After some extensive research into the recent reports that is infecting computers with viruses the final verdict is: COUPONS.COM SAFE!

We’ve been in contact with and they have read and are reading your comments!  Rest assured, steps are being taken to fix the issue.  Below is a recent comment left from technical services:

Hello Couponers,

We at are sorry to hear of your experiences with this browser redirect trojan and are actively pursuing this issue as a top priority. We take this problem very seriously as any sort of trojan that attempts to associate itself with our reputable name is simply unacceptable.

Because the source of this problem exists outside of our systems and affects such a small percentage of our visitors, it has been difficult to reproduce it in our testing environments; However, we are making headway in gathering the data we need to track down the culprit. The one thing that we are absolutely certain of is that it does not exist within our servers, our software, or our website’s source code.

We have been been able to determine that users that are affected by this fake alert are not infected with a virus unless he or she complies with the prompts. We are also looking into the possibility that the problem exists within one of our third-party ad providers as one helpful person here has suggested. We are pursuing all technically-feasible possibilities imaginable to isolate and eliminate the source of this issue.

Again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and remind you that whenever and wherever you encounter a redirect trojan of this kind on the Internet, never click on any part of the window or any prompts that may subsequently appear. The safest thing to do at that point is to force the browser to close by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, running your Task Manager, and manually shutting down all of your browser and prompt windows.

Technical Services Incorporated

Apparently upon entering many people have had a browser window pop-up pretending to be AVG anti-virus software informing them that their computer has been infected and needs to be scanned.  It then directs the user to push the button to fix the problem.  Once the button is pushed the virus is then released into the computer.  The pop-up further advises the user to purchase their product in order to fully delete the virus all in hopes of stealing their credit card information.  DO NOT push the button.  If you already have and think that your computer has been infected use your own anti-virus software to run a scan or contact your provider.

We have contacted ourselves as have many of our fellow coupon websites.   A very thorough letter was sent from to Hip2Save explaining in further detail the safety of their website:

Hello Couponers! My name is Rich and I am a Support Engineer at

We are sorry to hear about these reports of viruses on our website and we have already reviewed our code to make certain that this issue is not being caused by or originating from our end.

The problems being described here indicate that some of our users are being tricked by a browser redirect trojan that has been sitting latently on their local machine since it was downloaded, most likely from a questionable file sharing network file, questionable email, questionable website, even an instant messaging program with sharing rights enabled.

The trojan modifies your web browser to redirect to a malicious website that is made to look like a Microsoft “My Computer” window running a fake virus scan that is detecting non-existent threats on their computer. This is not a real Microsoft window, you are not seeing a real virus scanner, the threats being shown do not really exist. There is only one virus here and that’s the one that keeps sending you to the malicious website. In that sense it is a pretty mild threat to your computer other than being very annoying and possibly scary.

This is a popular scam that resurfaces around the web from time to time. It is meant to draw people into downloading a real trojan that will continue to annoy its victims with more fake virus alerts even more persistently until they submit to and purchase a fake program that does absolutely nothing. The scammer can then attempt to use that credit card information for other purposes. Please do not follow the instructions on this malicious website. When you see it, close your browser.

There is a lot of useful information on the Internet on how to identify the source of and remove the trojan responsible for this annoyance. Please visit Google and search for “Fake AVG 2011″ for more information about this issue and how to remove it from you computer.

Again I wanted to reassure you that is not infected with a virus, and is not infecting your computer with a virus either. Our website is likely being targeted by the redirect virus on your computer by some logic unknown to us, probably because it is a popular site in your browsing history. My recommendation is to research the issue through Google, follow the solutions to neutralize the redirect virus, and use caution moving forward when downloading unknown emails, files, and websites to ensure it doesn’t find its way back on to your machine again.

Use extra caution when any window pops up asking you to take action.  But be reassured that is safe and happy coupon clipping can resume!

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105 thoughts on “An ANSWER to the virus reports”

As of yesterday afternoon I downloaded the coupon printer and my laptop immediately became infected with outrageous pop ups and within 30 mins was infected with this hijack virus mentioned in the above statements from I did not click on any prompts!!!!! The only prompts I clicked on were the ones directly from during the download process of the coupon printer. Previously my laptop was not infected! This leads me to believe that coupon printer software does indeed have an malware virus attached to it. This is very displeasing as one can not print these coupons without downloading their software. I’ve also noticed this problem dates back to 2011!!!!!! Same exact issue. Same exact complaints and no resolve. ;-/

These comments go all the way back to 2011. I caught the Malware at the beginning of 2013 this is wrong in so many ways.

