Right now at CVS Excedrin 20-24 ct. is on sale for $1.99 and we have confirmed that Excedrin PM is included in this sale.  There’s a great $2.50/1 coupon from SS 12/5 making this a FREE deal!

Buy 1 Excedrin PM 20-24 ct., $1.99
Use 1 $2.50/1 Excedrin PM from SS 12/5
Final Price: FREE

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69 thoughts on “FREE Excedrin PM at CVS!”

is this deal still going on?

Its going on somewhere or until the coupons expire I guess. I am now officially all out of my stock of ECEDRIN $2.50 off any one PM . Just tonight used the last of them at FOOD4LESS where they are still on sale for $2.00. I used the last 49 coupons on that many boxes and payed sales tax only. The end of an era , all good things must end sometime

Ahhh, here lies the question… are you a krazy couponer who is in it for the sport and hobby… or are you a hoarder. 100 bottles of Excedrin PM seems excessive… but was it gotten because you are actively ingaged in your budgeting and you are now educated about the costs of things and are tired of stores dipping too deep into your pocketbooks…and you take Excedrin PM nightly (btw you need to see a doctor) or was it the rush of hoarding… you need more to fill an emptiness? When I saw the Extreme Couponing episode i related to Krazy Coupon lady…she had her stockpiles… but is wasnt too much… it was manageable and her bottles and items were rotated and stocked neatly…that first gal, with 40 years of toilet paper… she was a hoarder…

i was just trying to explain that i haven’t seen ANY tear pad coupons in my area, at all.. not at any of the many stores i frequent, trying to search for the best deals. so, i am assuming that people are taking more than one or two coupons from the tear pads.. obviously somone took more than a “couple” if they could then get over twenty free bottles, i saw one person bragging that they got 96? freebies. that is what upsets me because i dont have ONE coupon and assume it’s because others take more than their FAIR share before i can get to a tear pad. now maybe they never had them out in my area, so fine, i’m wrong there. but do you see the disparity there? some get NONE and others get TONS? so, why do they SELL their extras that they found FREE instead of sharing with those that don’t have any? why does ONE person get to stockpile when another can’t get ONE? that is all i’m saying. those that took more than their fair share know who they are, i wasn’t pointing fingers at any one person here. i thought i read somewhere that one person had nearly a hundred bottles – if one person took that many of the tear pad coupons, how would there be any left for the next person? we’re ALL trying to survive here and now it’s like coupons are becoming “lottery tickets” – we can only buy so many newspapers, and if the manufacturer is nice enough to give tear pads, don’t take extras to turn around and sell them, that doesn’t SEEM fair.

Dear Danielle , we all totally understand your point and your frustration. I for one just dont let such things bother me though and as for ” we can only buy so many newspapers ” I just purchased 10 myself at $1.50 each less than hour agoat my local grocer. As far as your other frustrations I would respond 1, thats life , 2 its the American way. Many have little and few have far more than they will ever need. Names come to mind like Kennedys , Rockefellars , Duponts , etc. To the victor goes the spoils. Get out of bed a little earlier , the early birl gets the worm . The only way to succeed or get ahead in life is to be smarter , faster , and work harder than the next guy. Its just a numbers game and life isnt fair anyway. Just shareing my 2 cents

ok, thanks for helping me understand what the red machine is… another question: is CVS the only store with one of those? sadly, no CVS in my area! haven’t seen any tear pads either, i actually NEED excedrin but apparently the tear pads are emptied by people that turn around & sell
them? leaving none for others?? i would’ve liked to get one or two bottles free but instead people stockpile it? for what? it’ll probably go outdated before it gets used, then just thrown away when there are others that actually need it… i’m torn, do i BUY a set of coupons that i could’ve gotten free if someone hadn’t beat me to it, taking (I assume) all of them? or do i just envy everyone that actually got free excedrin and hope i can get it “next time”? sigh – how about, “SHARING tear pad coupons obtained FREE in exchange for postage?” – this site is free – here to help everyone, just sayin’ – not trying to start trouble.

Check out Tommy’s post…I think he is up to 60 bottles of Excedrin.

