Here’s a few clearance items at Walgreens this week.  Check your Walgreens to see if you can score these deals.

Febreze Flameless Luminary Kit in Citrus Green Tea $3.79
$5.00/1 Febreze Flameless Luminary Starter Kit from PG 1/16
Final Price:  Free + $1.21 Money Maker

Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits $0.22
$0.50/2 – Skittles or Starburst, any 2-pack – (
Final Price:  Free

Select Pantene Hair Care Products $1.79
Buy 2, Receive $5 Register Reward, Limit 1
$1.00/2 Pantene products, any excluding trial size from SS 1/23
Pay:  $2.58, Receive $5 Register Reward
Final Price:  Free + $2.42 Money Maker

Thanks, Hooked on Bargains

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29 thoughts on “Walgreens: Febreze Flameless Luminary Kit Money Maker, Plus more FREE Items!”

Hello everyone who didn’t get to use the coupon, call corporate office. I had TWO managers try and do this to me, after the first assistant mgr completely refused to sell me the item, I called corporate and THEY told him to sell me the item and adjust the coupon down (after I showed the policy too) AND HE REFUSED TO FOLLOW CORPORATE’S ORDERS and STILL wouldn’t do it. He was treating me like I was stealing or something. ANYHOOOO, I called corporate and it took a couple weeks, but the real manager had to give me a gift card and it was for TEN DOLLARS and I didn’t even have to give up my coupon. Today was the expiration date so I called and called around and found two for $4.19 a piece. I used BOTH coupons that I had (then the wench at the different wg tried to hassle me too, I said OH NO, THIS GIFT CARD IS WHY I HAVE THIS BECAUSE I’VE ALREADY BEEN THROUGH THIS MERRYGOROUND, AND I KNOW YOUR COUPON POLICY LIKE THE BACK OF MY HAND AND MAYBE YOU SHOULD READ IT TOO.) So I got $5 off EACH luminary PLUS the $10.00 gift card for the HASSLE!!! My advice to each and every one of you is to call corporate and let them know that the managers are refusing to adjust the coupons down and refusing to sell you items and now your coupon is expired and you never got your candle. IF U GET SOMEONE FROM CORPORATE trying to feed you a line about how you can’t do it, hang up and call back til you get (sorry to say it) a young dude, who will eagerly help you resolve your issue no problems. (I had a woman with attitude try to tell me that NO I COULDN’T buy that item because it was less than the coupon, and she was AT CORPORATE HA HA HA.)

The wencherella at my local wags tried to not let me buy the purex saying there was a limit, I said no there isn’t, it would say it on the yellow tag, then I said “don’t make stuff up” and she knew she was coming up with a bunch of bs on the fly just because and to stop doing that cuz i wasn’t falling for it. Man, I have had a blast couponing, but NOT AT WAGS THAT’S FOR SURE. They’re not all like that but you get one bad one and whew!
Good luck coupon people.

on the flameless candles, our walgreens does not let you use the coupon because it exceeds the price off the candle

my store had the Febreeze kits for $4.19. I had 2 coupons so I bought two. The coupons did beep & the cashier manually entered each coupon in at $4.19. Free is still good!

I am soo sad.. I’m in mcminnville Oregon and My walgreens is a test market area. We have walgreeen reward cards, I like them becuse we have clipless coupons… But lately I’ve noticed they have been replacing our RR with a point system.. this point system is totally bogus.. for example, the Drshols has a RR of 8.00 if you buy 20.00 worth.. but MY walgreens has 2000 points if you buy 20.00 worth ( and this is one of the highest points) 2000 points is only worth 5.00 and normally you don’t get any points that high. at first it was ok… also they go off of your ” out of pocket” amount for your points so if you did use RR to pay for something and it brings it to 1.00, you only get points for that 1.00…. It’s also really hard to redeem and/or track…I get the oregonian AND the statesman Journal. the add’s in the SJ has the RR but the ones in the Oregonian have the points. when I put them together I can see what I’m missing out on…It’s so frustrating.
I guess i will have to drive to salem to get the deals or just stick to Riteaid.
anyway… watch out for those cards in your area. I have already written a letter to walgreens letting them know I won’t be shopping at that store anymore but who am I to them ?

I went to my Walgreens in Dublin, OH and got the Dove deal but the Pantene deal was only on the large size shampoo/conditioner (2/$12+$5 RR). The luminaries were on sale for $4.19 but the manager refused to use my $5/1 coupon b/c it was more than the price. I looked up their policy and it said:
“In the event that any item’s selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Walgreens will only accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is ever provided in exchange for any coupons.”

