The HOT coupon for eggs is back!  This one will go fast!!!
$0.55/2 Eggs carton, dozens – (
(page 1  under zip 90210 for me)

Thanks, For The Momma’s

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8 thoughts on “$0.55 off of 2 Dozen Eggs coupon is back!”

Does this have to be used on 12ct? Or can it be used on 18cts?
Yesterday, 18-ct eggs were WAY cheaper than the 12-ct, even with a coupon.

My grocery store wouldn’t accept this coupon last time because it was not for a specific brand of eggs. It does say ‘American Egg Board’ on it, with an address for them to send it back to. I even spoke to the manager but with no luck.

I’ve had trouble with this coupon too. It’s very vague. Most cashiers look at it and tell me that I need to buy “the Incredible Egg brand.”

That is how my Giant Eagle was, they thought it was supposed to be for the “incredible egg” brand. I tried to explain that it was a general egg coupon..but no luck.

Yup. Had a similar problem with this and the milk coupon at my Giant. They didn’t want to scan on the self-checkout, and the cashier supervising my bank of registers didn’t want to be bothered with doing a manual override. She initially claimed not to know what to do with it. and suggested that she cancel my order so I could take it to a standard cashier. Um, no thanks. Not wasting another 20 minutes while my order got unbagged and run up again just to save her 15 seconds to do a manual override! When I insisted that she bring the manager over, she suddenly “remembered” how to process the coupon, though.

Save $0.55 when you buy 2 one-dozen cartons of eggs

Is this for any brand of eggs?

Yes, any brand of eggs.