LMAO , seriously TJ , are you my biggest fan ? Where did you get 60 ? Its was 42 from that one CVS trip and just a little over 300 from a few other stores in my heavily populated area of So California. Where do you people live that you have so many issues. Theres like a major drug store , WAL MART , TARGET , RITE AID etc on every corner here in Ca. Literally every corner . I should post pics of so many 4 corner competitors for those of you living in the sticks.

Actually ended at 453 bottles

Tommy, you got almost 500 bottles of Excedrin?! How in the world did you find that many bottles in stock!?!? :)

danielle, your welcome. I thought you were a CVS customer and had never been shown the ‘red machine’. The other drug stores in MY area do not have scanners. As far as the problem with the tearpads, STOP. You will not always get ALL the deals. Move on and get more of another deal. It’s hard for me to believe that one person in your area got ALL the coupons when each tearpad probably has 50, 100, 200. These are probably sent to the stores in a reasonable quantity to be restocked from time to time. It seems Tommy got lots of tearpads and therefore lots of Excedrin, I’ve got 2 so far. If he throws them in the trash I’ll join in and be a little critical. Maybe he gives others a lot of headaches and so he passes out the pills to everyone. Maybe he donates a lot. Okay, there I go talking about donations again. Time for comments from those that are upset about MY donations of stuff I snatched from the shelves, stuff THEY didn’t get. Danielle, we have no idea what kind of relationship Tommy, or the ‘shelf clearer’ in your area have with their local stores. If Tommy ‘moves’ a lot of product for a store, a manager should consider that Tommy is helping that store’s ‘bottom line’. Maybe Tommy asked for an extra tearpad and the manager went in the stockroom and got one or two. I think I will try that Saturday afternoon.

LOL my dear Grandma always told me , you catch more flies with sugar tha ya do with vinegar. As usual she was always right.

Hahaha Kent , Ive always been told great minds think alike. If your ever in a CVS or RITE AID and you ever bump into a big ugly guy with a beard and a fist full of coupons, introduce yourself , it might be me. Nice to see another guy on here thats not a big cry baby. We can sometimes share coupon war stories over some Turkey LOL

Tommy, here’s a ‘war story’ to get things started until we possibly meet. A friend told us of a very coupon friendly Rite Aid. After a couple of trips there (got to know a few people) we went in on the last day of the sale figuring IF there are freebies left we will grab them. Told the manager we had seen some comments on blogs about not stocking up till the end of the sale and that we would try that. He said “well that was stupid”. He was right. I think we found 1 Mitchum that was discounted but not tagged. No crying here. Someone else posted you have some wins, and you have some losses. Not EVERYONE can get ALL the deals. Nothing left at Rite Aid on Thursday? That’s ok. CVS & Wags deals start on Sunday.

Thats better

thanks Kent, I am new to CVS and just got my first card a couple days ago but have scanned it a couple times but it always says ” no coupons today , check back tommorow ” Like I’ll be back tommorow LOL , sure. Also I was not aware that they were price scanners like TARGET has. Yesterday I was at the check out and there was a bottle of MAKERS MARK whiskey left over from Christmas in a package including some cool ornaments with the bottle. Thinking there might be a markdown I ask the clerk for the price. She took the bottle from the shelf and made a very long walk all the way from around the long counter and to the red machine right next to me and scanned the package. I said ” you could have handed it to me and I could have done that and saved you the walk LOL , sadly there was no markdown . Had there been one I would have donated it to my best friend on his up comming birthday LOL Now I know though, thanks for the reminder

Tommy, my birthday was LAST month. I prefer Wild Turkey. And don’t make it that 80 proof crap. It’s 101 or nothing at all.

I got a coupon from the red machine today for $2.00 on any Excedrin PM product – making this an even better deal!

what is the “red” coupon machine??

danielle, if you don’t see it when you first walk in cvs, just ask the cashier. When you find it, scan the bar code on your cvs card (then wait as the machines are usually slow) and 1 or more cvs coupons will print and come out the side. Sometimes you may get a $3 off a $15 purchase (or something similar). You can also use the machine to scan an item to check the price. That feature alone has saved us a lot as sometimes items are not priced correctly or our store might not have a markdown that other stores have. Again, every trip to cvs, scan that card once or even twice BEFORE you shop.

Ashley, I’ve put the link in the website box for posting.

Ashley, the link is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320655062193

If you order and pay today, I will mail today to make sure they get to you. Or if you live in the Bothell WA area I can meet you at Starbucks or something.

