You can score Dove Visible Care Body Wash for only $0.75 at Walgreens!

Dove Visible Care Body Wash 10 oz $2.00
$1.25/1 Dove Body Wash, any 10 oz. or larger excluding Dove Men Plus Care from RP 1/30
$1.00/1 – Dove VisibleCare Body Wash, 10oz or Larger – (
Final Price:  As low as $0.75

Thanks, Wild for Wags

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what is this RP 1/30????

Toni…”RP 1/30″ is the RedPlum coupon insert from the January 30th Sunday paper. “SS 1/30” would mean the SmartSource coupon insert from the same paper. :-)

My K-Mart was out, and not going to restock until late next month…the manager gave me a fe wof the $1.50 tearpad coupons…will these work at other stores? anyone know?

Jason… I used the $1.50/1 at my local KMart and bought them out of the 10 oz sizes… I was wondering if I could use those tear-off coupons elsewhere as well. Anyone know? If not, I might just get one and try it…

Yes they will. I used them at Walgreens. They are manufacture coupons.


I am new to this coupon thing. I’ve been working the beginners steps for about a month now and decided to focus on Walgreens as a beginner until I get the hang of it. I’m having some problems though (which I am guessing are probably my error) and am hoping to get some help if anyone out there is willing to lend a hand….First off, I’m in Chicago and it just seems like whenever KCL shows an item listed as a particular price (clearance or regular, not so much sale) when I go to Walgreens it is often times much higher. For example, I went to purchase the Febreze Flameless LUminary Kit in Citrus Green Tea which KCL listed as $3.79 and it was $12.79 in the one Walgreens I could even find it at. Another example, skittles fizzl’d Fruits KCL showed $0.22, I found it for $0.45. SO I guess my first question is whether or not KCL is region specific and maybe just won’t work for someone in Chicago. Granted, the skittles difference isn’t the biggest deal but come on the Febreze was $9 more?!? Now, don’t get me wrong, Ihave goten in a few good deals too but mostly I feel like alot of the time I’m on a wild goose chase. Am I doing something wrong? DO I just need to modify my expectations? SHould I have started with a different store? I feel like my sense of what is and isn’t a good deal is getting skewed so I don’t know if I’m getting the best deal I can or not. Can someone help point me towards the light at the end of this tunnel??

Thanks in advance, Deb


My thought is that in Chicago products are just going to be at a higher price. I used to live in Chicago and it’s way more expensive than Phoenix. I feel for you since you live in LOND (Land Of No Doubles). I agree that alot of the things listed here on KCL are only for their area. There are several other websites (no offense KCL) that are just for the Chicagoland area, that might list clearance and great deals. Don’t give up the deals are out there.

Thanks Sandy and JC,

JC – I never thought about asking someone to scan to verify price, will definately do that next time.

Sandy – THanks for the suggestions. I really like KCL because the info is clear and concise and I can look things up on a daily basis but I will look for another more chicago-friendly site to help me figure this out as well. I’m determined to make this work!

THanks everyone, Deb

I am from Texas and having some of the same problems with pricing, but here is what I found this week on the Luminaries. One store I went to had the pricing at 3.79 but they were out.
I went to another store and they were priced at $7. I asked the cashier in the make-up department to scan for price and it scanned at 3.79.
The next store I went to had them priced at $10. Again I asked the checker to scan for price and it also scanned for $3.79.
So if you see something posted for a particular price and it is not what you find, get someone to do a price check for you.

Hey Deb. I thought you might like to checkout She is from a suburb of Chicago so that might help you out a bit more. I too am from a Chicago suburb and I use that site and this site. It’s worked out well for me:) Hope this helps.

I got these for .67 at Meijer’s here in Michigan. They are on sale for 3/$5 and I use my $1/1 MQ.

I just got these at Kmart for .49 cents! $1.99 on clearance and $1.50/1 on tear pad coupons further down the aisle! They only had 5 though. Plus got an Olay Regenerist Cleanser reg $13.99 clearance for $4.62 plus $3.00/1 making it $1.62 and 2 Vaseline Body Lotions on clearance for $2.00 used 2 $1.00/1 coupons making them $1.00 each. Total spent $7.65, total saved $38.92!

I Loooooove this body wash I stocked at CVS, its really good for the skin making it soft and smooth!

After going through and filling in the required information it tells me there are no more coupons to print.

My Red Plum Coupons printed but without a picture, I just know this is gonna cause an argument…wish me luck

I found a whole bunch of $1.50 off 1 manufacturer tearpads at Kmart and used them at Walgreens to get them for 50 cents each!! Kmart was sold out of this size.

I cannot print off this coupon. It directs me to the Dove website where it longer avaible..

I wasn’t able to print a coupon from Dove. But they do have free shampoo samples

I haven’t had much luck finding these smaller promo bottles around here. I know CVS was sold out a few weeks ago when they ran their $1.99 sale, but I’ll have to check Wags to see if they have any left. Thanks for the tip!

You can get these even cheaper at Target. I used 2 $1.25/1 MQ’s and one $2/2 Dove personal care TQ (I printed it from RP), which made these $0.24 each (original price @ my Target was $2.49 each).


Laura you’re a genius! Was about to stuff my $1.00 coupon in Walgreen envelope, then I saw your comment. Now put it in my Target envelope instead and I did find my $2/2 TQ inside. Ha ha so just $0.50 each for me, not bad. Thanks!!!

I have not been able to find this size at my Target. I was hoping to because I have 1.50 coupon and combine with Target would make it free. Were yours with the other body wash or were they on an end cap? Was it at a regular Target or Super Target?

I have a $1.50 coupon I love this body wash!!!!! Yea is it a sale price? says there are no more coupons left =(

Stocked up on these Monday before the coupons expire!!!

Is this a sale price for the week or a regular price?

Its the regular price for the promo 10oz bottles that they have had for about a month now. My Walgreens had plenty but CVS also had them for $1.99 but They sold out the 1st week here and never got anymore in! I just got 10 Monday at Wags!