIN them!!! It’s on!!

    • Marion says:

      OMG You are Funny!

    • sarah says:

      They were lined up for what – chips? If people put their efforts toward more productive activities they wouldn’t have to run after free potato chips. I’m embarrassed for them.

    • Sarah says:

      LOL that’s what we had to do… We missed out on the free TP and Tissues :( So we made sure to get to our Rite Aid 10 min before they opened Sunday. There were 3 other people also waiting when it opened! Some were clearing the shelf (this makes me mad, leave some for the rest of us) but we were still able to get what we wanted. We also said “if you can’t beat them join them” LOL GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

    • June says:

      My RA manager said the same thing, they are lined up waiting for the good deals. I guess then you need to prioritize what is most important to you since they will be shopping their items too!

  33. Shana says:

    My Rite Aid will give rainchecks for the sale price, but not for any of the Up Rewards:(

    • jzwhat says:

      They are wrong. They are to honor the Up Rewards too! Thats why there is an Event Code field on the rainchecks they hand out.

  34. KrazyCouponLady says:

    If you go to a store and they are out of stock in the items you want, make sure to get a raincheck! You can find out how under Day 8 of our Beginners Section:

  35. Jennifer says:

    How long will the unadvertised up reward print- just in case I have to get a rain check on the price?

    • Jennifer m says:

      The $1+up is a monthly deal good thru I think the 23rd or 26th or Feb. So a rain check will mean free chips too. I got about 5 at each of three stores today (I never clear the shelf. Plently of afrin and good amount of edy’s sense I gave my managers a heads up) my manager also let me in about 5 mins Early sence I was waiting. :)

  36. franki says:

    these are part of another deal that gives 5+UP when you spend $15 on selected items.
    Guess you could get 15 and get 15 $1 up and an additional $5

    • jen says:

      5 up on 15 “up your way 2 game day” offer has a limit of one per card & did not work right for me. I got 3 edy’s ice creams at one store than a combo of 15 at another store & did not get the up. FYI dixie plates and aquafina water part of this offer too.

  37. Mimi says:

    3 of my Rite Aids were wiped out!!! OMG there is a hoarder in my neighborhood! >(

    • Sheri says:

      I hear you – I have a hoarder in my neighborhood too. She goes to all three RA’s in town, wipes them out & then re-sells her stuff at a garage sale during the summer. One thing that I have found to be helpful in this situation – find out when your Rite Aid’s next truck comes in (mine comes in on a Tues.) and then try going on that day after you know the truck has been unloaded and restocked. You probably won’t get everything but at least you’ll get some of it!

  38. jane says:

    I went today and noticed a lady have 1 and a half carts full of the lays stax and other snacks, no wonder why she had so much, they were free! I did not realize that these were giving up rewards until i read it on here. I will try another RA to see if they have anymore

  39. Kerrye says:

    I have just about given up on getting any of these deals at Rite Aid. People wipe out the shelves so fast, I have not gotten one yet. Didn’t get the cheap Xtra deterg., didn’t get the free lightbulbs, probably won’t get the free chips. I’m not a bulk buyer, would just enjoy getting ONE. Once. Geez.

    • Beth says:

      I agree!! I have given up on the free items. I have yet to find any in stock. I only want a few also not an entire cart full.

      • Patrick says:

        The manager at the Rite Aid that I frequent, always puts limit signs up on the items that are going to be free…there are always plenty throughout the week. The other Rite Aid stores around me don’t do that and they are all out before noon on Sunday

    • jzwhat says:

      You have to get in a habit of getting rainchecks with CVS. If its because you need a large amount of a product, you should talk to the manager becuase he will probably have to order the extra product. My store manager actually calls me when my raincheck orders come in.

  40. jenny says: much is the limit.i will try tomorrow.thanks a lot.

  41. Shana says:

    Before noon today my Rite Aid was out of Lay’s Stax, Chex mix, Dixie plates, New York Style stuff, Stayfree, Tylenol Precise and Viactiv. I got the last Coricidin and Afrin on the shelves. Yikes- I’m going to have to start getting there when they open on Sundays!

    • Paige says:

      Just an FYI…I have befriended the local Rite Aid manager and she is more than happy to look at the deal blogs and be sure that she has stock for the hot deal items. She even bragged to the Ritge Aid District Manager that she is in the loop with the deals. She said that she wants to make sales and keep the KCL’s happy! Maybe you could try to introduce yourself and maybe you can get more deals and the store can get more sales (with your coupons of course!). Good luck!

      • June says:

        I befriended the assistant manager at my store and he said they get the ads 2 weeks ahead. I asked for one and he said if his “new” store manager wasn’t there he would hook me up. Im going back today for another razor and I will see if I can obtain one.

        I get frustrated that the shelves are wiped out before I get there too.

    • jen says:

      try getting a rain check next time! that way you can get in on the deal once the store restocks. The lays staxs may even be a monthly deal for up then you could possiily double dip!! The raincheck should be for free container sale price – up reward value = free on raincheck then possible up printing when you do purchase if the up reward is still printing! Anyonw know if the lays are monthly food deal or just this week?

    • sarah says:

      Are you in a high coupon use area? Does Rite Aid start their sales on Saturday night, like people say CVS does…maybe people are going on Saturday.

    • Christina says:

      Shana…you can also ask the Rite Aid when their truck is coming in. My Rite Aid was out of stock in the morning but let me know a truck was arriving later that day. I went by at about 4 and got everything I needed.

  42. Claire says:

    true story! i bought 5 of them today for $1 each and recieved $5 in up rewards…awesome!!!