The malware isnt a virus. its an annoying malware that is persistent, but removal is possible. Run malwarebytes and iobit remover. its a pain, but possible. i would suggest not loading the printer until can find the problem. good luck

I am having the same problem. Also had to pay to get my computer fixed. I was told not to use as it is infecting my computer. I use to save and very disappointed that this is happening. Anyone have an other safe options to get grocery coupons???

so I just had my computer looked at today because it runs incredibly slow. they found 127 viruses from couponbar. I have to pay 150 to get them removed. KCL, I see u say to trust them and this post is from 2011. can I assume these issues have not been resolved?

I got it on the 25th from from a link from and I have Avira antivirus software. I am still unable to print coupons and am unable to remove virus. This is crap!! I use that site all the time and is an active part of my grocery budget, they need to take responsibility resolve this STILL ongoing situation!!!

OK folks for those of you thinking that is all ok and you are in their corner defending them you really need to stop and think… Not everyone has the same anti virus program and they are all catching this. IT IS attached to the coupon printer for sure. We tracked it to that program. There is no way it is a virus on your computer that only reacts to Anyone with even beginner knowledge of computers knows this is a really stupid concept to try to pass of to people. I will NEVER again use they can simply forget it and I will tell everyone I know not to use them. My hubby and his friends are computer and electrical engineers and they know their stuff. I’ll take their words over any day thanks. besides I get better coupons in the sunday paper anyhow.

Does anyone know if this has been resolved? I am one of the people that had to pay $175.00 to get my computer fixed. I’m afraid to use again. Please help !!!!!

Thanks for raising the issues everyone. We have looked into the matter and have been unable to reproduce the issues ourselves. We worked with both McAfee SiteAdvisor as well as our external security consultants to review our sites and they found no security risks or viruses. We will continue to work with our providers to ensure the security of our sites.

In talking to users who experienced a fake Anti-Virus pop-up, standard anti-virus clean-up tools have generally resolved the issues. If you are having issues while visiting, please send us a note with the name of your anti-virus provider to

A good rule anywhere online is if you see any suspicious pop-ups on any site, do not click on it, use ALT+F4 or CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open your task manager to close it. The safety of our users and internet security is of utmost importance at Thanks for your continued support. –The Team

I also have had a tech take control of my computer to look at the pop up. He is a very nice person. I believe they are doing all they can to to take care of this problem. If you look when you print coupons a lot of places says powered by I live in a town where the Sunday papers dont have near the coupon inserts that the big towns have. I use a lot!!! I have for a very long time. I try to help my 3 kids and 9 grandkids so I buy items on sale, stack with store coupons and buy mark down with them. I carry a bag that has 8 check pockets full of coupons and I bet almost half is from The bag i carry them in is bigger than a really big diaper bag and is very heavy. So I say lets work together and help them solve this problem. I dont know why people wants to cause this kind of problem for all of us just trying to save money. I am grateful for the chance to get to print the coupons I do from them.

This is first time in 5 years to ever have a problem with a virus!
I was on to download a coupon and a window popped up(Security Shield) within the window stated found trojans, virus,yada yada must click here to have them removed. Security shield would not go away until malewarebytes!
Thanks for trying to get this resolved!

OK All, just got off of the phone with the tech. He is very nice and I believe we got somewhere with all this. (not sure though) The tech logged onto my computer remotely, and we were able to reproduce the scenerio. He recorded the steps I took to get to the virus warning and e-mailed the file to himself. I believe they are one step closer. Cross your fingers!!

FYI everyone – is still infected. Was just on their website and a popup appeared and said my computer was infected. DON’T GO TO THIS WEBSITE! If this company had any idea what they were doing they would be able to fix the problem.

Hi, sorry to hear some of you are having issues, we’d love to get more information from you if you are experiencing this problem.

If you have a few minutes to chat on the phone with us, send us an email to with your phone number and a good time for us to call you and put “KrazyCouponLady” in the subject line. Thanks!

I will try to help. Just sent them an e-mail

The support team from is something else. First they DECLARED that their website is safe and that anyone who has a virus problem its coming fom their own computer not, now they say that they didn’t insist or imply anything with certainty? It sounds like they are backpeddling now because they realize how insensitive it all sounded.

The reason why everyone is engaging in these sort of discussions is because getting a virus is a very frustrating experience and as frustrating as it is to them to read these comments, it is much much worse for the person who either just got a virus/trojan or was dangerously close to getting one.

