Remember this HOT coupon!?! Well, use it at Walmart for a pretty good deal!

$1.50/1 – Philadelphia Cooking Creme – (

page 2 with 83617

Philadelphia Cooking Cream Cheese $2.48
$1.50/1 – Philadelphia Cooking Creme – (

Final Price: $0.99

Has anyone tried this before?

Thanks I Heart the Mart

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53 thoughts on “Walmart: Philadelphia Cooking Cream Cheese only $0.99!”

I used my (2) $1.50 coupons today at our local Harris Teeter grocery store in Fayetteville, NC, that was their not only have “DOUBLE COUPON” special, but they had these for 2/$4.00! It’s a good thing my son was with me or else I would have been dancing in the aisle! He knew I was excited and he got excited, too! Altogether, I paid $2 for 4 of ’em! CHA-CHING!!!!!!

Can anyone email me at and tell me what aisle this is found in?? I’ve tried both Kroger and Target and cannot find them! :(

well at the local comissary they are 2.00 so after the 1.50 coupon they are 50 cents!! if you go the philadelphia site you can print out more coupons.i totalled 6, I tried them they are really good, my picky lil son lived it too. so im happy

At price chopper this is on sale for 1.79 in the printed ad. If you take the ad to target they will price match. Buy two and you can use 2 1.50/1(mfg) and 1 .50/2(target). Your total becomes .04 ea. I have never seen anyone talk about doing this… Having Target price match printed ads and stacking target/mfg coupons on top of the price match. Is this allowed?

It is for this reason (viruses & fake viruses) that I do NOT print coupons at home. I go to my public library and use their computers. At our local library, we get 11 free copies each time we use the computer, the library has much better firewalls and anti virus programs and the printer is better. My tax dollars support it so why not take advantage of it?

My laptop is now being serviced also. I got the virus that attached as well grrr $59 down the drain if not more to save my pictures.

I have used this product. I do Food demo’s and this was one of the products I marketed. Wow!!! It is really good stuff. Everyone loved it and I gave $1.00 coupons out as well.
I used 1 container of the Italian cheese and herb flavor with 1 bag of Uncle Bens ready rice, a bag of frozen veggies and 10 oz of chopped chicken breast,cooked.
The kids will eat veggies and like them this way. I seen it happen all day long.

You can get that coupon at other sites than If you go to WOWCOUPONS.COM, you can print out coupons from RP and SS plus others. You will find that cream cheese coupon. Trust me !

Grrrr … I shut my computer down after that stupid virus on and now is saying I’ve printed my limit! I have gotten ZERO. I guess I won’t be trying this product any time soon.

Try it anyway, it is worth 2.48!!!

I had the same thing happen when clicking on the link. My hubby is a computer guy, and he told me to use this free malware removal tool, found at

Hope that helps!

any hints on how to get rid of the virus once it has already infected my mail program?

Had the same problem, very strange. Is it a virus??

I also had the mal-ware problem while browsing for coupons and was fooled into clicking on it. Fortunately my adult son was here and was able to investigate and take care of it.

I never have any problems when I go straight to (by passing any links to it). I did have problem when I went through the link…it popped up that I had a Trojan Virus but my McAfee started running automatically and said it got rid of it…scared me though!

I was on the smart.source site just scanning coupons the way I always do and the trojan virus box popped up and fashed several indications that I was getting a virus. My husband is a computer tech and he had me to shut my computer down and not use it until he reloaded it. He didn’t want to take the risk that it had installed a BOT or some other program that is commonly missed by anti-virus programs. We have a curent copy of Norton Anti-Virus, but he didn’t want to take any chances. That took many hours to wipe it clean and reload. He didn’t want to take any chances that a virus or malware was lurking there. He is very cautious about me visiting my coupon sites again. If I had to pay for his time it would have cost me hundreds of dollars. Hopefully, someone can contact these sites and they can checked to see if they have been hacked.

50 cents at Shaw’s with coupon

I also have anti-virus that took care of the mal-ware that popped up when I used these sites the other day. I immediately went to control panel and ran a scan that took a while but was worth the wait. I haven’t had that issue since I changed my pop up blocker settings. Good luck..

Our family is WILD about this cooking cream! A coupon came on our chicken for it, so we tried it and it is fabulous. It’s a thick, creamy sauce that we use when cooking chicken and pork (melt it into the frying pan) or noodles. The Santa Fe flavor is delicious if you like spicy.

This is what there site says!
The rich taste and versatility of Original Philly, but easier to melt and spoon. Use it by itself to add a fresh, creamy twist to tried-and-true recipes, or as a base for other flavors and seasonings.

fyi if something pops up saying there is a virus or trojan on ur computer and it wants u to but anti virus protection….don’t do it…its a scam…. i googled it when it happened to mine

what would you do w/ this…. just wondering what i could cook w/ it…

I saw the Philadephia Cooking Cream Cheese for the first time on a cooking video on You Tube. Her chanel is “divascancook”. The video title is “Banana Pudding Cupcakes” and the video is dated ” January 23, 2011. Hope this help and give you an idea of what to do with this product.

