Whoop!  Here is a great deal on Mac & Cheese at Walmart.

Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 pack $3.00
$1.00/1 – Kraft Mac & Cheese, 5 pack – (coupons.com) (zip 90210 pg 3)
Final Price:  $0.40 each box

Coupon expiration date: 2/25/11

Thanks, Common Sense With Money

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17 thoughts on “Kraft Macaroni & Cheese only $0.40 at Walmart!”

My WM had them for 3.98. I did go ahead and get two though, because it’s still a pretty good deal!

Sara – the only way to get multiple coupons to print is to have access to multiple computers…most of the websites recognize the IP address on the computer you print from so once you print two that’s it…I usually get eight of each coupon because I have access to two computers at work (a business I own BTW so they are MY computers) and we have one desktop at home plus my laptop! If you don’t have access to multiple computers of your own perhaps you could ask a friend or family member to print some of your favoirtes for you!

In Oregon the 5 pack was $3.88 but went ahead and stocked up on it. Saving about $0.30 on each box now, so I bought 4 5-packs.

how do i get cupons for yakisoba noodles that i see everybody on extreme cupon show get, because i like to stock pile too.

At my local Super Target I bought (2) 5pk. boxes, on the side of the box was a peelie for a free 4pk. easy mac. I used (2) $1/1 q & (1) q from the target website for $1.50/2 easy mac cups. The 5pks were $3.38 each and the easy mac cups were 2.27 each. I ended up paying $3.26 for 10 boxes of mac n cheese & both 4pk easy mac cups!

My Wal-Mart had them for $3.49. But as a new couponer, 10 boxes @ .50 each was a decent win :)

I was able to print a coupon for this and use it at my Wal-Mart SuperCenter. They were on sale for $2.84 so the $1.00/1 made it quite the deal!! I noticed the stock-up symbol for this scenario, but I’m wondering how I’d do that when the website only let me print out one coupon? Any ideas on this? Thanks!

Check on the last page of coupons. Sometimes this is where previously printed Q’s go and if you’ve only printed it once it should let you get one more. Also the stock up symbol just means it’s a stock up price, not that you necessrily WILL be able to stock up. Hope this is helpful. :)

Its part of the mega deal at my Kroger family store (Smiths that is)

Has anyone used this at a non suppercenter? Aka a regular target or Walmart?????

I used this $1.00 of 5pk at Target where it was on clearnce for $3.33 and it had the coupon on it for a FREE easy mac 4pack with purchase! x2 :O)

I’m going to have to check my Target for that deal, Walmart had these priced at $3.98.

No Emily supercenters have a grocery not all walmarts do.

Aren’t all Walmarts “supercenters”?

The Walgreens near us refused the coupon!! Said it needed to be used at a Walmart or Target “supercenter” — what?????

What does the SUPERCENTER mean at the top of the coupon? I see that the Miracle Whip coupon has the same thing. Can you use it anywhere?

I wondered the same thing. When I plugged it into a search I ended up with just about everthing, Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer’s, Kroger’s, Albertson’s, So I just went a used in in the Smith’s sale and it went through just fine. (Smith’s, and F.M. are also Kroger)