If this existed since last week, they should have hired a computer technician then, to rectify the situation before it got so bad. Everyone knows that viruses multiply, and it doesn’t take long before a mild situation becomes a bad one. They need to get a computer specialist who has experience in handling this sort of thing instead of trying to do it themselves because that hasn’t worked so far.

No degree of explanation from is going to change a thing, until they resolve this situation ASAP.

It happened to m for the first time today, just 30 minutes ago!! I was printing the orange juice coupon. I turned off the PC right away, phew!! It’s okay. is definitely not correct on this one. This is a very ugly virus and it definitely is coming from their website and their’s alone. Whether it’s in their code, the code of one of their ad banners or someone hijacked or added on to their code it’s definitely their site and they need to get on it. It also happened to me when I clicked on “clip” for one of the coupons. For me it was the salad mix coupon but it does sound like which coupon click triggers it is not the issue but something else on their site. I also am staying away from their site until they realize they have a problem and get it fixed.

Tried to visit just now and was BOMBARDED with multiple things like this.
This is absurd. If they cant recreate this, they arent trying.
I’ve visited twice in the last 24 hours and got it both times. (the first before I read about this, and the 2nd today when I forgot about it!) I better not have a stinking virus.

I will just make one final post for clarity before doing the responsible thing by not responding to these sort of discussions until we’ve definitely identified the source of the problem and resolved it.

Our first response to the issue was posted last week and was based upon three very vague reports of a virus redirecting our website to some malicious website. We were unable to find anything awry in our systems or to reproduce the behavior in a diagnostic environment throughout the rest of the week.

With such a limited pool of cases to work with and virtually no useable data to work with, our goal in trying to assist those affected led us to research the issue on Google. From our findings there, sources such as explained that the Fake AVG trojan once implanted into your computer would modify your browser to redirect to malicious websites.

Taking into account all the information we had at the time, including what we could empirically observe, we hoped to explain the issue to the best of our knowledge. Admittedly we are not virus experts, and until last week we have never had to be. If you examine the language of our initial explanation, we never insisted upon anything with certainty, but rather attempted to explain our findings. We apologize if this was misinterpreted and in the future we will refrain from commenting on the matter until we do have concrete data.

We are continuing to investigate the issue as a top priority and are in search of individuals who can reproduce this redirect behavior from while we simultaneously run a web debugging tool that can trace its origin and destination. Without such basic knowledge at our disposal, it is quite difficult to figure out where it is coming from and how to stop it. If you are interested in cooperating with our investigation and believe you can reliably access this fake virus alert page, you can email with your phone number and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Best Regards,

Technical Services Incorporated

I agree. They should shut their site down until they figure it out. Has anyone read their “rules” and “agreements” to see if malicious destruction of OUR computers is covered? By not shutting their site down, they are knowingly causing damage. I can understand the first few days they are not responsible for, but they know about it now and are doing nothing about it. AND BLOGGERS ARE STILL REFERRING PEOPLE TO PRINT COUPONS FROM THE SITE……WHY?!?!?!

I too got the virus. I was on a couple of weeks ago and the fake scan started on my computer. I did a scan with my real antivirus and my computer was fine. Well today I decided that I would go onto again and to my dismay my computer got a virus. This time there was no fake virus scan. I just got redirected to a page (I didn’t even click on anything) and my computer said it had a virus. I did a scan and sure enough there it was. Obviously knows what’s going on and should take appropriate action and fix the problem. I contacted them to let them know what happened. I suggested they should shut their site down until the problem is fixed. It’s so sad that this is happening to all of these people and they say they’re trying to work out the problem yet don’t shut the site down temporarily to stop this from happening to more people. Shame on them.

Since the word has not gotten out to all yet about this issue, I feel it is’s responsibility to shut their site down until further notice. They are allowing visitors on their site knowingly, even if they believe it is a third party on their site. Bottom line, we are suffering, and those who have not read this blog will continue to suffer.

KLC, since this blog has scrolled down so far on your start up page, can you put an “ALERT” at the top of your page notifying visitors of this issue?

Do we have any good lawyer, it would make a splendid group case against, they are defenitly not poor. Another good thing averybogy who had to pay for their computer recovery is to file a case with BBB, so to make aware of their customers problems. Also if somebody advertising products via, ask your management to break the contract unless this site is closed until it is safe.