On the back of the cooking cream it gives you some great pasta recipes. Tried the original today and used the recipe it was great!

I just tried it tonight in my lasagna because I didn’t have enough cottage cheese (husband doesn’t like ricotta cheese)…it was fabulous!

I only get it when I go to on thekrazycouponlady site. If I actually go to, it is fine.

That’s interesting.

On the off topic talk: I have read on other sites where a rep from has commented on this. It actually has nothing to do with them. I hope they post something about it here soon.

I had the same problem the other day, I turned off my computer right away because it took over everything and kept popping up and then once I rebooted I ran my virus scan and it found what was called false trojan alert. I removed it and have since gone back to with no problems but I am still a little nervous.

that happened to me too! i was really scared that something was going to permanently mess up my computer. i’m glad to know i wasn’t the only one.

i had the same problem, but with smart source, it put a virus on my computer and I was without a computer for about a week.I cannot and will not print coupons from them, I hate it because they do have some good coupons!

same problem!

I also had trouble when going through but was able to print without any issues through Swagbucks.

Has anyone used this stuff? What have you used it in? I checked out their website but am still confused with what it is meant for!

We used it tonight on pasta with broccoli, it was good, we used the garlic flavored one. It’s a little thick so adding a bit of milk when you mix it in helps :)

I use regular cream cheese to thicken lots of sauces, even spaghetti. You can also reduce a bit of the liquid in some doughs and use this for a creamy texture. In a pinch, I bet you could use it instead of a béchamel sauce or on chicken pizza.

It makes a great pizza with tomato, basil and mozzerella. Also it comes it a Southwest flavor. possibilities are endless!

This is a little unrelated, but since the coupon above is linked to, I thought I’d mention it here. The last 2 times I’ve been on, some sort of malware has popped up on my computer, warning me my device is “infected,” etc. etc. I don’t know if it’s just my bad luck or if is having some problems, but just be aware of it! So far Norton has blocked all the stuff and nothing has been permanently done to my PC, but still … heads up! Anyone else had any issues??

I had the same problem last night. I’m not sure whats wrong. Husband said it was because I was using I.E. instead of Firefox. Who knows, but I’m glad I’m not the only one!!

I just had that problem too. I am on internet explorer so I don’t think it is just a firefox issue…

I had the same thing happen to me. I use my husbands Ipad and mu itouch to print from until that it is resolved.

Wish I had the luxury of using an iPad. All I got it is this PC! :) I would assume that is aware of the issue, though, and will work to fix it…? Fingers crossed!

How are you able to print coupons from Ipad?

Hi Sarah,
How do you print from your ipad/itouch? Any info would be appreciated:o)


I’ve been able to print from my iPhone with an app called “Grocery IQ”. It’s been a really great app. I can scan the bar codes for the products in my house and it pulls up all of the info (not for generic/store brands) or when i go to the store i can scan products there. Or i can just add a product like “lemons” or “soda” and compile my grocery list. Plus i can add multiple store lists, so i have my grocery store, Target, Walgreens, etc.. and a list for each. The app i powered by so there is a tab at the bottom and it list all of the coupons. I “clip” the ones I want and hit print. My husband says it’s because my phone and printer are on the same wifi network. But when I’ve tried to print from Safari or any other app, my printer is never able to connect?! But as long as I get more coupons :) I’m good! Hope this helps!!

me too same problem~Norton took care of it but it sure was a scare!

My computer is infected. Going to repair place tomorrow…there goes my coupon savings… – please fix this problem!

I print from them all the time and no problems. I never use IE for anything now. I just use Fire Fox or Chrome. I don’t even get a pop up warning.

Mine did it too, pretending to be a message from Microsoft saying that I have a virus. I ran a check and nothing was done to my PC.

Horror!!!!!!!!!!!! I admit I was stupid and thought it was legitimate, it infected my computer and it took me two days and a purchase of a virus pop up blocker and hours on emial with the pop up blocker company who were finally able to fix the problem, but now I’m up and running again. Huge hassle and I’m very angry at who claim they have nothing to do with it and it’s just a coincidence that more than one person is getting it from their website. NO COINCIDENCE when it’s happening to a huge number of people, you would think they could afford an IT person to stop it from being on their website, but I guess not if it is still happening. It happened to me over a week ago now.

I was having the same problem but I had read a post regarding this issue and saying that it was due to a trojan which wouldn’t hurt anything as long as you didin’t try to install the phony “solution” to the problem. I ran my Norton clean up scan which got rid of the problem. HTH

I have had that happen twice while on The thing saying that you have viruses is the virus itself. I had a brand new laptop with Kaspersky and it did not catch it. It’s a pretty bad virus because it would not let my computer restore itself to an earlier time. I called my computer guy and he said that if it blocked my restore then it was really bad. I ended up using recovery to restore my laptop to brand new status.