There’s a report that you can get Crest 3D White Whitestrips for  this week at CVS!  They are on sale for $10.00 off and supposedly there is an unadvertised $10 Extra Bucks.  Here’s how to get it almost free!

Crest 3D White Whitestrips 28 strips $31.99 (get an additional $10.00 off at checkout)
Buy 1, Receive $10 Extra Bucks
Use $10.00/1 Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express or Professional Effects Whitestrips from PG 1/30
Or Use $10.00/1 Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express or Professional Effects Whitestrips from PG 1/16
Pay:  $11.99, Receive $10 Extra Bucks
Final Price:  $1.99

We are not sure of the end date, so be sure to cash in on this tomorrow, 2/12, to take part in this Krazy deal!

Thanks, Cha Ching on a Shoe String

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69 thoughts on “Crest 3D White Whitestrips only $1.99 at CVS!”

Sorry the $5 target coupon was in the RP 1/23 not SS.

I just got a great deal at my target for this Crest whitening strips with free mouthwash and toothpaste. Was on clearance for $17, I used the $10 coupon and there was a $5 off coupon in SS last month. So I bought 2 and paid $4. Awesome deal. I’m planning on going back to get more. I’m shop at Target in Signal Hills, CA. There’s a whole section in the back corner of the store for clearance items!!

Very cool. I saw that combo too and will try it. Thanks.

Today the casheier at Walmart (God bless her heart) told me that I could use the $10 coupon from the Crest White strips on any Crest toothpaste. SHe was right. I bought enough toothpaste for at least a year.

Here is what I think happened

The previous weeks sales are loaded on firday or saturday depending on your store. Which means that every week there is a window where both weeks sales are in the computer at the same time. That is what happened with the Crest whitestrip.

So one week was offering $10 ECB back and the following was offering $10 off, by shopping during that small window of time, you can if your store allows, benefit from both offers at once. I have heard that some store will have you choose which offer you prefer, but some dont care and will let you enjoy both :)

I know this, so that is why I usually shop on friday night.

Hope this helped clearing things out

Happy CVSing

I didn’t get the ECB either, I live in South Texas, oh well. I will be returning it tomorrow.

i did the deal last night here in porter texas, located outside of houston and the deal did not work. i paid 2 dollar cause i used ebucks to do the deal cause i thought i would get the ebucks back but i didnt and now im bummed cause i lost my ebucks. im still debating if i want to use them or return them. it was a better deal if the ebucks print out

If you return it, cvs will refund you the $2 you paid in the original payment method. The remaining balance will be in money card (works like a gift card) which does not has expiration date or monthly service fee,,,
It’s from my own experience. I am in Houston, TX

didnt work here in lancaster….no $ back!!!

Just curious if there is confirmation that the deal ended yesterday or is it still happening by chance? TIA!

Has anyone tried this deal in Los Angeles?

Worked for me in San Diego!

No ECBs for me, and this is only valid for the advanced vivid :( But the cashier told me that these count as cosmetics, so I was able to use my $3 off of $10 coupon on it, didn’t save much but it did help.

I’m in WI.Worked for me today.:) Got 2 boxes!!!

Worked for me in No. California!

Just wondering did you buy the 10ct or 28ct?

I’m in CA and it didn’t work… I’m bummed… why does it work for some and not others…??

boo =(

I just talk to phone at my CVS local store asking about this deal. And she told me that theirs no ECB listed on the tag…

I got my coupon in the mail today with my sample of Crest Strips (that I believe was from Walmart)The coupon I got today was $10 off and included the vivid (which is the one for $31.99, the coupons from the paper were for the more expensive ones), so I was so excited. I did get the extra $10 off but ECB did not print :-( I live in Northern CA. Still $11.99 isn’t to bad!

No EBs on purchase I just made. :( I did get $5 EBs for purchasing $50 of beauty products and being enrolled in the Beauty Club – a nice bonus! I imagine if I return the WhiteStrips now they will give me $21.99 back…even though my OOP was MUCH less than that.

I want to take advantage of these coupons, but can anyone tell me if the Whitestrips work?