My computer is totally inoperative now. I too was trying to save money and now I have to spend $150 to have the computer reformatted – shame on COupons. com. I can’t even get on the internet at homenow. The anti-virus program did not even detect this virus.

Thanks so much for sharing! Great info.

My computer was just infected!! I can’t use it at all now. Never had problems until two days ago. Makes sense to me.

I was on just this morning and got this Security Shield virus. Now I’m trying to work with my virus protection company to fix it. How frustrating. So disappointed.

One of my closest friends husband used to be the CEO of the local internet provider here in our little town and she got this virus from them too. I think their response is irresponsible. He told me that one of their servers was infected that is why we have all gotten it to show up when we were on their site. It is really odd that the only site we were all on was theirs and the only time it popped up on us was on their site. Come on take some responsiblity.

I just wanted to weigh in on this problem. I found the reply to be annoying at best. While their site code may be clean as a whistle, the virus could have been delivered by 3rd-party content they choose to host on their site (like a banner ad). These fake antiviruses are extremely problematic, and can be delivered without ANY active clicks or downloads by the PC user. These are called “drive-by downloads” because they happen without your knowledge. For to suggest they are harmless annoyances is ridiculous.

I have dealt with a number of these at my work, and they are neither harmless nor easy to get rid of. Sometimes, if a person is lucky, they will be removed successfully by Malwarebytes or SpyBot. If one is not lucky, nothing seems to work and the only real solution is to rebuild the computer. Most professionals will do that as a last resort only, and have many other tools they will try first, but sometimes, that is the only solution. Our computer department at my job recently did this with one of our PCs because they could not successfully clean it.

I agree with the other posters here that Malwarebytes is one of the best things to try. Also, A-squared free sometimes helps. You definitely want to download and run these in safe-mode if possible.

Also please know that some of these viruses are designed to replicate themselves into your System Restore, so that if you delete it successfully, it will reinstall itself automatically. It is important to turn off system restore and delete all past restore points before you scan for the virus. My sister is facing this issue right now, and nothing she has done so far is working. The virus disabled her system restore so she can’t access it, and running Malwarebytes in safemode hasn’t gotten rid of the problem either.

Don’t mess around too much with this kind of problem. If the basic scans don’t work, get a geeky kid or your local geek squad/pc repair shop to fix it.

And they need to look at any 3rd-party ads they are hosting and have THOSE folks check to see if they have security holes that are being exploited. It sounds like far too many people had a problem for this to be a coincidence.

I had the FAKE AVG malware too. Spent 8 hours last night trying to get rid of it. McAfee didn’t catch it! All my scans say I’m “virus” free which of course I am. This is malware and it is coming from!

Just happened to me! Guess they havent fixed it yet!

I have had the virus too! Just so happens my subscribtion ran out so now i am stuck with a virus!

I got this virus this week on, what a pain!!! Luckly I ran a scan on Mcaffee, and the virus looks gone, but my brother in law said that it may still be in my computer files! I’m not sure if I will ever use!!!!

What does mean in their reply by “third party provider”? This Krazy coupon lady blog hosts banners. Is this a “third party provider”? I removed my banners from my blog as a safety measure for my readers until I feel certain is safe. Do you suppose Norton, Symantec, etc. have provided updates to their protection software that would guard against this virus?

I just tried to print the land o’frost product, campbells, and philadelphos cooking creme cheese coupons and my computer said it blocked a virus. So there are still problems with the site.

I got a virus from just last night..Thank God a good friend cleaned it off for me today. I lost everything on my computer though. I am contacting personally to let them know what happened.

I had this happen twice while on the website. Both times I shut down my computer by going to start, shut down. I haven’t seen any pop ups since but I did see in my email spam a Vigara? email that shows to be sent from my email address. Ugh! Wondering if this is related to the issue,and how to fix someone stealing my email address.

I had this happen to me tonight. About an hour ago. I did the Ctrl – Alt – Delete and closed it out and then did my own Virus Scan. Went back to and had no problems.

I just clicked the link from this site to grab the Campbell’s soup coupon at After I selected a second coupon to print I received the virus pop-up. If this happens to you, press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open the Task Manager and close the window that way. Don’t use Alt+F4. I tried that and all the sudden a window popped up showing scans for viruses. I immeidately pulled up the Task Manager to close it down, but I’m wondering if the Trojan has now infected my computer. I’m going to stay away from until this becomes a non-issue.