@ Jen C–you are correct regarding the coupon policy. And that is exactly why the manager should NOT have refused to accept the coupon. If they raise a stink about the coupon being more than the price, don’t expect a money maker out of the deal. Just show them the policy and they should adjust the coupon down to the price of the item. This greatly varies from store to store (and cashier to cashier in many cases!). Ultimately, if they don’t adjust the coupon and I DO get a money-maker deal, I don’t feel guilty about it at all because they are getting reimbursed from the manufacturer the face value of the coupon.

i found 1 febreze luminary at my Walgreens yesterday and also DOVE NUTRIUM HAND LOTION, mini travel/trial size for .99. I made sure to purchase enough products to cover all overage and used the $2 off coup. from RP 2/20!

The store that I went to (sacramento, ca) had the febreze flameless luminary kit clearanced at $4.79 and was sold out. Also the skittles was priced $0.25 so I didn’t have to worry about overage or coupon beeping.

I have about 12 of the Febreeze coupons if anyone wants to trade for the Dove Deodorant $2/1 coupons. Thanks!

Bummer my Walgreens is out of these too! I have one coupon for $4.00 off and on for $5 off. Anyone want to trade for 2 $2off Dove Deodorant coupons?

is not work with me .

Checked the walgreens by my office and no such luck. They were on sale, for $11 down from $14. Hopefully the one by my house has a different sale cycle.

I never get any PG inserts.. where do you get them from? In our area we don’t even get any RP…. Only get Smart Source.. Must be regional…

The February P&G came with the Sunday paper on Jan 16 & Jan 30. Shirl did you buy your papers on those days? If yes then you know your local paper just don’t carry them.

I live in a city about 100,000 population. Not big enough for our local paper to carry any RedPlum. But at least we get P&G and a shrunken version of SmartSource. Later I found to get most of the amazing coupons KCL mentions on this site, I have to buy the Minneapolis sunday paper, NOT my local paper.

Try google local coupon sites, using your city name and “coupon” “savings” as keywords. I was surprised to find there’s other couponer in my town and that’s where I learn when and where to get the papers with the most coupons.

Good luck!

At your walgreens are they posted on clearance? Mine was still showing full price? Wondering if now I should have asked for a price check!

Our Walgreens NEVER has the deals that are posted on here. I went today and looked. No Pantene for $1.79 and no Febreze Luminary kits for $3.79!

The Luminary kits are an awesome deal found them yesterday— went to all 3 of our Walgreens and ended up with 6 of them—- I was able to get them to ring the Coupons us at 5.00 making me money I only had 4 Coupons and got 6 laterns—so all in all not a bad deal–My husband feel in love with the laterns and wanted to steal them- my only regret is I sent some of my coupons for this to the Milatray thinking they would expire before I found a great sale—- Go figure. Now we just need a great deal on refills.

i went to 5 walgreens and all of them were already out of the luminary kits. target has them on clearance for $11 but im still praying they go down more before the 28th

I also want to add that for the skittles, it would be beneficial to buy an extra package to cover the overage. So, if you have 2 coupons, buy 5 packs.
5 X .22 = $1.10 – $1.00 in coupons = $0.10 for all 5 packs
4 X .22 = $0.88–the first coupon will go through but the second will beep. If you have a cashier that knows what they are doing, they will know that if you are using 2 like coupons and the first goes through but the second beeps, it is ONLY because the price is lower than the coupon.
If you have that extra pack of skittles, they system sees $1.10 worth of skittles and has no problem taking $1 off (and won’t beep).

I hope that helps!

I tried to get the pantene but my Walgreens isnt doing the $5 RR, only on the shampoos! so i had to get a refund :(

If your local Walgreens does not allow any overage, then it won’t be a money maker–just free (which is OK too if it’s a product that you will use, right?).
It is MUCH more likely for them to just manually enter the coupon if I have a bunch of items. If I am getting just 2 or 3 things (enough to cover the overage), they are pretty quick to check the price to see why it is beeping. If I have a bunch of items, they will check the item itself but rarely print the receipt to try and find the price….KWIM?

The overage will spill over to your total purchase if you’re buying more items.

How will Frebreeze deal be a money maker? It’s hard enough to get Walgreens follow their own coupon policy for items less than coupon face value.(which is why I carry their policy with me)
If they do it right, they should be adjusting the coupon to match the item price…no overage/money maker.
I’ve actually had a manager tell me when I had a coupon for a clearance item that was higher $ than the item $ that the only way I could buy it with my coupon was if she charged me the original retail price!

Awesome! I’ve been needing a starter kit for the free refill we got last week from the P&G estore!

How does the febreze flameless candle become a money maker without RR? My Walgreens doesnt give overage.

Thanks so much for the deals. You can’t go wrong with skittles that’s for sure.

Anybody else agree on this one?

I thought the Pantene RR was only for the bigger Pantene bottles….does anyone know for sure if it is working on the smaller/regular size bottles? This would be awesome if so!!!

Does the Pantene Hair Care include shampoos or it is just styling products?

Yeah! I got this deal on the Febreeze candles on Saturday, I was so excited!