If you enter the 45th annual Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest you’ll receive a $5.00 off e-coupon loaded to your Kroger (or affiliates) store card!  Or just win the contest and become a millionaire! 😉

Thanks, Lady Savings!

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22 thoughts on “Free $5 off e-Coupon at Kroger!”

I was able to do this the other day and it loaded on my Kroger card, I checked it today and it was there but when I went to the store tonight it wasn’t showing up they said.

I called Kroger customer service. They’ve received a memo that says “verbage can be deceiving” when it comes to this offer. Apparently, we’re supposed to wait for an e-mail from Pillsbury that confirms our entry. Then we’re supposed to get a second e-mail to get the coupon.


Of course, this isn’t what the site says. I have no indication whether I’m going to get an e-mail from Pillsbury.

Just spoke with Pillsbury. They know it’s an issue, and they’re looking into it. No word on when it might be fixed.

Mine didnt load either. It takes me to the kroger website but times out.

VERY frustrating!

My entry was accepted but I do not see a link anywhere for the coupon. Am I just blind?

M–The same thing happened to me. The Bake Off site says Smith’s (my Kroger affiliate) above my Claim $5 Coupon button, but when I click on the button it takes me to the Kroger website, not Smith’s. It gives me an error when I try to log in and load it to my card. I went to the Smith’s site, logged in there, and looked at my coupons just in case, but it’s not there. Please let us know if you hear back–I’d really love this coupon!

Ralphs emailed me back today 😉

Thank you for contacting the Kroger Digital Coupons Help Center.

We apologize for the difficulty in adding the $5.00 coupon to your card
that you earned by submitting your recipe to the Pillsbury Bake Off

We have added a coupon to your card for $5.00 (good on any order). This
customer service coupon will come off on your next shopping trip (provided
the balance due – less tax – is greater than the coupon amount).

I’m having the same problem with QFC.

I submitted and got a message saying to click on the RALPHS $5.00 e-coupon image. I click on the image and it took me to the KROGER website. The page had the promo info – scroll down, a coupon link to click to log in to their website. I logged in but the coupon won’t load for me says no store near me. Which is strange because back at the PB website the link shows RALPHS and you won a $5.00 e-coupon as the image. Trying now to email for assitance from Ralphs, hope I get my $5.00 😉

I am having the same problem. I have not heard anything from customer service yet either.

I just came back from Ralphs and was surprised that the $5 was loaded on my card. I wish there would of been an email or something where I could of checked on it to plan my shopping a bit better. But I am so happy I received this. :-)

Kroger EMAILED me today.. they loaded the $5.00 credit to my card 😉

does not load to all affiliates cards!

This won’t work for me either! When I click the claim coupon option, the site just hangs and hangs and haaaaangs!

How does this work exactly? I just submitted a recipe and don’t know how to get the coupon. Please help.

No matter how many times I try this, I can’t get the coupon to load to my account :(

Me either….been trying for 2 days. Grrr!

do you see it when your logged into Kroger?

super EASY!! I just completed the registration and my recipe was accepted and I received the $5 ecoupon added to my card!! Thank you so much for the heads up!!!!

Stephanie, what web browser were you using — I wonder if *maybe*? that’s part of the problem? I was in Chrome… tried IE and Firefox, but maybe it makes a difference of what you’re using when you submit–I don’t know. It’s frustrating, I can’t get it to work either.

@ Robyn-
Sorry I have been sick and just now checking back – I spoke to soon :( I haven’t had the $5 coupon credit to my card either. But I was using IE.

It only took me a few minutes to enter a recipe that I really use with their crescent rolls.
Recipe was accepted and I qualified for the $5.00 ecoupon.
It’s now on my Kroger card and doesn’t expire until May 15th.