I was reading a post thru my google reader and I emailed it to my mother who then clicked the link to print a Garnier coupon and she got the virus. She got me worried that I somehow gave it to her thru me forwarding the post. I started scanning my computer right then and have been scanning like crazy. I print my coupons thru mypoints, and haven’t had any problems there, knock on wood. It does seem like the problem is coming from and they should be working harder to resolve this problem.

I hate to hear that so many people have been affected by this.

Hello Couponers,

We at are sorry to hear of your experiences with this browser redirect trojan and are actively pursuing this issue as a top priority. We take this problem very seriously as any sort of trojan that attempts to associate itself with our reputable name is simply unacceptable.

Because the source of this problem exists outside of our systems and affects such a small percentage of our visitors, it has been difficult to reproduce it in our testing environments; However, we are making headway in gathering the data we need to track down the culprit. The one thing that we are absolutely certain of is that it does not exist within our servers, our software, or our website’s source code.

We have been been able to determine that users that are affected by this fake alert are not infected with a virus unless he or she complies with the prompts. We are also looking into the possibility that the problem exists within one of our third-party ad providers as one helpful person here has suggested. We are pursuing all technically-feasible possibilities imaginable to isolate and eliminate the source of this issue.

Again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and remind you that whenever and wherever you encounter a redirect trojan of this kind on the Internet, never click on any part of the window or any prompts that may subsequently appear. The safest thing to do at that point is to force the browser to close by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, running your Task Manager, and manually shutting down all of your browser and prompt windows.

Technical Services Incorporated

Perhaps this is happening more then they think, but we do not want to go to thier website again, just in case we get the virus!!! Perhaps should give us a phone number to call and complain.

I had the same problem and it cost me a 150.00 to fix on my Mac…all of that to save some money. this is too much of a coincidence….not at all happy….

Hopefull KCL and the other coupon/savings sites that direct their readers to will pass along all these comments. Waaaayy too big of a coincidence that ALL of these people had this happen, and ONLY on
I think my anti-virus caught this and I haven’t had the problem after the first time when I immediately shut down…but i am very concerned that this is now sitting somewhere undetected on my computer!

Well add my name to the list. I got the virus and am not a tech person at all. Looking to save money on groceries and it cost me $175.00 to fix it. Some people say that paying that kind of money is a rip off but if you don’t know anything about computers what other choice to you have. My computer was of no use to me unless I paid someone to fix it. I will not be visiting again. Very frustrated !!!!!!

i look at the website every day and have never seen the pop up. i use the adblockplus plugin for firefox so think that is why. did scans and everything is ok

so try using it if you use firefox

That’s what I was going to say. I use Firefox on all my computers. I haven’t seen any pop-ups. I used twice today and yesterday also. Not one problem. I haven’t used Internet Explorer for almost 10 years.

Someone needs to call management at and let them know their tech guy doesnt know what he is talking about. Plain and simple. Otherwise, no one is going to visit their site anymore.

I tried calling them and only got a message machine. They want me to leave a message and they will get back to me or address the issue :) right

I am very upset because i can not even get to the website to clean this up. Now i have to take it somewhere to get ixed. Yes it is from and not the people that are trying to save money. I think that you need remubursh (sorry Spelling) us for having to take thins somewhere else to get it fixed.. I dont think that i will be using this site anymore

I totally got the virus. My whole browser dissappeared. It happened when I pressed on the athenos coupon link from kcl and then avg popped up. I had to pay to have my computer reconfigured. I am hesitant to print from kcl.

The reason everyone is seeing this pop-up trojan is because it is connected to the CouponBar program that you have to install to print from! The CouponBar printing program is really spyware itself because it tracks the browsing history of a Windows based machine. If you get this pop-up just click the red X in the upper right corner then click OK in the pop-up box. The so called scan should go away. The reason for reply is they know that their program tracks users and someone has hacked into their code and installed this trojan! Watch my word it will magically disappear as soon as they find the code!

This bug got me Monday night when I visited My computer crashed and I had to reload the operating system and reconfigure everything. My updated anti – virus caught it today and closed the page for before it could do any harm Today my clean system without their coupon printer program yet installed was a target so that is not the problem. One virus blog website I checked says it may indeed not be their own programing, but my be one of their banner ads they display to earn revenue that is doing it. My other computer caught it and shut down that page automatically. Google ” FAKE AVG ” to find instructions on how to get rid of it if you are a little tech savay and it did not totally crash your computer. Maybe we should all call Coupons, Inc or email them at . I suggget you just stay away from until this is all resolved, and update all your protections. Regards, Jay.

