My friend Kinsey and I were chatting about the battles we all face, as coupon-users, the other night and she went wrote it all down while waiting in the school parking lot today!  She said it so well that I wanted to share her words with you!  Sometimes it helps just to know that you’re not alone when you run into these all-too-familiar hiccups!  So here’s how one of your fellow Krazy Coupon Ladies recounts it:

As I approach the doors of the store I quickly make a mental checklist.

  1. Specific products and prices written down, CHECK.
  2. Coupons clipped and neatly arranged in a crisp white envelope, CHECK.
  3. Money in my pocket ready to be spent, CHECK!

I feel completely prepared and yet there always exists a slight tremor in my hand.  My nerves are just barley on edge and I can’t help but unconsciously bite the inside of my lip.  Maybe because I’m a little new at this whole couponing thing and I’m never quite certain how a scenario is going to work out.  Or maybe because for every time a coupon trip goes perfectly smooth there’s another time I’ve had to stand up and ROAR!

So, what do you think?  Can we all relate, or what?

  • Like the time my $2.00 Ovaltine coupon was scanned at the register but never applied to the total.   I had to stand in the customer service line and explain to the sweet lady there that for some reason my coupon didn’t show up on my receipt.  She then went on a hunt to locate that coupon, found the register I checked out on, searched through the drawer for that coupon and then compared it to my receipt.  Fifteen minutes all to get my $2.00 back.
  • Or the time my $10 Extra Bucks didn’t print out and the annoyed cashier brushed me aside hoping her lame excuse would be enough for me to leave.  But really it made me stick my ground and demand to speak to the manager.
  • Or the time my $5.00 Catalina didn’t print out.  Another trip to the customer service counter.  Another chat with the representative there.  Except for this time she didn’t believe me, wouldn’t take my word for it, and without coming out and saying it, pretty much called me a liar.

Whatever the circumstance may be, with each new coupon trip I do feel more comfortable, more knowledgeable, and actually, more empowered.  I’m learning to stand up and be heard.  I’m learning to speak up and be strong.  And I’m learning to let that inner lioness out and sometimes let her ROAR, even if it is over just $2.00.  Because sometimes that’s what it takes!!!

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Has anyone had rebate fufillment issues with Target receipts?

I stacked Target+Mfr coupon on an item of $7.99. Thought I could submit the rebate form for the Purchase Price of $7.99. But Target’s receipt took off both coupons, except that one of the $2 discounts adjusted the receipt’s Purchase Price to 5.99 and had a subline “”Coupon $2.00 off $7.99” Should I circle this line instead for my rebate submission? Or the receipts “Purchase Price” of $5.99? Has anyone experienced this?

I was in a Safeway one evening and when a coupon beeped I tried to expalin the the cashier (who was one of the supervisors that I had five items that matched with my five coupons,and that I had a copy of their coupon policy,etc.) and he looked at me and said, “coupon integrity”. When I asked what he was referring to, he just said it again! I told him he could keep the stuff I’d go to another Safeway. I can’t seem to forget it! He was so rude in that he refused to listen to reason!

Carrie, similar thing happened to us at Vons in Redlands, CA. Everyone should know, if you have coupons, Von’s/Safeway does not want your business!!! When we left Vons, we went to the nearby Target where they gladly accepted a 1/4″ stack of coupons ($164 worth). Considering that MOST of Vons’ prices are way too high it’s just not worth it when the nearby Albertson’s and Target gladly accept my coupons.

I am so glad I am not the only one. I was feeling very beat down the other day when some fellow couponers were nasty to me because I stood up for what was right to make sure my coupons went through and I got the advertised deal. I don’t think any of us are looking for confrontation…in fact, just the opposite. We all just want things to go smoothly, the way we calculated before we even got to the store. I know I organize everything and know exactly what my amount before tax should be and know what is supposed to be taxed and what isn’t. It takes A LOT of time to be as organized as we are and to throw it all away because of a computer error or the intolerance or indifference of a cashier or manager is not acceptable. Bravo to all of you and hopefully all of the tips and tricks shared will help us all to have smoother trips in the future.

I will say that the one store I have here that actually ROOTS for me when I come in is my local CVS. The staff and the manager there are AWESOME! In fact, I did the Axe deal last week (I had B1G1 free coupons and the deal was B1G1 50% off). I talked to the manager about it before running the transaction and figured that I would pay the full price, $5.49 for the Axe spray, get the 2nd 50% off, use 2 coupons and get 2 free. So I would pay $8.23 for 4. But the manager said it would be a better deal to use the coupon on the 2, and he would only charge me the $2.74 for 2! So, my “buy one” was the 50% off item and the free item was the full price one. Because of him, I paid $1.37 for each item instead of $2.07! There are great folks out there, you just have to look for them and when you find them do whatever you can to keep them on your side! :-)

This is so cute, and accurate, because right after my battle with the cashier at Wags the other day (which I won), I turned to my husband and said, “I am coupon shopper, hear me ROAR!” :-)

My husband does not like to draw attention to himself or make a scene but when I take him couponing with me, he is like my body guard and gives me strength by standing there. We have stood there and held up the line for 4 $1 coupons that took 4 separate trips from the manager to go through. The male cashier was tired of it and basically kept telling us it wouldn’t work, so …shrug. As if we were supposed to just say, no big deal…keep my dollars.

But my husband says we can stand there for an hour if need be because it is game that the store plays and we are only playing their game. They advertise loss leaders to get us in the store. The manufacturers offer coupons to get us in the store. Their hope of course is that we will buy other things once we are there and we will spend alot more money than they lost on the loss leaders.

But we are playing their game by coming in for the advertised items, and doing nothing illegal by only buying those items with coupons and getting items for free or almost free.

I have literally bought $200 of items at the grocery store for $6 bucks. My husband says he would never have the patience or the time to figure it all out, but he has the patience to stand there with me until the store does! I wish he would go with me more often but I usually only take him along when I know it is going to be a huge order for very little and I want to show off a little. We have been married for 27 years btw.

I’m so glad you posted this. I find the older I get (and I know 30 is not that old) the more “laid-back/passive” I become…whereas in my 20’s I would have fought tooth and nail for my $2.00 without hesitation, now I find I have to push myself to say something. It’s good to know that I’m not alone, and that yes even though the tough transactions are gonna happen, there are more transactions that go great.

Thanks for the reminder to stand up and be heard.