I bought 4 boxes today total, from two different stores, got $40 back ecb total, thanks!

Brittany yeah I was mad at first cause I did want to use those coupons for that item, and thought cvs was forcing me to shop at their store. But I have 3 more of those coupons. Now I can get it for free, plus 9 dollars of other things for free to build more ECBs…just thought why would they do that? to make 16 cents? any thoughts

from my post that didn’t go up for some reason. I tried to use 2 10 off coupons on 2 of them. when it didn’t print the ecb, I returned them both. the cashier told me I could not get my coupons back but gave me a 20 dollar cvs card…strange any thoughts

You should complain because I returned mine the same day and they were able to give me my coupons back. I would definitely go back today if you can and try to get them back.

but…now that I’m thinking about it…they pretty much just handed you cash instead of a coupon so it’s actually in your favor…so maybe don’t go back to complain lol

why didn’t my earlier post publish? then a post that says it worked!!! something is fishy here.

In VA at 3 different stores ecbs DO NOT PRINT. HAD store manager call corporate while there and CVS statement…if not on cvs website or on ad they will not give ecb…

I purchased 2 vivids with the 10 dollar coupon and got extra bucks on them! but maybe it ended last night! I got 2 for 1.99 each!!! I am in houston tx too…but i did the transactions last night.

I did not get the ECB this time because I used it a few weeks ago!! BUUUT, I did get 6 gillete body washes .74c after 2dollar coupon. ALSO, the red machine is printing a 2dollar off coupon today for two body washes!! Great deal!!

I live in VA went to 3 different CVS’s this morning, none of them will print the ECB. At the first store they wouldn’t return my coupons and instead gave me store credit…very strange. I used 2 10 dollar off coupons and they gave me a 20 dollar store credit card. I had one of the store managers call corporate to ask about the ECB becasue I showed my laptop with this page showing how it worked for other users. corporate said this is not rite and will only honor something on….I said wow really cause you guys had 250k ppl “like” CVS for a 20 percent discount on FACEBOOK and that isnt…

and thoughts from other folks

also the store manager said this site along with others are bogus, I told her this is the most legit site online and EVERY thing I ever got was posted on this site and other people share info from shopping at these stores.


OMG Frugal! I can respect frugal but man you were vicious! Can’t believe you use “postings” to argue your case with a manager. Of course it didn’t fly! Of course they only honor what’s on their official website. Official website is “official”. Facebook, where anyone can post just about anything, is not.

I tried this today. The coupon when through without a problem ( I bought the Vivid priced @ 31.99 – which was not listed on the 10.00 off coupon, but the register took it no problem) – the 10.00 ECB did NOT print, then I found a sale flier hanging in the store that said 10.00 ECB off the Crest White Strips…I showed it to a worker and she was so RUDE! Then she informed that that “That was last weeks sale paper, that ended on Feb 5!” …BUT, she walked me to the register (since the sale flier was hanging in several locations) and gave me 10.00 ECB. I could not believe how rude she was…makes me LOVE my Rite Aid even more :).

Has anyone tried this in MD? I’m thinking about running out to CVS and trying it in a few hours. Wish me luck with the $10 ECB printing out!

Hi, I’m in Baltimore, MD and it worked!!! I bought the Vivid for 31.99, -$10 at the register, -$10 coupon (the Professionals coupon works), plus $10 printed EBs! = total $1.99 Hurry run out and get yours tonight

I just went today in MD and no luck for me on the ECB :(

I got them for $11.99 which is not bad i guess but i wish it would have printed the 10ECB’s.

Just got back from cvs in NC and the $10 ecb did print. I am not sure why it is not printing for you guys. There was a tag showing the $10 off but not the xtra bucks.

Thx anst1976 for the info…. I will check it out, but here in So Cal they are not very price friendly here :) I guess the best part of living here is the weather hahahah….

Tried in Houston,TX and it didn’t work for me :(

All those who got the 10.00 ecb. Did CVS have a tag on the isle where you picked up your box saying 10.00 ecb + 10.00 off? Cant afford the 10.00 but can if it is 1.99 :)

Have the 10ECBs printed for ANY ONE?