Also, I went to Walmart with the Rite Aid ad that shows them for $1.99. They did the price match, so I got lots for myself. It was great!

AWESOME Ashley , wish I’d have thought of that. I know where I’m going today since apparently CVS stores are hiding product from paying customers. Keep up the good work and thanks again

very interesting , and what a bargain I wonder if I took your coupons and bought the EXCEDRIN , what would the EXCEDRIN sell for on EBAY ? LOL

Grow up! Build a bridge then get over it. You must be very bored.

Tommy, I would not usually buy a tearpad coupon. I have purchased several others such as 30 of the 50¢ Yakisoba. Used them at Ralph’s (doubled) when they were $1 each.

By any chance, do u still have any more coupons in eBay of the excedrin?? Thanks

What’s the link Nancy?

Maybe I should check my stores to make sure they didn’t pull them too!

Ashley, the link is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320655062193

If you order and pay today, I will mail today to make sure they get to you. Or if you live in the Bothell WA area I can meet you at Starbucks or something.

Also, I went to Walmart with the Rite Aid ad that shows them for $1.99. They did the price match, so I got lots for myself. It was great!

Thanks! Great idea!

YES YOU SHOULD DEFINATELY DO THAT, why would they want to sell all that merchandise ? Is your store a museum ?

All of the CVS stores in my city got wise. They took all of the Excedrin PM on sale off the shelves and didn’t order anymore.Yesterday was their shipment day. I checked 3 different stores.They will probably wait until the coupon expires. Bummer!

Got wise to what ? Not selling merchandise , Not making money , Not getting fully reimbursed by the manufacturer , you think a manager wouldnt love to have a highly grossing store in sales especially when they are running an advertised promotion ? Thats just ridiculous to think that they have a sinister plan to prevent YOU from using your coupons. Did you even consider that someone just beat you to it ? SHEEEESH ! GIMME A BREAK

I went to 3 different stores on their delivery day. They didn’t order any of that product and said they didn’t plan to. Believe what you want, drama starter. I’m just stating what happened.

I have extras of these that I just posted on eBay. Let me know if you want the link. :o)

people actually pay for coupons on EBAY ? I’ve heard it all now. How much do you get for a dollar off coupon ?

Tommy – If you don’t pay for all of your extra coupons, do you mind me asking how you get them? I’m figuring that surely you don’t buy that many papers :)

Ashley, I think Tommy mentioned in a previous comment that there are tearpads at some of the stores.

The 12/5 SS coupon must have been regional b/c I don’t have it in any of my inserts :(

The magic coupon machine gave me the $2 coupon also it is for Excedrin Migraine or Excedrin PM 20 -24ct.= FREE

Hello guys~
Its when sales like this come that I stockpile my coupons!!! I went to CVS yesterday and was able to score 9 bottles of Excedrin PM for FREE+ and I also got 23 of the other Excedrin’s (migraine,tension,back&body,etc). I got 8 of the Nivea lip care (I shop for my disabled mom 2) and 7 bottles of WISK (32 loads). I used a rain check for 5 of the Wisk’s, 2/$5,spend $25 get $10 xtra bucks, and the other 2 were B1G1 store sale. I used a $2 off coupon for all the WISK I bought. I ended up spending around $17 oop & got $15 in extra bucks to spend!!!

I did this deal yesterday too, I didnt’t have the 2.50 off coupon but I did have a 1.00 off PLUS the magic coupon machine gave me a 2.00 any size excedrin/excedrin pm!! So with the sale for 1.99 (and I found one of the packs that included the bonus 8ct excedrin pm) minus $2 cvs coupon and $1 mfr coupon – both coupons came off at full amount this was a $1 money maker for me!!

I picked up the 24ct Extra Strength for $1.99, used the $1 coupon, and it came with a free 8ct PM!

OMG, I’m lovin this! Ordered extras on eBay. Thank you!!

Did this deal tonight. The $2.50 coupon was adjusted down to $1.99 cause it beeped. I got in the mail today, a $3 off Excedrin Pn CVS coupon and so we used that also. Made for a nice overage! :)

I just got the CVS coupon too. So since they adjusted your SS coupon to the price of the Excederin, then did you get the full $3 overage? Thanks for your help.