This is happening to me. I couldn’t figure out where it had come from til now, my virus scanner is detecting nothing but this thing keeps popping up.

I agree, they are passing the buck. I’ve been getting this the past few times I’ve gone on their site and as recent as an hour ago. I don’t buy that it’s already on my laptop already – it only happens on As soon as I can get the window shut down, I run my Norton and it cleans it up. They need to accept responsibility and get it cleaned up! It’s not happening on any other sites and I don’t file share or open documents via email either.

Same here, I dont open e-mails and do not share with anyone. I accessed from the KLC site via her link. Is that how you are going to the site as well?

OMG, was just in and received this message once again. Looks like it is still out there.

This happened to me on Monday. Sunday night my sister-in-law and I were both on a lot of coupon sites that I cant even remember their names. We were just generally serching for different coupon sites. When I turned on my computer Monday morning, and started internet, it popped up. AGC. I was on my home page. I did not react to it and shut down. NO problems since. Same thing happened to my sister-in-law first thing Monday morning. Thank you Thank you for addressing this as we both were so confused as to what happened.

The only place that virus comes up is I love to save money but I’m staying off that site until this is resolved!

I got the pop-up as soon as I logged onto…I shut down my computer and then logged back on. My Trend Micro Internet Security Pro got rid of it. I did a quick scan and it was not there anymore.

the first time this happened 3 weeks a go I had a virus and had to pay to get rid of it and now another one has come up this is crap . but this time I had the same thing happen to me and i called a great friend in the computer world , he told me to put my computer in safe mode and go in and do a system restore point . go back 2 days from when you contacted the virus.. hopefully between now and then you havent store any important docs……… he also said that coupons .com lets in alot of virus…. I dont download anything to my computer and printer anymore from this site…… it took me a bill of 300.00 on a new new computer and this stupid virus to discover Im not saving any money by doing this …….goood luck ya all

I had this virus and it took an EXPERIENCED tech 2 hours to remove it. It messed up my system so bad, and I absolutely did NOT click on anything that popped up because I knew immediately it wasn’t AVG. I’m finally glad to know where it came from.

If it took 2 hours to remove it:

A: this tech is not to EXPERIENCED or
B: you payed him by the hour

This is a 10min fix at the most!!

I totally agree with all the others about passing the blame. I had trouble with this virus on my home computer two years ago and knew enough when it popped up today to simply restart my computer. X’ing out of it just initiates the virus. I was also told to use Alt + F4, but my initial reaction was just to shut down. Seeing this virus addressed here only confirms that it is on’s end where the virus is “laying dormant”. I immediately did a scan after restarting, and my computer was free of any viruses.

I had that virus a week ago. I figured out it came from from another coupon blog. It had totally taken over my computer and had locked our virus protection out. We had just installed a new hard drive about a month ago. So I know that this was not something that was already on my computer. My husband had to completely erase our hard drive and reinstall everything to get it to go away. I also must have logged into my email while the computer was infected because my email was hacked into and an email with a link (a virus) was sent out to all my contacts. Now that I’ve read this if it happens again I know what to do. But until the problem is solved I’ve been staying way from I don’t want to risk getting it again. Just a big headache!!!! Thanks for the information though. Glad to know it wasn’t just me and now we can pinpoint where it came from.

I have had this once and when I scanned my computer it showed that it came from I was not able to remove it with anti-virus software. I was able to restore my computer to an earlier date, and that seemed to work, and I have not had any problems since then.

I do agree with an earlier post were it seems thay may be placing blame away from themselves. Either way we know they are aware of the problem and they don’t want to lose money from there sponcers and ads, so I am sure it’s fixed/blocked.

I have used the Malwarebytes program for a few years and it works great to remove problems like this. The “infected” files after the scan clearly say and one file path was in Windows/CouponPrinter. So yeah, I would say the problem is originating from the website.

Nothing like passinbg the buck! This computer is BRAND NEW. I have done none of the things, i.e., file sharing, etc., that mentioned to cause a “virus to sit latent” on it.

I know for sure it came from because as soon as I clicked the link on this website that goes to, it happened.