I have found the opposite to be true for myself, personally. In my 20’s and 30’s I was passive. But now that I am approaching 50 (and menopause) I take very little guff from anyone. When I am right I will not back down. Especially with couponing and the economy still being in the tank. I have a family to feed. It dawned on me the other day that we have not had to go to the local food pantry for help since I started coupon shopping. We had been going nearly once a month for the last 4 years. Thanks to what I have learned from KCL I hope we will never have to do that again.

I had to ROAR tonight at Target when the cashier didn’t completely messed up my order. I got $43 worth of stuff for $16 but I knew that is was suppsoed to be less than that she argued that all of the coupons came off and I told her just to give me the receipt and I will figure it out- Yah she missed 1-$5, 2- $1.00, 1-$2.25 Coupons= $9.25 they owed me back! Meaning I got my $43 worth of stuff for only- $6.75!!! The reason I knew something was wrong is because I always figure the amount before I get to the register. That way I know when a coupon worked and when it didn’t.

Always add up what your total will be before taxes -t aht way you willl know if they miss a coupon or a price doesn’t ring right.- And watch as they ring if you can. That way you can catch it : )

I find it so hard to watch the cashier because half the time I am still unloading my cart as they are ringing up and the register doesn’t show the sale price until the end. Stores make it so hard to keep on eye on things. It wouldn’t be so bad if the error was in my favor, but so far that has never happened!!!

This happens to me at my Target too. The computer has the same beep for coupons that work and ones that don’t so unless you are really watching the numbers, it’ll get missed. Sighs.

Same Here! I always make a point to tell the cashier/manager on duty how happy I am with their store and staff when things go well. My favorite rite aid LOVES couponers (all but one grumpy cashier that is!) and they never have a problem with my making special orders or helping me find things.

I live in Michigan and shop mainly at Meijer. No problem with using coupons I have just learned to avoid certain cashiers. One made a comment with every coupon that she didn’t think it would go through. They each went through and I went home with 3 boxes of cereal, 12 cans of soup and 5 boxes of fiber one bars for $18.00. The other lady acted like every dollar off was coming out of her pay check. Yesterday I stood in a little longer line to avoid them and ended up getting into a conversation with the cashier and the lady behind me about couponing. She had just recently checked a woman out whos total came to 200.00 and she almost owed nothing after coupons. I havn’t figured that out yet.

So true! I got hubby to swing by Target today on his way home from work to get the Finish deal for me. I had 3 coupons left and this deal was just too good to pass up. I laid it all out very specifically how to do the transaction and then I asked him if he was nervous. He said that he wasn’t at all! I don’t know why I let this kinda thing bother me but like it was stated above, the more successful trips I have the better I feel about the whole process. It has been one year this month that I have been couponing and it has made such a difference in our finances. I will never pay full price again :)

This post couldn’t have come at a better time. It has been one of those weeks where every place I have went, I was given a hard time about my coupons. The worst was at Meijer’s (and I usually love my Meijer’s, but my 2 favorite cashiers were not there). I used a $5/12 Smart Ones coupon. Apparently when there is a $5 internet coupon, it takes manager approval. The cashier called and no one would come. So I stood there and stood there. Finally a manager came, and she is the worst one there. Always mean, always nasty. She looks at the coupon, looks at me, punches in her approval and tells the cashier to keep the coupon out because she wants to double check it, she thinks it is fake. All of this is said right in front of me. I was livid! This isn’t the first time she has accused me of lying, have a fake coupon, etc. I have had to call on her before. With that situation and the others this week, I have told myself I am just going to give up on coupons. But after reading these posts, I know I can’t give up on coupons. I save my family so much money, and most of the time I really enjoy the couponing. I can’t let rude people make me change who I am. Thanks for all the wonderful posts!

This is so helpful to hear from everyone. I am still so nervous when I am given a hard time. I feel like I have to apologize for using coupons. I would love to do what I have seen the extreme couponers do and walk out paying $2 for $200 worth of groceries, but I feel I am still a long way off. Thanks to everyone on this site for all your helpful information! Everyone seems so nice/

I am new to couponing and it’s been a great experience with all the info and support of this web page, Thanks to the KCL! When going through the isles and when in need for help, I ask for assistance from the store employees. They ask how I am doing on my couponing (since I have them in my hand) and I tell them I saved 53% last month on an average and more this month. Then I refer them to this web site and they Thank Me! It’s a Matter of a Positive Attitude when I go Couponing to help others also.

i stopped basically using coupons or even going to wal-mart always seem to have problems there, they refuse coupons once b/c i was getting a product free (except for taxes)…like i was trying to rob them….. Sometimes u just gotta stand up for yourself, don’t let the grocery stores “win” lol whatever happened to “the customer is alway right”

I never get nervous. I carry my coupon binder in with pride. What makes me mad is when someone is in line behind you and they give you these God awfull looks cause you are using coupons. I just look at it this way I am the one saving money and not them. One time I was in Walmart and this lady was behide us and we had our coupons and she said to the people behind us that they might want to go to another line cause we had a bunch of coupons. I told my husband that she was rude. The people didn’t move out of the line either. In my little town the ladies at Walgreens all know me by name and they are very helpful. They always look to see if they have a coupon if I don’t and tell me exactly how to do my transactions to get the best out of my money. At cvs they haven’t gotten the new dove bidy wash yet and the lasy gave me a raincheck and told me to staple my coupons to it and even if they expire before it comes in she will still give it to me for the $1.99 price and use my coupons. Guess I am lucky to live in a small town where they root you on when you do great with coupons.

Some cashiers get so annoyed, especially when they’re system won’t take my (valid) coupons as if it’s something I’ve done. One cashier told me I could only use one coupon per product per TRANSACTION, because it kept beeping on my coupons….wrong, because I didn’t have a problem buying 8 Finish Dishwashing Detergents with 8 coupons about a week later!

So true…I feel the same way…thanks for sharing this…it truly inspire me…cause sometimes i have felt very discourage trying to save and be organize with my coupons, ONLY for the people around me be so oblivious to my hard work; but like you said it empowers me even more. THANKS!

I had a problem with one of my local Albertsons not using a Twice the Value coupons with a coupons that stated do not double even though their policy states it does. In fact the store manager was leaving notes and reminders with the cashiers to not accept them, so I wrote to corporate about it, wanting clarification on why this one store operated differently than the other local store. The manager called me the next day to apologize, then told me she wasn’t even aware that their coupon policy allowed it and how embarassed she was that I knew the policy better than her.