I made sure to grab a few cases of COKE to cover the overage , just incase they gave it to me, Yup ! FREE EXCEDRIN and FREE COKE ! LOL (PSA ) PLEASE USE BOTH WISELY AND IN MODERATION . It has been determined in recent studies that either too much FREE COKE or EXCEDRIN can result in addiction to couponing

So i didnt see the $2.50 off i just found a $1.50 off =(

I did this deal and my coupon automatically adjusted down to the sale price… Is this common for cvs now? Thought this was coupon fraud on their part?

Not coupon fraud. Store employees are not supposed to give overage on a coupon. However, most employees don’t notice that the coupon value is greater than the price of the product and the registers usually only catch it if you don’t have other products in the transaction to absorb the overage.

That comment sounds like reverse descriminating toward the retailer like so many couponers feel the retailers treat us like crooks. What do you care if the retailer makes a few extra cents off a coupon aftyer you got yours for free ? Arent there enough self appointed coupon cops out there ? Cant we all just get along ? LOL ( never take any of my comments too seriously , I always speak the truth but people sometimes need to loosen up and have fun ) life is short , and I still have almost 100 $2.50 off ! coupons to spend

ZZThe same deal is also at FOOD 4 LESS right now and they are promoting with $1.00 off taped to all flavors of 20 & 24 ct excedrins. I have been using my $2.50 offs and have gotten 96 bottles this week

To Tiki Tommy how were you able to obtain all those bottles. I am a newbie and I would like to know. Thanks.

I just went to my 3 local stores and picked them up. FOOD 4 LESS has huge stand up displays sitting in the isles just leaded with hundreds of all varietys of these boxes of EXCEDRIN and tons of coupons

Why in the world do you need 96 bottles of Excedrin? Even if you had an ongoing headache 24/7, most of them will reach their expiration date long before you can use them all. May I suggest you donate many of the bottles to others who will benefit from having them? I believe in stockpiling whatever my family and I can reasonably use. Otherwise, accumulating items that will go to waste just for the sake of the conquest is like hunting simply for the kill with no intention of using the meat!

This worked for me on Sunday. The Excedrin PM is priced at $1.99, and the coupon scans for the full 2.50 off, so you make 51 cents on the item. Also, the other $1 coupon for regular Excedrin worked on the $1.99 item (also, some of the Excedrin packs that cost $1.99 had a free 8 tablet sample of Excedrin PM on them, which sweetened the deal for me).

SS 12/5 means that the coupon listed was in the SmartSource (SS) coupon insert on Sunday December 5th’s (12/5) newspaper.
If you have just started couponing, you can buy past inserts or individual coupons on clipping sites or Ebay. If it’s a printable coupon, we will give the link that it is at.
For more on our couponing shorthand, check out the Coupon Lingo tab under the Beginner’s section: http://thekrazycouponlady.com/beginners/

What is the SS 12/5? I keep seeing that type of stuff and I dont get it… I am new at this couponing thing and I am expecting to be able to just print off the coupon. Please help lol

SS means SmartSource. It is a insert that comes in the sunday paper. The 12/5 is the date that it came out! You’ll also see RP which means RedPlum, also referring to the insert from the sunday paper.

There are also hang tags for $2.50/1 Excedrin PM at Rite Aid this week. The sale price is $1.99, leaving you .51 profit!

Ok, so they are 1.99 at BOTH Rite Aid and CVS? Anyone know if there is a limit? These can be pricematched at Walmart, that way I won’t have to worry about cleared shelves and rain checks!

There is no limit written on the ad. SO my guess is that you’re free to keep buying!

No , I havent encountered any limits. CVS is the only store found with the BONUS 8 ct PM attached to all boxes though. The same deal is also at FOOD 4 LESS right now as well

What is the hang tag at rite aid that is being referred to. I went to my riteaid but coulc not find any and the clerk had no clue what I was talking about.

They have big 2 sided signs hanging in the isles advertising EXCEDRIN , each side of the signs have big colorful tare pads of the $2.50 off coupons on nthem. Apparently some people aquired enough of these to sell them on EBAY. ??cHECK IT OUT

How do I get the excedrin coupon from ss 1/25?

Try checking ebay!

no profit for me… bought 5, but they only let me use 4 at my cvs.

no profit here. bought 5, but they only let me use (4) $2.50 coupons.