Here are some great deals on Up & Up brand available at Target.

Up & Up Dental Floss, 50 yards $0.89
$1.00/1 Up & Up Oral Care Coupon – (
Final Price: FREE

Up & Up Mouthwash, 16.9 oz. $1.37
$1.00/1 Up & Up Oral Care Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.37 each

Up & Up All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach $1.37
$1.00/1 Up & Up Cleaning Product Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.37 each

Up & Up Liquid Dishwashing Detergent $2.59
$1.00/1 Up & Up Cleaning Product Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $1.59 each

Up & Up Bleach $1.47
$1.00/1 Up & Up Cleaning Product Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.47 each

Up & Up Dryer Sheets, 40 count $1.37
$1.00/1 Up & Up Cleaning Product Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.37 each

Up & Up Cotton Balls,  100 count $1.29
$0.50/1 Up & Up Cotton Product Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.79 each

Up & Up Plastic Cotton Swabs, 300 count $1.42
$0.50/1 Up & Up Cotton Product Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.92 each

Up & Up Pantiliners, $0.87
$0.75/1 Up & Up Feminine Care Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.12 each

Thanks, Passion for Savings

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29 thoughts on “Target: Up & Up Dental Floss, Mouthwash and more!”

The bleach is considered a laundry care item, NOT a cleaning item. There is (or was) a $.75 off laundry care item Target coupon available to print. It goes through checkout no problem. I’m assuming it would work fine on the dryer sheets as well.

The $1 off cleaning product coupon did not work for the bleach or the dryer sheets.

are all of the up and up coupons gone?

Well, I went to Target last night and I tried to go when it wouldn’t be busy. Big mistake. Because then there is only one register going and people coming to check out with one or two items. I was already in my transaction so I couldn’t let anyone ahead of me. Then the coupon didn’t work for the cleaning product (bleach). I know they must have had people do it earlier because the shelfs were bare except for one. So then I get the comment–“this is for wipes only” Even though it says cleaning item not cleaning wipes? “yes, it has to be wipes”. So I just bought it without the coupon since the line was long. Then as I leave then next guy in line says ” I don’t have any coupons” and they all laugh. I walked away feeling like I was not as good as the other customers because they paid without coupons. It was a pain and bugged me for awhile. You all must have tough skins if this happens often. I think stores should have a coupon lane. Like they do cigarette lanes. So us couponers can coupon in peace. That cashier could be specially trained with all the coupon policies and that way if anyone gives us grief because of our use of coupons we can point the sign. I would use the lane.

It’s hard I know, but don’t feel bad! Think about them paying full price for their items. Who is the smarter one now? I have had people get huffy when I use coupons and it takes longer in line. I say sorry and if they get rude I just smile. It took me years to get this way (I started using coupons at 16) but honestly we couponers are the smart ones! You were just fine. :)

Thanks, Mandi.

Went back the next day and got some good deals with coupons. So, most of the time it is all good. Wish I would have started using coupons earlier like you did. What a difference it can make.

I agree on the coupon lane. But i try to go in the eve around 830-9 before closing at 10. Ive been going so frequent that i have a few cashiers that know my face. Also cashier profile, it does help. I havent had an issue using multiple target q’s in one transaction. If you feel like you have a lot, try to seperate into two orders to not overwhelm the system. I dont know that the limit is, but ive saved $70 bucks just in coupons w/o the register going crazy. I will wait on using the up&up coupons right away b/c they dont expire til months end. I have enough stockpile of other items for now.

Happy couponing everyone

Interesting. I did have an issue trying to use two of the same type of coupon in the same transaction, the second one came up something like “item not found”. The nervous teenage boy got anxious after the 2nd time this happened and started checking the things in my bags (they were all there!) and made a comment about getting in trouble later. When I asked him about it he said the managers can see the transactions right away and that someone got fired for putting coupons through that weren’t valid. Now I don’t think this kid was being dishonest, I think he really believed that- whether or not it’s true, REALLY? If it is true that’s terrible and if its’ not it’s even more terrible that they scared the kid like that! anyway they all went through eventually and I got a great deal on all the things above, and was excited to find the ibuprofin as well. Others I found that I didn’t see here:

Up and Up foil, 1.12, 50c off storage item = .62
Up and UP vitamin C drops, 1.72 -$1 off cough and cold remedy= .72
Up and Up Diphedyrl (like Benadryl caplets), 1.97 -$1 off allergy item =.97
Up and Up plastic spoons, 1.37 – .50c off disposable ware item= .87
Up and Up facial tissues, 4pack, .99 – 50c off multi pack paper = .49 (wasn’t sure this one was going to work but it did!)

I went to one target and tried to by the dryer sheets with the cleaning coupon and it said “item not found”, Manager said sheets not cleaning product pictured so wouldn’t let me. I also tried to buy 4 of the ibuprofen using the pain med coupon, and the manager said 1 coupon per transaction so I was only allowed to get 1.

On my way home, I went to another target which by on my way, and they let me use 3 coupons for the ibuprofen and didn’t make a fuss, but the same thing happened with the dryer sheets and the manager said I couldn’t use the coupon with the dryer sheets and only what is pictured on the coupon. I was disappointed, but what do you do. I didn’t want to argue about it and there were customers waiting in my line who were giving me the evil eye.

Will it be possible if they considered Up & Up Bleach as Laundry product instead of cleaning product?

I just did this yesterday. They wouldn’t accept the $1 off cleaning coupon, but it did take my $.75 off laundry item instead.