Recently, my Target changed up their registers so that you can’t use a coupon unless the item’s value is greater than that of the coupon value (i.e.- no longer can use a $1/1 reach floss for the $.97 reach floss). I stood at the customer service desk for nearly a half an hour waiting for the manager to come out and explain why they weren’t following Target policy (which I had on me). The cust service girl told me to just buy the $3.50 Reach floss and then I could use the coupon. The manager told me the same thing and that it was out of her hands. I politely thanked her and went home to call Corporate. I explained the situation and they advised me that Target did accept the coupons but, they no longer would give overage back. No problem. That’s fine by me, I thought. It took 3 trips back to Target that week and 3 calls to corporate to get them on the same page. I was always polite but, I stood my ground. Got a call from that same Target manager shortly after all this. She stated that the registers had been switched back and that I would now be able to use those $1/1 floss coupons again for the $.97 floss. Went in the next day to shop. I was so thankful that following through and standing my ground paid off. My kids and I love Target and didn’t want to go elsewhere because of this issue. Saw the Manager and my stomach dropped. I was thinking she didn’t like me one bit. I guess I was wrong. She walked up to me, knowing me by name at this point and said hi to both me and the kids. She said she was happy to see us and she let me know that if I had any trouble with my coupons, she would be over at once to assist. No problems. Register is again taking all coupons and I’m a happy camper. That same manager now stops and says hi to me every time I’m there. My sister laughs at this but….she just doesn’t get it. :)

If ANY cashier gives me grief over my coupons I just kindly point out my children to them. And my speech usually goes like this: This one is in private school. This one is in pull ups and This one is in diapers and on formula. And with three girls I can not afford to NOT use coupons.

I usually try to use the same cashier wherever I shop frequently so they get to know me and know that I have coupons and I will try to organize the coupons along with the products so she can scan product and coupon at same time. Especially on any FREE items where they have to write in the price.

Totally understand! I caught myself almost getting nasty to a rude cashier at Target the other day. She kept telling me you couldn’t use a store and manufacturer coupon. I told her to check the policy, and she said it just changed. I said it changed since yesterday? I just went to a different Target and they did it no problem. I also love Publix because they don’t give me a guilt trip about coupons. I bring back my receipt several days later and they give me money back. Target said they can only adjust a receipt same day.

About the Target adjusting the receipt: not exactly true. i am not 100% sure about this, i am new to couponing and policies, but if you buy something at target and the price goes done the next 14 days they give you back the difference.
my husband bought an air filter(no coupon) and we were shopping the next week, and the same filter was on sale. we went to the costumer service and showed the receipt for the purchase(thankfully i had it with me) and my husband asked whats their policy?, no questions they gave back the difference. maybe it’s only in my target (east TN). i think walmart used to do this too.

Thanks, I thought it was just me feeling anxiety walking into the store not sure it’s going to work. I secretly feel some shame and embarassment and hope I won’t see anyone I know.
I’ve had a problem at safeway similar to others at Target. I ALWAYS check my receipt and recently found the self checkout works better because I see it right away and for the most part they are nice if I have a problem and fix it right away so I don’t need to go to customer service.

I think perhaps we should all start contacting corporate for Target and suggest they have a talk with their cashiers about learning the coupon policy. Maybe all corporates need to have a talk to cashiers about coupons, to explain to them how coupons save people money, which encourages people to actually come into the store and shop, even when they don’t have much to spend. Coupons introduce people to products they’ve never tried before, that they now might become brand committed to, thanks to the coupon that let them try it at a price they were willing to take a chance with. Above and beyond all else, coupons do not make a cashier’s life any more difficult than they make it on themselves. They are merely scanning a paper item instead of an additional groceries item. It is still just scanning, just like every other thing they do. The money we are saving does not come out of their pocket or the pocket of the company, so there is no reason to take offense to them or take it as a personal hit when a stack of coupons is spotted. Perhaps they are jealous because they aren’t in on the coupon way of life and can’t believe how much money they have been wasting out of their own paychecks every week, when they see how much we are saving. I don’t know, but it’s time for couponers to be treated better and with more respect. We are only trying to take care of our families and get by in tough times and yes I have been a cashier before, so I am not judging harshly and no I never treated couponers like they were an inconvenience. Mostly I cheered them on.

I live in Michigan and my local Kroger gives me a hassel at almost every trip. On one particuular trip I hade a manufacturers coupon from the paper for Knorr…the coupons pictures was Knorr minicubes but the coupon said “on ANY time except minicubes”. The cashier gave me a hard time and then the manager came over (who is one of those mean old lady types) told me that I couldnt use the coupon to buy the Knorr pasta sides because is not what was on the coupons picture. I explained to her that the coupon stated on “ANY ITEM” and that I didn’t have to buy the item pictured if the coupon said “any item”…well she wouldnt let me use the coupons…I was ticked.

On another trip I had a manufacturer’s coupon for Miracle Whip that I cliped out of another store’s add. The coupon clearly said “manufacturer’s” on it and no where on the coupon did it say anything about the store whose add I cliped it out of..well I was told that they knew that coupon was from another store and therefore I couldn’t use it because it wasn’t a manufactueres coupon…

I completely empathize with this! I’m always polite and calm with the cashier and thank them for their time. The last one sighed and said, “it’s okay, it’s just the coupons.” The coupons are the POINT!

I try to only shop in the afternoons when the cashiers tend to be younger, and with places like walgreens I know which stores to go to and which to avoid like the plague.

I have had more problems with Target than any other store. What I try to do is have my list AND prices next to it so I have an idea of what the final bill should be. If it rings up really off of my total, then I don’t have to leave the line before I inquire about it (too many instances of finding the lost savings while sitting in my parked car or later at home!) But even that said, I try not to purchase more than 5 or 6 items at Target. Walgreens, for me, has been my go-to store!

I agree about Target receipts. It is impossible to tell what is going on with those!!

I so agree. I am pretty new to this too and at first would just accept it when the cashier told me that they couldn’t take a coupon for some reason. It felt really great when I went shopping this weekend and the cashier tried to say I couldn’t us my $2.50 off coupon on any 2 Athenos products because I only bought one bag of Pita chips and I could kindly point out that I had also bought hummus and the coupon says any two. I smiled and handed him another $1 off one of those and a store double coupon. His face was so funny as he kept taking off coupons and I got over $17 off the price of my groceries. Still not as good as some, but a triumph for me!

I am encouraged to be more assertive when I remember why I do this — my family. If someone were picking on my family, I wouldn’t hesitate to take that person on, would I? Of course not! The mama lion would come out with a roar! So, why should I behave differently when someone (such as an uninformed cashier) is literally taking money out of my family’s hands by refusing my coupons? My family’s well-being is worth the potential embarassment or discomfort!