Is the ECB printing for sure ? I would have to lose out on my 10bucks. ANy other feed back?

Mine didn’t unfortunately. I still got the $10 off and used my $10 off coupon so I got them for $11.99, which is still a great deal. But I was really bummed the the ECBs didn’t print out. Plus, there is no way I can prove that they should have :(

mine didnt print this morning either, and now i have to go back and return them as the cashier was sooooooo grouchy!

I’m in IN and mine didn’t print this afternoon either. :(

At my Target along with all the clearence these white strips are marked down to $20 bucks and then I have the same coupons listed as above. But the coupon is for the 2 hr express or professional effects, and the ones on clearence are the vivid type. Would the coupon still work on them??

Yeah they should work. They worked at CVS for me on the Vivid.

I went this morning and got the $10 off so it was $11.99, but the extra bucks never printed off. Is there anything I can do about that since there is no advertisement about it? I’m bummed :(

I didn’t get mine either. I’m just going to return them!!

hope this works at my cvs, I’m gonna try it as soon as I get out of the house this morning!

I almost bought Crest whitestrips last week, but realized the $10 off coupon is valid only on the higher-priced 2 Hour Express or Professional Effects, not the regular Crest 3D Whitestrips (Vivid). Are the 2 Hour Express or Professional Effects whitestrips also on sale for $31.99?

Is there a limit per card on the ECBs?

Has anyone tried these on the Professional Effects ones? I’ll be off to CVS as my first stop this morning to try these out!

What A Burn I Got These Like Two Weeks Ago!

WHATS EB? so there are 2 $10 offs at the register, im confused!

CVS has a rewards program called Extra Bucks. Extra Bucks print according to the store’s weekly or monthly advertised deals. When you make a qualifying purchase, you receive the coordinating Extra Bucks value as advertised. Extra Bucks are similar to catalinas or register rewards, but they print directly onto the bottom of your receipt. They have a barcode that the cashier just scans when you use it on your next transaction.
To find out more about CVS and their coupon policy, visit this link (and check out the corresponding tabs):

For this deal, $10 will come off when it scans at the register automatically, then you use one $10 coupon, and after you pay, you will receive $10 EBs (so $10 toward your next purchase at CVS).

Thank you, I was trying to figure out what hat the other $10 fell out of.

I just got back home from CVS, and I got a raincheck for this item. But There’s no ECB that’s written?? Is this ECB is only for a selected CVS store and my store doesn’t have this deal?? they only taking $10 off in the register.

I’m sorry where do I start with this? And how do I get coupons please!

The two coupons listed are from Procter and Gamble coupon inserts in the Sunday newspaper (one from Jan. 16th [PG 1/16], one from Jan. 30th [PG 1/30]).
If you haven’t been to CVS before, definitely check out this link: and the corresponding tabs– CVS Coupon Policy and CVS 101.

the coupons state for the 2hour or professional strips which are well over 50.00 are these coupons working with all whitestrips?

how do you pay only $11.99? Can’t you only use one coupon – $10/1 – making it $21.99, then $11.99 with the Extra Bucks?

Actually, another $10 come off at register…per the sale in the ad.

okay, so $31.99 -$10/1 coupon -$10 off at the register -$10 EB = $1.99? You get an extra $10 off at the register AND $10 EB?


so the extra bucks are for the next “anything”purchase?

just got 2 boxes @ my local CVS….amazing deal !!
If you have $4 off $20 coupon, it’s a moneymaker :)

I’m so bummed…I got mine for 11.99 but the ECBs didn’t print off. Do you know if there is anything I can do about that?

Hi Brittany,
Sorry to hear that the deal didn’t work @ your local CVS.
I think this deal is like a glitch inside CVS program.

I purchased 2 boxes on Friday night. $10 ECB worked fine.
So I went to another CVS on Saturday morning. worked again !!
Then I tried the 3rd CVS on Saturday night. ECB didn’t work.

But I showed the cashier my receipt and told him that my crest $10 ECB deal didn’t reach the limit. After confirming his manager, they issued me $10 ECB :)

I think it really depends on the regions & stores.