Price Cut Thru 2/12

Robitussin DM Cough 8 oz $6.70
$1.00/1 – Robitussin Product From RP 1/2 #2 or 1/30
$1.00/1 – Robitussin – (
Final Price: $5.70

Palmolive Pure & Clear Dish Soap 30 oz $2.50
$1.00/2 – Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap From SS 1/30
$0.50/1 – Ultra Palmolive Dish Soap From SS 1/30
Final Price: $2.00

Price Cut Thru 2/19

Bounty Huge Rolls 8 pk $16.99
$1.00/1 – Bounty Paper Towels From RP 1/30 #2
Final Price: $15.99

Charmin Bath Tissue 16 pk $14.99
$1.00/1 – Charmin Bath Tissue From RP 1/30 #2
$0.25/1 – Charmin Product From PG 1/30
$1.00/2 – Charmin product From PG 1/30
Final Price: $13.99

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19 thoughts on “Target Price Cuts: Bounty, Charmin, Robitussin”

Last night at my Target they had $1 target coupons stuck to each of these packs.

This doesn’t really sound like a deal on the Bounty to me at all? I just got an 8pm of the huge rolls at WalMart for 9.96 last wk. For the regular size sheets or select-a-size the regular price usually somewhere between that and just under $13…. I agree if you’ve got a Big Lots in your area its worth checking! I know Job Lots & The Christmas Tree Shops often have great deals as well. I’ve stocked up on Mach3 razors from Big Lots before. They were mixed in the clearance section & we bought as many packages as we could find. 3pks of Mach3 razors for 2.50 & 3.00! (Yes for some reason they weren’t priced consistently – the sensitive ones were less. Great price though considering this was 2yrs ago & these were still relatively new.)

I always figure its a worthwhile deal if you pay 37 cents per double roll of Charmin

The Stores in Rancho Cucamonga , California have a target $1.00 peelie on both the Charmin and Bounty products. I stacked them for even bigger savings!

My target has the huge packs of diapers that were on sale for $35.99 on clearance for $30.58. I used a target coupon and a manufacturers coupons and only paid $25!! Its worth checking out the clearance section at your target

If you have a Big Lots, I would recomend getting toilet paper there. You can’t use coupons at Big Lots but the prices are so cheap it doesn’t really matter. I bought Quilted Northern 6-pack jumbo rolls for $3.50. I check their clearance section everytime I’m there and I get fantastic deals. Two packs of generic peppermint oreos for only $.23 each.

It comes to about 23.4 cents per single roll size, this has 16 mega size rolls which equals 64 single rolls and there is target coupons out there for a dollar off making it 22 cents per single roll. Yes this is a good deal, not a good as dierbergs, those who has a dierbergs near them, which is 19 cents per single roll. It is easiest for me to compare prices when i do it as single rolls

where did u find the target coupon for charmin?
is it recent?

also did anybody get those $1/1 coupons from RP 1/30?

In the Sunday Supplement 01/30/2011 Red Plum 2
Expiration Date: 03/31/11 there is also target coupons for bounty paper towels

i didn’t get those coupons in my insert. :( i am in TN.
i also checked collectable and they don’t have it either.
i didn’t find any coupon on either.(what zip code r u?)

As I’m still new I am trying to determine my savings on each trip. I think I’m doing it right if I break it down by item but if I try to add everything up for a days trip it seems to be off.
For example-per item: If I buy a shampoo for $2, use $1 off coupon my Out of pocket is $1 (let’s assume no tax here). If I receive $2 Up rewards (Rite Aid) then I would say this is a money maker of $1.00 ($2 +Up received-1 OOP=$1) that sound right?
So when I make multiple transactions and use previous +Up rewards and break it down as above (per item) many of my transactions are moneymakers and/or free. But if I try to do this as a total day it doesn’t appear to come out the same way. For example, how would I calculate this-Total merchandise amount (this was if I paid the price with no coupons) $57. I use $14 in coupons, receive a total of $42 +UP rewards (throughout all the purchases)and I paid $9 OOP.

You choose whether to calculate Ups (or any other catalina or register reward) into your day’s savings or into the day that you use them (similar to a coupon). You may have Ups left over after a trip, which do you no good unless you use them – which would be on the next trip. I always calculate those things like a coupon, instead of into my trip savings because it makes it easier. Just be consistent and you’ll still see your savings!

So I’m not sure what that means as far as how to calculate. Would I say the total cost was $57-$14 coupons=$43 so I paid this amount by paying $9 out of pocket & with $42 +ups. so I spent $43 but made $42 so my actual cost was $1?

It’s not a great price but if you have a Dierbergs the 4 double rolls is $2 this week and the .25 coupon doubles….so about .38 a roll.

Further, is this a good price on Bounty?

For target it may be a good price and if that is all you have in your area and you have to have this brand, then this is maybe a good deal. I like to get it from walgreens so that I may get registered rewards back, bringing the price down.

I don’t pay more than $4 for 12 double rolls. So this seems very overpriced to me unless you really just love charmin. They also don’t put out coupons as often and they are often just 25 cents off.

My husband is a Toilet Paper snob and I am pretty new to couponing. My question is what is a good stock up price for Charmin? I know that it doesn’t get as cheap as Scott or others, but when should I stock up on it? Thanks for your help and I love your site and your book!

I’m still new at this but for the Charmin toilet paper, is this really a good deal? When you price it by the roll it comes out to be .87 a roll. I thought you wanted the price to be lower than that?