What I hate the most is when the cashier starts making snide comments about how ” i can’t believe they let you get away with this” Or “we have to pay something for this too, you know.” The other day I was in Hen House, they are running a special on the 8 oz Best Life Butter for .99. Being the KCL that I am I had 10 $1 q’s. She made me feel like a criminal. But oh well, got my stock plie!! 😛

Target is bad… but I have learned why some coupons get “lost” (scanned but not deducted). My target has TWO scanners, one for Target coupons and one for MF coupons. If they scan your manf coupon with the Target one it will not come off but will beep making you believe it went Thrue. PLUS if it is a b1g1 or free item they have to enter the price before scanning the next coupon or it won’t come off. In short… separate Target and manf and hand them one pile at a time. When manf coupons I hand like coupons together (4 $2wisk) Then the next group of like coupons. I watch carefully!

That is great advice about the scanners — I had no idea. Thanks for the tip!!

‘My target has TWO scanners, one for Target coupons and one for MF coupons’. Never heard of this and does not exist at our Targets in SoCal.

I’m new to couponing and have had pretty good luck with most stores except one bad experience at Walgreens. The cashier rang up my items and when I handed her my coupons, she said out loud “I hate coupons!” She scanned a few of them but I had several for a particular product and they wouldn’t work. She tried to give them back to me so I had to stand my ground and ask that she call a manager to help her. He was very nice and showed her how to get them to work with one of them. After he walked away, she couldn’t get the others to work and she kept trying to give them back to me. I finally had to say “I bought 5 of that item and I have 5 coupons that need to be scanned.” She finally did it but I could tell she was very put out with me.

She desperately needed some customer service traning.

I visited a Kroger store. Here they double coupons up to .50 cents and triple up to .35 cents. I get very prepared before I leave the house. Last week I had a coupon for BOGO free on Stayfree maxi pads with 2 additional $1.00 off coupons. The price per box was $2.88, and the cashier was young, unprofessional, unexperienced, and could care less about my coupons or me for that matter. I had to go to Customer Service and even there I was harassed by one of the store managers over the coupons …. Needless to say I reminded her that Kroger is Union, Kroger takes care of their customers and I pulled out my Kroger Coupon Policy. I got the BOGO off and my $2.00 off making each product .44 cents. I then called the main Store Manager and suggested he reminds all his employees of the Coupon Policy and to treat the customers as Kroger wants them to. I will keep going up the ladder until this nonsense stops. I want to be treated nice and fair, NOT like I am a burden or a problem all because I am trying to save my family money.

Shame on Kroger for poor customer service! Although I’m not a cashier there, I do work there (though not in the area you do, since we don’t do any coupon tripling). I know that often times they are on the lookout for fraudulent coupons, and that’s often a reason cashiers are hesitant about coupons. Also, the coupon policy has recently changed in my area: now we cannot have more than 2 like coupons in any one transaction. I asked why, and the cashiers that had an answer said it had nothing to do with all the Extreme Couponing shows or to keep people from using coupons, but rather to keep one or two people alone from clearing the shelves.

Apparently your cashier had missed the video we were required to watch on how “Our People Are Great” and “The Shopping Trip Makes Me Want To Return” -those are some of the keys we try to implement nationwide in our stores. I like working with people, so a huge pet peeve of mine is poor customer service.

Can I just say I think you are awesomely inspiring! I have been following your blog for about 4 months and applying your advise in my shopping trips. You have totally helped me keep my family’s food budget a reality. Then I happened to see you on TLC dumpster diving for coupons. So one day I stopped by a paper recycle bin by my house and found loads and loads of coupon inserts without even digging around too much, this has been a huge money saving strategy and I would have never had the guts to do it if I hadn’t seen you and your cute little self paving the way. From one Krazy Coupon Lady to another – Thanks!

I don’t have an extravagant story but since the store had their cereal marked one way…it rang up another……….I ACTUALLY RETURNED THE BOX, because they wouldn’t change it.

I’m so glad you have brought this subject up…. for the past 8 yrs. I have been couponing and I still run into problems at the register and it drags me to the customer service counter… Yes your probably laughing right at this very moment, but I watch every penny that comes in and goes out.

Luckily, now I have build great relationships with my local grocers in my area and they love it when i come in. Not only do they learn from me but I always give back to the community and if they need a coupon or 2 I’m always willing to share what I have and could offer to them.

Through the years I have followed many blogs, coupon sites and thanks to, you have inspired me to create my site and teach others in my local area how to save on groceries.

So remember what ever problems you run into couponing at the register and cannot be solved @ the counter ask for there corporate # and they will always be willing to help you out and resolved any issue. It has always worked for me personally and works out great.

Glad to see other people have issues with reading Target receipts! I have luck behind me in that I shop at a Target in a college town so most of the cashiers don’t care about much but getting a paycheck and take my coupons without any issues. Unfortunately with two little kids complaining that they are hungry, tired, thirsty, etc, sometimes I can’t pay as close attention to the coupons coming off as I should. Then I sit in my car and get completely frustrated by how the Target receipt is laid out! Does anyone have a good handle on HOW TO READ A TARGET RECEIPT?!?!?!

I have the most wonderful people at the Rite Aid who are so patient and helpful. The other day when my daughter and I were having an issue with the right up reward printing the manager was so helpful and so was the clerk. I thanked them and asked if we could do something to say thanks. Rite Aid has a form “Did we make you smile to day”. I filled it out, sent it into headquarters. Today when we were there the same manager asked if she could help us. I said we were doing fine. I told them we loved the store and loved her. I said I had sent a note about them. She said she thought we had and corporate sent them an email about giving them a good report. So maybe more people can do this and encourage the workers!

I also love my Rite Aid, I will have to fill out one of those. I have the most trouble at Wal-Mart, they always act like I’m stealing or something.

This is so true! I have a Publix, CVS, and Walgreens about a mile from my house that are all almost in the same plaza they are so close, but the Walgreens is SO BAD that I’ve started going to the one that’s 10 minutes away in the other direction. I was cashing in on the Thermacare deal last week at Wags and had one of the $3.00 off coupons, and it wasn’t going through. First, she told me that I couldn’t use a coupon on an item that was on sale, then told me that their machines had no way to push a coupon through, then told me that there was no manager on duty! I raised a stink about it because I wouldn’t have been buying the Thermacare if it weren’t for that coupon. A manager finally came to the front of the store because there was a line building, and showed the girl how to push the coupon through, but it had gotten to the point where I was about to just leave.

My Publix, however, is amazing. I’ve never had any problems with any coupons, and the few times that I have had problems they’ve been fixed right away and with absolutely no hassle. I was told the wrong size of cereal was on sale once by an employee, used 2 coupons, realized I had bought the wrong size, and took it up to the customer service desk…not only did he give me a raincheck for the right size, but gave back my coupons and a cash refund for the entire amount before coupons for my troubles.