I fully agree with what Annie said above:

“To say that affected users have a latent virus on their computer that only happens to show up when on is completely untrue. If that is the case, it would only happen on an individual basis and on more than one website not only on is the reason why all this is happening,and they should admit responsibility and clean up their website instead of trying to pass the blame on to individuals who all they are trying to do is save a few bucks on their groceries”

I agree!!! This happened to me at about a week ago, and my laptop was literally a few days old. I had definitely not done anything that they mentioned. It was like others have described, I clicked a link from KCL to go and bam, it started. It has ONLY happened on They are definitely trying to pass the buck…to much of a coincidence that this has happened to so many people, only on
The need to take hard look at their ad banners, etc in the future.
The good news, is that a THINK my anti virus software stopped it. I’ve done a full scan twice since then and the reports have been clean but it still makes me very nervous about visiting

On slickdeals, someone said it’s actually coming from a Ad Banner on This makes sense to me as it happens occasionally but not everytime I’m on It would also fit why the “code” on is not showing anything suspect.

Hope this helps!

I just got rid of that virus… i din’t no thats where it came from though! That was crazy, pop-up like crazy & the virus kept popping up too. It had some crazy names for some infections on the thats when we knew it was a scam. Thank god we did not run it & pay the 80 dollars it wanted or our computer would have been done for. My husband fixed it with Ad Aware software & Sophos viruscan 1.0.

Huh! I wonder if that is where we contracted our virus? I don’t have any clue what the name of it was – but it was the same deal – give us money and we’ll fix your computer. Yeah. I wasn’t born yesterday!

I paid a tech $125 to clean ours off – it was in there pretty good. He said that the best thing I could put on the computer was a free program called Avast. Hopefully that will protect us in the future – but who knows. They can’t write code to fix those as fast as the idiots out there can make them up!

If you paid $125 to have that virus removed you were ROBBED!!!

That is a 10min fix!

I actually just had this happen to me Monday afternoon! I kept telling my husband that I was pretty sure I was on, now I see that I was right. Since I am protected by AVG I felt i was ligit, I am assuming that I clicked to scan and it activated a malware called Security Shield. The pop-ups kept coming up about every 30sec. SO ANNOYING! Luckily, my Uncle is a genius with computers, so I called him and he had me Google Microsoft Malware Removal Tool. It gave me a link for Microsoft’s website with the removal tool to take it off. It wasn’t as easy as that though. You need to save that tool to your desktop. Then you need to restart in SafeMode and click on that tool in SafeMode. After working for about 2 hrs, it seemed that it still didn’t work and it was too late to call my Uncle back so we watched a YouTube Video about fixing it with Combo Fix. Well, that didn’t turn out so esay either so I just shut the computer down for the night thinking I’d work on it in the AM. When I turned the computer on in the AM, the mess was GONE!!! I am not sure if it was the Malware Removal tool or ComboFix since neither seemed to work the night before but it had to be one of them and the computer jut needed to rest or something. After I realized it was off, I restored the computer to January 31st, just to make sure that it was GONE for good. Hope this helps someone! The way I usually fix computers is to go to Best Buy and get a new one, but it was much nicer not to have to spend the extra money!

A program like ComboFix should only be used by a trained tech!!

That program can erase your BIOS and totally disable your computer from starting up!

Just use MalwareBytes or Sybot S&D!

Sorry,, but this doesn’t sound right at all – just because they’ve declared their site to be safe, doesn’t make it so. If this is caused by some “trojan that has been sitting latently on (our) local machines”, then why does it only pop up when we visit and not other sites? Has someone created a trojan that’s designed to activate only upon visiting a single specific website ( Unlikely. It can’t be a coincidence that so many people have had this problem, and only when visiting How often have any of you downloaded anything from a file-sharing network or clicked on a link you received in a junk email? I think we’re all a little more sophisticated than that. I just got a brand-new laptop, out of the box, and the first thing I downloaded was the printing driver – and I’ve been getting the virus popups. Nothing has been “sitting latently” on my brand-new machine. I think owes us a more thorough investigation and a straight answer here, instead of trying to shift the blame to its users.

I second the recommendation for malwarebytes antimalware to clean up malware, spyware etc. It is nonintrusive and does the job, but it doesn’t offer realtime protection. You are responsible for making sure its up to date and do regular scans.

I am getting the run around on this malware site. Can you please be more specific. There are indefinite choices on this site and I keep ending up back where I started. Where exactly is this free download? or at least, what is it called? The one listed at the top called AVG something something 2011 has been alerted as a virus link by another reliable site, so I hope it’s not that. Please let me know. Thanks

download the free version:

1) do a full scan with your antivirus software
2) do a full scan with malwarebytes

You are correct in that the free version does not offer “realtime” protection. However, you can pay something super-cheap like $25 and you will get the realtime protection.

i have this virus and i dont think we should have to pay for the software to get rid of it. we use this site to get coupons not virus

I am one of the people who contacted you about the virus problem.Thankyou for addressing this issue and for contacting, however I do not agree with some of what was said by the rep. The same exact scenario with a window popping up saying that my computer is infected, and to download software etc is what happened to me 3 days ago.