Just went to target and bought 8+ items and only paid $2.09!! That felt good!

I went to Target yesterday and purchased 8 Finish Quantum 10 pk’s with 8 Target coupons and 8 MFC all in one transcation with no questions.

On another note, I bought an UP cleaner with bleach and used the coupon I printed from home and then it generated a coupon at the end of my purchase – the same coupon!

I was at Target last night also and the same thing happened to me. Tried getting the clorox under cleaning coupon and the lady said they werent wipes so i couldnt use the coupon. Scanned one which went through but decided the rest shouldnt count. So I told her I didnt have coupons for the “wipes on the picture”. So I also had her take off the 2 clorox bottles and kept my coupon. She turned off her light and made a comment like “its going to be a while, we have coupons” to the lady getting in line behind me. WHATEVER!!! I’m over people fussing about us couponers. LOL Like my husband said to me the other night “nobody can mess with your money, and what you do is not illegal, therefore they can fuss all they want. You saved over $40 dollars…would they rather put that $40 dollars from their pocket towards ur transaction???” Gotta love my husband. He is the best! Gives me such great support. But its true! I’m sick of them complaining and fussing. I have not really had a terrible experience yet, but I am prepared for the day i get a smart comment from someone at a register!

I didn’t get free jeans for my teenage stepdaughter but paying $10 for two pairs was a steal!(we didn’t find her size in $4.98 clearance area.) I also got a $1 catalina for up&up household cleaning item at the register. So going back tomorrow! Also, Valentine’s items are 90%off now.

There is also a $1 off 1 up & up pain reliever. I used in on the 24 count bottle of Ibuprofen. It was regularly .99 so I got it for free!!

Ok, I did these earlier in Target, I got 4 of the floss for free, I got 4 packs of the cotton balls for $0.62 each and I got 4 bottle of bleach for $0.29 each. However, I got to the check out and the ‘cleaning item’ coupon wouldn’t scan. The cashier said, ‘this won’t scan’, looked at the picture on the coupon and said, ‘did you buy wipes?’. I replied no, but that the coupon didn’t specify wipes, he called his boss (customer service manager who has previously given me hassle about coupons before) who took one look at the coupon and said, ‘you don’t have wipes, you can’t use this coupon.’

I told the cashier to take the bleach off my shopping order and when I’d checked out, I asked for the manager who agreed that the coupon did not specify wipes and that it did count so the customer service manager then forced the coupon through. *sigh* I hate such a fuss being made, but at the same time, right is right…right?

I hate to take extra time to argue with the staff about the coupon or any exchange/return issue. I had a not so pleasant experience at Walgreens the past Sunday. I called the corporate while I was in the store. Corporate got involved and finally thing worked out.

I can’t find all of the up and up coupons? I am only able to get a few? Do I need to go somewhere else to get the rest of the coupons

Hi guys,

I am fairly new to couponing (only about a month, it’s my new favorite thing!) and want to make sure I am doing things the right way.

Normally on manufacturers coupons they say “void if copied, reproduced, etc.” Target coupons don’t say anything about reproducing. They say “Void if altered, transferred, purchased, sold or prohibited by law.”

Do you know if it’s ok/ethical to copy Target coupons?

No, these cannot be copied. IP coupons should never be copied. That is why they set a print limit.


After reading Tracy’s comment about free 24 count ibuprofen (thanks), I printed 2 of those from my everyday computer. Seems that after 2 prints it stops showing up. Then, I printed one from my laptop (I’m assuming you can print 2 per computer like most coupon printing sites).

The curious thing is that when you compare the bar code information it’s the same number on all 3 coupons. Most printed internet coupons have unique numbers on them as they are each only one-time use. These Target Web Coupons seem to only have 1 # associated with them.

If your $1 off up & up pain relief item coupon has number 9856-0112-1058-5910-0142-9108-54 like mine then I don’t see why you couldn’t copy ‘til your heart’s content.

Ethical? Not sure, Will it work? I’m thinking it probably will.

Just left target, I was able to use several like target coupons in one transaction with no problems.

@Shannon: Try clearing out cookies on your browser and try it again. If that fails, try using another browser. For instance, if you use Internet Explorer, try printing the coupons using Mozilla Firefox or Google’s Chrome browser.

@Anita: I have never seen these coupons at the service desk. The coupons state at the top “Target Web Coupon” so I’m guessing they expect you to print at home and bring with you.

@Heidi: I’d like to know the answer to that one myself. Can someone else who has tried this please chime in? I’m going to Target on Wednesday and am going to try to redeem two Target coupons on two cans of Wolfgang Puck soup. If they won’t let me, fine, I won’t cause a scene. But I don’t see this scenario covered on their coupon policy, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Thank you Arnold!!! Got all my Up & Up coupons-YEAH!!

I was able to print 2 of each of the up & up coupons from the last round by going back and reselecting and reprinting) and I used them all in the same transaction….I think I used 6 total (2 each for 3 different things) and had no problems at the checkout.

Anyone know if you can use more then one Target coupon within the same transaction?
Like if you would like 2 up & up bleaches can you use 2 Target coupons within the same transaction. It says “only one coupon per transaction” on the coupon.

And can you get these coupons at the Target store (at the Service Desk) or do you have to have them preprinted before you go?

Does anyone have any tips for me on how to get the up & up coupons to print? It will print every other Target coupon on the site but any of those it tells me I have reached my limit and it has never printed any of them. Thanks!!