I’m so glad to see these posts. Yesterday I had my first problem with coupons…some of the printed coupons wouldn’t scan and then they made me purchase my dove shampoo in 4 different transactions! One coupon and one dove 4 TIMES. I thought it was crazy… I think with coupon being so popular right now “the stores” are making it harder :(

I rarely go to Safeway (Salmon Creek) anymore unless they are having a sale that I cannot pass up. I am made to feel like a criminal. It seems to be their policy to try to figure out a way to not honor coupons. Albertsons (Salmon Creek) always has patient cashiers. I get praised for my coupon use.

I have had many positive experiences where the cashier was actually asking me for tips but I have had quite a few knock-down-drag-outs as well. During one of my early coupon experiences I actually had a cashier be so rude that I left the store in tears. I’m a tough chick and definitely know how to hold my own but I was publicly berated by a grocery store clerk and I just broke down! I forged ahead and now I am saving tons! My most successful visit was a few weeks ago when I spent $95ish dollars and saved over $125. Now….I avoid that particular clerk’s checkout line but I walk out with pride knowing I just saved a wad! The bag boys always end up saying “WOW…I’ve never seen a receipt that long!”. Many customers see me walking around with my excel spreadsheet and my coupon organizer and stop me to ask where I get my coupons or how I learned to do it all. I am always happy to share my knowledge! My husband LOVES my new frugal habit. I went from never knowing how much I paid for an item to now knowing EXACTLY what it cost, what coupons I had, and how much I saved on it.

Joanie, you should open a message board so we can all swap stories, etc!

I get so tired of employees rolling their eyes, tightening their lips, scrutinizing and pouting about coupons. They get paid for those coupons so I don’t know what the heck they’re all so bent out of shape about.

I work at a grocery store as a demo person (sample lady) and when we have great coupons, we ALWAYS run out of product and I’m left there with nothing to promote. I honestly think the store holds back product or doesn’t order on purpose because it ALWAYS happens. The next day when the demo is done, whatta ya know, there is product on the shelves! The store is playing a game just like couponers are playing a game. And may the best woman or man WIN.

I do demos too! I always have this problem with the store! We never have enough product and if we have nothing to do, we either stand there and have to try to talk about the nonexistent product or leave early accepting less pay for not completing our hours. This last Sunday the bakery actually got mad at me for selling the product too well. They thought I would only go through 2-3 cakes in a 4hr shift and when I went through them all in the first hour, they had a fit, said I was giving it out too quickly. I’m like, uh hello, aren’t you trying to sell this product? Why am I demoing a product you don’t really have any intention of promoting properly. Grrr! Love that the demo coupons are usually worth at least $1off though.

I have had many positive experiences where the cashier was actually asking me for tips but I have had quite a few know-down-drag-outs as well. During one of my early coupon experiences I actually had a cashier be so rude that I left the store in tears. I’m a tough chick and definitely know how to hold my own but I was publicly berated by a grocery store clerk and I just broke down! I forged ahead and now I am saving tons! My most successful visit was a few weeks ago when I spent $95ish dollars and saved over $125. Now….I avoid that particular clerk’s checkout line but I walk out with pride knowing I just saved a wad! The bag boys always end up saying “WOW…I’ve never seen a receipt that long!”. Many customers see me walking around with my excel spreadsheet and my coupon organizer and stop me to ask where I get my coupons or how I learned to do it all. I am always happy to share my knowledge! My husband LOVES my new frugal habit. I went from never knowing how much I paid for an item to now knowing EXACTLY what it cost, what coupons I had, and how much I saved on it.

So far I’ve had great experiences, until yesterday at Rite Aid. I tried using the Olay scenrio and it didn’t print out the $5 up rewards for spending $25 on select products. Not only did the cashier waste 20 minutes of my time reading the fine print, she somehow messed it up because it didn’t print. She said that the $25 has to be after all coupons, discounts.
The manager had no clue, I had to go, they couldn’t do a return because the coupons had been scanned. Anyway, I plan on just e-mailing corporate.

it is SOOOO frustrating, yet so rewarding, when couponing…it is sad how at certain stores i am treated like i am stealing. i am not one to come and clear out a shelf, i get 1 or 2 at a time. and when a coupon does not scan or when it doesnt come off i have to gage whether or not to say something based on what store i am at. at my closest safeway is where i get screwed most often…and that is where i am constantly treated like i steal by a specific manager in customer service. she is constantly treating me like crap and calling me a liar (in so many words) when i go in a ask for my money back. really people…you get your money back when you turn in the coupons! anyways…its all so stinky sometimes but then i check out what i got and the price i paid and smile, then silently curse the rude people at the store :)

Oh my gosh I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets those feelings! I love this – thank you!

(sorry I don’t know why that posted twice!)

I think there’s a deep lesson here within the world of couponing. I feel that women in our society are taught to be timid and yielding.

In the workplace, I allowed myself to be taken advantage of for many years. Then I looked around me, and saw that my male counterparts generally didn’t act the same way. Men will demand higher salaries, and go elsewhere when they don’t get it. Women will believe it when the company says,”We just can’t afford to pay you more right now.”

It took me a long time, but eventually I learned the skill of being assertive. Being assertive does NOT mean you always get what you ask for. But, you sure do get more of what you want when you ask for it, than when you sit back & do nothing :)

I think it’s wonderful when I see & hear other women empowering themselves in the world of couponing. I suspect this assertiveness tends to spill over into other areas of your life.

And, a final point I’d like to make about being assertive. It’s a choice. You don’t need to be assertive every time. Some days we’re tired. Some days you have kids vying for your attention and it’s just too much to take on a cashier or a store. And that’s ok!

Absolutely! I think one of my most difficult quandaries for me is that, on one hand, I try to be very courteous to give couponing a good rep and to befriend to people that interact with regularly…but then on the other hand, I also have to stick my ground when I am right. It is SO hard to do all of this kindly. I find that instead of being my outgoing friendly self instead I become someone that is kindly apologetic…I guess it works to accomplish both ends…but it isn’t me. It is indeed nice to know that others have a similar battle.

Does anyone have tips for how they handle both being nice and assertive especially when it really does come to blows (like not being believed, asking them to look for the coupon, etc.)?