To say that affected users have a latent virus on their computer that only happens to show up when on is completely untrue. If that is the case, it would only happen on an individual basis and on more than one website not only on is the reason why all this is happening,and they should admit responsibility and clean up their website instead of trying to pass the blame on to individuals who all they are trying to do is save a few bucks on their groceries.

I had this happen to me with the website, as well as before. The first time it happened, I paid $150 to norton specialists to get it off my computer. They told me in the future when the window pops up to press ALT+F4 as this will close out your current window without having to click in it. Hope that helps!

I have the virus I have tried everything to get rid of it…and it is still on my computer ruining everything!

that happened to me Monday when I was on trying to print a coupon… I could not get off the site…. it kept popping up…So I hit the POWER button to my computer, shut it down, brought it back up, and it has worked fine ever since…. & I was able to print the coupon I was trying to print.

help!! i have this virus now!! im sooo upset about it! here i am on a website trying to save money, now i have to pay money to have this fixed…is there anyway to get rid of it without paying??…every site that this letter has directed us to wants my credit card info…

Whatever you, do NOT give out your credit card number!! A friend of mine gave me this anti virus program url:
I have used it and had no problems. Also it is FREE.

You can restart ur puter in safe mode. restart and press F8 on restart and then go start and type in name of program trying to get you to pay on mine it was system tools 2011. right click on it and click open file locations and go to 2nd file and right click on it and click delete then restart computer and then run full scan or go into control panel and search for the bad program or task manager- cntrl+alt+del and delete all associate files with bad program


I use a free anti-virus software called Malwarebyte Anti-malware that a friend recommended. I had that virus about 6 months ago, and it cleaned it up. Like I said it’s free, and my friend works on and with computers for a living, so I trusted him, and have had no problems with it. Search it out, and make sure you are okay with it. I had to download and run in safemode because it took over my computer and wouldn’t let me do anything on it.

thanks so much…i’ll give it a shot

Amy, your own anti-virus should have the capabilities of at least quarantining this virus. Run a scan, but if that doesn’t help…because it can freeze your anti-virus…go here to see several ways to delete or at least get it into “emergency” mode to save you info and prevent identity theft if it hasn’t already happened.

I went into programs then to accessories from there I went to system tools and then you want to hit system restore and pick a date before you went to this site. This helped me. I am still going to go and purchase McAfee once the weater is better. I do not believe it is our computers but a problem on I will be staying away until I am sure they have fixed the problem. hope this helps.

Same thing was happening to me, thank you for sharing this.. I am going to also share it with others because it happend quite a bit..

Sounds to me like they are placing blame wherever they can. I do not open anything but coupons on my computer.

another reason I love my Mac :)

Yeah, that’s my solution to this problem :)

me too!

I just went to, and it still brought up that website and starting running a “scan”. Are the techs going to fix this? This was within the last minute 11:09am CST.

Ive had this trojan before…My virus scanner didnt even pick it up. I googled it to see how to remove it and alot of people recommended malwarebytes to remove it and best yet it is a free program to download. Goodluck and hope this helps

My husband said that if you get a popup like that, hit alt+F4 (possibly multiple times) to get the window to close. Sometimes, even when you hit the X in the corner, the trojan will activate anyway and pushing alt+F4 will get rid of the window without you having to click anywhere on it.

i seen that one time and i ctrl + deleted and brought up the task manager and closed it that way. hope that helps someone if it comes along again.

I find it very hard to believe this virus originated on “Our computers” when everyone is getting it activated at
Come on, get real,We didn’t just start using computers yesterda; and I’m guessing 99% of us have current antivirus software on our comuters running all the time.

I believe them that it was not their systems that did this. This is a common malware scheme and it probably did originate from a third party person, most likely not even they were aware of it. They could have been hijacked and someone sent this through them to gather information. Hackers are pretty sophisticated and have nothing better to do than mess people up and steal information. I’m sure has better things to do than hack their customers’ computers, like bring them awesome coupons! :)

I couldn’t agree more with you. This happened to me on a basic computer that was reformatted when we bought a new one. So on this blank slate or a comPuter that I ONLY use for coupons (gmail, hip2save,, had this message a week maybe two later.