Ashley — My best advice is to keep your voice calm, low, and slow. If you get excited or upset, the cashier/manager will too. You can project confidence (and, therefore, truthfulness) if you can keep your tone calm, your shoulders straight, and look that cashier/manager in the eye. The more confident you are, the more likely they are to do what you ask. It’s sort of like dealing with a screaming child :-) And, if all else fails, take your business to another store!


However, I am interested in hearing the perspective from the other side. What drives cashiers to be so negative towards coupons/couponers? Why is it, that so often any deal that isn’t explicitly posted in-store, the CSR gets it in their head we’re trying to scam the store? Why do they come up with random, completely baseless reasons for something not working?

I don’t have it in me to confront these types of supermarket employees, seems I’ll just come out all the worse. I doubt these types of employees visit this site….but perhaps someone has a friend who rants about this stuff from the POV of the supermarket and can shed some light.

Part of it may be ignorance on how coupons work and the working of how a supermarket gets reimbursed for them (the whole “you’re robbing the store by getting all that for cheap/free!”). I suppose some may become jaded and mistrustful of all couponers due to fraudulent coupons. Because lets face it, it’s all too easy for those of a lesser ethical high ground to abuse coupons.

I don’t think cashiers are reprimanded or docked for being tricked into accepting fraudulent coupons (??). If that’s the case, it may be inherent to their personal character as opposed to workplace policies. A more optimistic conjecture would be they feel a sense of duty to protect their employer and maybe job security if they get tagged as accepting too many bad coupons.

I think in large part a cashier’s annoyance with couponers has nothing to do with the fact that we are couponers. I work at Starbucks and while it’s not really a place to do couponing, it’s hard to be kind to a customer who wants a complicated drink or who didn’t get their drink exactly right, etc. This is not because the customer is rude or anything; it is simply because we see so many customers in a day that it can become tiring. It’s so easy to lose your ability to be courteous to everyone because you deal with difficult situations and complains all day. From that perspective, I think a cashier’s difficulty with couponers may have nothing to do with couponers themselves – it may be just because they’ve dealt with difficult customers all day and even if we’re totally friendly, our transactions are still more difficult than normal transactions. I know for me at Starbucks, especially if there is a long line of people that I still need to ring up, it can be frustrating to deal with a person who needs alot of time.

I was told today by the cashier that she has to add up all the coupons in her till just like money. When I was a manager and counted the till down every night sometimes I would get frustrated with entering all the checks (no coupons, it was a restaurant). I would assume that it would be a bit of a pain to add all those coupons up. That may explain why they aren’t coupon fans.

I am a cashier for a major grocery chain (that starts with the big red S), and I’ll tell you that I don’t personally hate coupons coming through my line. I don’t care if you have one or a hundred, as long as you have read them (even the small print) and have purchased the correct items, and amount of items needed to comply with the coupon, and the internet coupons scan (otherwise we cannot take them), they are not expired, you have them cut out already and don’t hand us a newspaper full of coupons expecting us to know all the products you have purchased and want me to cut the couopons out for you, etc.

I think some checkers are annoyed with them because we are timed and are required to meet very strict time standards. Coupons slow our times down and depending on which store manager you have, or district mananger you have, your checking times can greatly affect how many hours you get to work. (It’s not supposed to work this way, as we are union employees, but it’s amazing what they get away with.)

As a couponing mom, and a checker I understand the value of coupons and when I shop, I like to shop the same stores where I have learned which ones to go to and which ones to avoid like the plague. Even at my own store, I avoid certain checkers because of various reasons. I may even postpone a shopping trip if all the checkers working that day are the ones I usually avoid! Sad, but true.

And definately being courtious and nice to the checker will help you tenfold for that shopping trip and in the future as he/she will most likely remember you as being a nice person. I admit I treat courteous customers better than the ones who are demanding, disrespectful, and just plain grumpy to me.

I agree. I think one of my most difficult quandaries is that, on one hand, I try to be very courteous to give couponing a good rep and to befriend to people that interact with regularly…but then on the other hand, I also have to stick my ground when I am right. It is SO hard to do all of this kindly. I find that instead of being my outgoing friendly self instead I become someone that is kindly apologetic…I guess it works to accomplish both ends…but it isn’t me. It is indeed nice to know that others have a similar battle.

Does anyone have tips for how they handle both being nice and assertive especially when it really does come to blows (like not being believed, asking them to look for the coupon, etc.)?

When I run into a problem, I make sure the first thing I do is smile. Then, I nicely explain how I understand the policy to be, maybe offer a solution and then hand over the store’s printed policy. If you run into problems, don’t be afraid to nicely ask for a manager for some clarification. But stay nice and always smile! It works wonders, I promise!
But if the manager still isn’t cooperative, you can always say, “Ok. I will not be purchasing these items today” and walk out. If your coupons are refused or the policy isn’t being followed, don’t feel you have to buy those items.
Once you’re in your car, you may commence screaming if you so choose (or burst into tears– yes, this has happened to me!). When you’ve calmed down, feel free to call the corporate customer service number. They will often apologize and they will talk to that store manager & cashiers about it.

It is so nice to know that I am not alone! I have been couponing a little over a month and each time I feel like I am getting better at it. But I can’t help but get that feeling in my stomach right before checking out. However the feeling of accomplishment is so much better and worth it!

I work hard for my money and intend to spend it wisely, one coupon at a time!

I had a huge fiassco at walgreens the other day. And because the manager was already annoyed that she had to do something she ended up making the quick fix a hard one. It was embarassing, but still worth it. Luckily the cashier was SO nice, it made me feel better.

I had just such an experience last night. I work a day job and a night job Mon – Fri so I have found myself stopping at the supermarket late in the evening on occasion to catch those sale/coupon combos before they expire, as I did last night. It was after 11 pm, I was going in for 3 items, 2 of the items were Polly-O. She would not take the Polly-O coupons as she said they were counterfeit, but would take the third coupon for Perdue chicken, even though they were all from the same website, Try and figure that one out and you’ll get a splitting headache like I did. So I proceed to get the Perdue chicken, she takes the coupon, all the while we’re chatting about couponing. I take my purchase and my receipt and start walking out, but as I get to the parking lot, it dawns on me that the coupon didn’t scan. I went back into the store and her reply was, nonchalantly, “yes, I took your coupon but forgot to scan it”. I went to hand her the receipt so she could correct it and there was no sign of her taking it from me. I said something like, can you correct it, and she said she couldn’t give me a refund as customer service was gone for the day, but she could give me back my coupon if I wanted it. Wanted it back??? Of course I wanted it back – just like I would if it was the $1 bill it represented. I asked her if I could speak to the manager and she shot her thumb over her shoulder to point to the gentleman that was slouching on the side of the register, who by the way never even so much as grunted during this conversation, and said ‘that’s him’. He never said a word – the cashier said he couldn’t do anything either.

Here’s where I stood up for myself. I normally would have just walked out and stewed about it for days, maybe even weeks. This time was different now that The Krazy Coupon Lady turned on my lightbulb about how a $1 coupon is as valuable as a $1 bill. I went on the store’s website to make a complaint (anyone in NJ reading this, it was Foodtown in Raintree), and called the manager today during the day, when people who hopefully have some authority were there. The manager was very polite, apologized for what happened, and asked for the name of the cashier. He also said the gentleman there last night was not a manager, but a night shift leader. He then asked when I could come into the store next, during the day, and I told him Saturday. He said he would be there and to ask for him personally, and that he would take care of it. I’m not sure if that means all three coupons or just the one she ‘forgot to scan’, but I do feel a little better having spoken to a live person.

All that being said, I still think couponing is the best thing since sliced bread and wish I would have been more receptive to it earlier in life – oh the money I wasted!

Hey we “KRAZY” coupon Ladies, work our butts off to save our family money.. and hey if we have fun doing then bonus to us.. !

Yes, I understand that when you get handed $50 in coupons it can be a pain, but hey your getting paid for your job. We in return are getting paid for ours for saving money that can be used in other places.. Most of us take many hours out of our week to save that much more.. So if I have to return an item or go the service desk the $.40 may be worth it.

I’ve had a fight with a Meijer’s service personal and she flat out called me a lair when my $10 off $50 didn’t come off in December. I had coupons for the items and she said the $10 came from that.. I never got my $10 back.. But karma came back to help when later that week something was rang in wrong and the guy even gave me free blue bags.. So Karma always comes back and works out..

Love, love, love this! I thought my anxiousness for my shopping trips was my own freakish emotion….I feel better. I feel a little sweaty and jumpy. All this is only calmed by my register receipt being accurate. Not feeling so alone….thank you!

Thats funny you said that. I was thinking the same thing about myself. It is refreshing to know we are not alone.

SO true! But as my husband (a retail manager himself) has to remind me, “you catch more flies with honey.” ALWAYS be polite and pleasant and don’t let out the lioness unless absolutely necessary. Most stores learn to know you and if you are always pleasant, they will be MUCH more likely to want to please you and less in a hurry just to get you out the door.

You are absolutely right about only handing over a few coupons at a time. I think this annoys the cashiers, but I want to see that the total of each coupon is deducted before handing over the next group so I am sure they all work. I have had too many times when they don’t work. I wish more cashiers had the attitude of some that say “Wow, you did a great job!” It is a lot of work to learn the system at first but it certainly adds up over time. I think we all need to be persistent to get the stores to realize that this method of shopping is here to stay.

Almost everytime I am in Walgreens they have to call a back up cashier while they read through all my coupons. Last time I was in there the manager was the one ringing me up and when she got ot my coupons she said “This is the part I love!” When my total went from $50 to $27 she actually clapped, and then her jaw dropped when RR started spitting out! I ended up with $18 in RR and she was amazed!

Great post. Just great. In Las Vegas Vons has a “coupon policy” that says whatever the manager decides is the policy. LOL. My store won’t take internet coupons unless they are printed in color. Will only allow ONE coupon from any manufacturer – (not item – manufacturer – i.e. one Kelloggs coupon period). Loved the feeling of mailing them my Vons club card and saying bye-bye. Lionesses should all roar when they bring the silly!

I’m in Las Vegas too…which Von’s were you at? I only shop there if there is a reaaaaalllly good deal.

I am very fortunate to have a REALLY nice cashier (who may be kind of creepy and hit on me all the time, but never gives me trouble!) that always makes my coupons double in one transaction at Homeland. Unfortunately, as a teenager, not a lot of people like to check me out at stores, and at Walgreens, there is a lot of trouble.

I try not to lose my temper, and always ask for a manager if there is a problem. Ususally, it gets cleared up, but you must ALWAYS be aggressive.

I agree with this totally. I have experienced everything above! The place I hate checking out the most is Target!!! Especially if I have a large order and I’m using tons of Target and Manu coupons. Some of their Qs come off right below the product some on the total column and then some at the very end of the sale. So I have to wait until I get home to actually figure out where the coupons did or did not come off. They have cheated me nearly everytime I got there unless I’m doing just a small sale then I can get it all straight. Thursday went there spent over 100 and they shorted me two coupons worth 2.00 and 2.50 each. I know it’s just 4.50 but it’s 4.50 and couldn’t figure it out until I got home and looked it over good!!!

The one place I too have had a hassle is Target.

The ONLY reason I went there recently was because I had a FREE $10 Target gift card for switching a prescription there. And you know any good couponer CANNOT pass up free $10, regardless of the hassle – LOL!

The woman who checked me out made comments about some of my coupons. For example, while referring to a travel size deodorant I was purchasing: “They really should list a size on this coupon. This isn’t right.” She said this while making a clucking noise and shaking her head disapprovingly.

Because I was having a timid day I explained how I got the coupons for purchasing P&G products. Then, afterwards I thought, “Now why in the world did I feel the need to defend myself? I did nothing wrong. I spent $$$ on P&G products. They sent me a coupon. And I used it.” Sheesh.

Target is the WORST! I have found one cashier at one of my local Targets that is really good with coupons (she is a couponer!) and if she isn’t there, I give them each item out of my cart and the corresponding coupon(s) one by one until we’re done. It takes FOREVER but it beats standing in line again at the service desk with two kids under three (they’re my cashier motivators!).

The way the Target receipts read with coupons is so frustrating. I’m like you, almost always there is something that didn’t ring up. My latest was the deal last week with the Kellogg Crunchy Nut cereal stacking their coupon and the manufacturer coupon. It is so frustrating, I can’t figure out why they do it that way. It shouldn’t matter for customer service on a refund since they scan the receipt, you would think the computer system would “grab” the corresponding coupon too. It frustrates me, but the ability to stack there is fantastic

I have NEVER had a problem with Target. I actually prefer to go to then than Walmart now. They scan my coupons without a hassle and if it doesn’t scan after a few times, they enter it manually. I’ve become a very loyal Target customer, they actually thank me for going there and compliment my smart shopping.

I agree! Their system is SO frustrating! In fact, there have been several times I’ve questioned why I even bother because it’s just too confusing. I wish they will all just show up the same way. I really don’t like when it just changed the purchase price of the item and doesn’t show that the coupon was used. You really have to know what you were expecting to pay.

That is what I do I hide my coupons until the last minute and then pull them out, I see the cashier roll her eyes back into her head and give a deep sigh. Like it is so burdensome and I am taking money from her. That is why I choose the young male cashiers, they are usually laid back and don’t care, lol!

Lisa, we do kind of the opposite. As we get real close to the cashier, and someone gets in line behind us, I have my coupons in my hand and I tell the person ‘just want to let you know it’s gonna take a while, I’ve got a lot of coupons’. I say it loud enough for the cashier to hear me. We figure if there’s gonna be a problem, lets get it out of the way RIGHT NOW, not after the stuff is scanned & bagged. And yes, I have dumped my reusable bags and walked out, but only a few times.

My last trip to Hy-Vee took a total of 4 different Managers for 4 different things. The last being that ALL my Catalinas did not print in what I was told was a working machine. Can I just say I love living in Iowa?! The people are nice and helpful – I got a Thank You from every manager for shopping at their store.

I forgot to mention that the last manager (one of the head ladies of the store) asked me if I watched Extreme couponing and wanted to know where I went to find all my coupons. She was so nice and totally interested in couponing herself!

I am from eastern Iowa and I miss shopping at Hy-Vee. I live in California now. When I get back home to visit we always have to check out Hy-vee…they are wonderful to their employees!

Absolutely!! I get so excited over the new weekly deals, get myself OVER prepared, and as I arrive at the store, I suddenly get an overwhelming feeling of anxiety! This feeling lasts until I leave the store without a hitch! Then I get the adrenaline rush back that I actually do LOVE doing this! That is as long as everything goes off without a hitch. I have learned to only give a few coupons at a time so that I can make sure everything goes through okay…decided that a few weeks ago after one of my 4 Hillshire Farms lunchmeat coupons didn’t go through (must have stuck to another one) and I lost out on 1.00 savings. I left the store saying “it’s only a dollar”, but then realized why bother couponing if I’m not going to get the full benefits of it and allow myself to lose out. We all know those “only a dollar’s” add up!!

Exactly how I feel!! On those days that everything scans properly and all net prices come out as expected you walk out of the store like you are walking on a cloud and I swear that positive energy rubs off on to everything you do the rest of the day and all of a sudden…lost gloves are located, children are behaving, to do lists are completed, etc. Unfortunately, same thing seems to happen when things go wrong and you have to work hard at getting your coupons / discounts to work…the rest of the day follows suit. I am not very spiritual, metaphysical or anything but… I believe in good and bad coupon karma :-)

Being spiritual means having an open heart, and you do.

I get the nerves thing, too! My palms get all sweaty while I watch them ring up the coupons. My husband and I are fairly new to this and we haven’t really run into any rude people, but I know that there are some eyerolls when I whip out the coupon binder. (Not “whip out” really, more like “lug”. It’s huge). It’s good to know that others get the same feeling. The worst feeling is looking at a reciept later and realizing one of your coupons didn’t go through! I dunno if I’d have the guts to go back to the cashier and ask about it, though.

Maggie, we use to have problems with “realizing one of your coupons didn’t go through”. That was when we would hand ALL our coupons to the cashier. Now we lay down one or two at a time so we can watch the screen to assure the coupon value comes off the total. Hope that helps.

Customer service is one of the reasons I love Weis Food stores. I bought 4 boxes of tea that were advertised 2 for 5. Distracted, I didn’t notice till after I paid that they rang up at regular price. Off to customer service, expecting a hassle and a 15 minute run around the store to compare the shelf tags and the product size, etc.
Frankly suprised when the sweet lady behind the counter not only apologized, but handed me the ENTIRE purchase price of the 4 boxes back. She explained they have a policy, if it rings up wrong, it’s FREE.

they have the same policy at ingles (TN). if they ring up the wrong price, they give you the item for free. love it. i already got couple product for free. :)
in the past i only noticed at home they rung up the regular price not the advertised and i was pissed,i didn’t know i can do anything about it, but since i found out their policy i check my receipt right after check out.

OMG! So well written. I feel like this everytime I go to the store. Nice to know I’m not alone as a nervous newbie.

As dumb as it sounds, I usually hide my coupons and get really great help finding things. It’s when I pull out my coupon you can see their eyes rolled back. So I hide mine as long as I can. Works like a charm. (shouldn’t have to do it but makes my life easier)

I have the most trouble at Safeway. I watch the register trying to make sure I get the price I am suppose to but some pricing doesn’t show up until the end some at the time of scanning. I still find it awkward to question pricing to the cashier and I hate standing there when people are behind me while I scan my receipt trying to double check.

I also struggle with Safeway. I ask the cashier to wait for me to put my phone number in so I can watch the prices as they scan. It has always worked out for the most part until two days ago. The cashier told me she did not have enough time to wait for me to put my food on the belt, and then put my number in. (I only had 40.00 worth of food in my basket). She then went on to say, I am going to start getting a line and it is going to be real busy in a minute. (there was nobody behind me) For the first time I stood up for myself and said, “well you better call in another cashier because I have a lot of coupons to go with this stuff :) She then grunted. :)

Love reading this post….THANK YOU

First, thank you so much for writing this, it couldn’t have come at a better time as I just had a issue I had to stand up for last week.

Elizabeth, my issues are always at Tom Thumb/Safeway too! I have to tell the cashier not to start scanning my stuff until I am up there in front to watch the prices of the items come through and I have to watch, watch, watch! Then when my card gets scanned I have to watch to be sure the prices are right on the sale items, and when the coupons are scanned, I have to ensure they actually go through. Far too many times, the cashier just waits for a noise, not necessarily the right beep, and then puts the coupon away even though the computer never recognized the coupon. It is also the only store that seems adamant to have customers pay full price for things. I hear excuses all the time about why my coupon wouldn’t work and am basically just told to deal with it cause it’s “only a dollar.” Every time I go into that store, just as the author of this post, my heart pounds and I cringe at the thought of going through the line even though I have everything meticulously organized.

The other issue I have with this store is my store almost NEVER has the advertised prices posted on the items in the aisles & never has anyone around to help answer questions so I am constantly guessing as to which of the products is the sale item versus the regular price item. Argh.

I’ve hidden mine too, sad to say. I find that if they know I’m looking for a coupon item, they tend to just say, “we don’t have any more in stock right now” or ” if you don’t see it, we don’t have it” but if they don’t know about the coupon, they’ll even call to the back to see if there’s any that haven’t been brought out. Stinks.

I LOVE this!!! Sometimes cashier’s give me a LOT of trouble and treat me like I am crazy…all because I have a bunch of coupons and have a system going. It’s nice to know I am not the only one :)