I found Pampers wipes  and Diapers on clearance, so here is a deal if you find these wipes:

Pampers Soft Care, 576 wipes $9.44 (Clearance 30% Off)

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, size 5 or less 136 ct $30.99 (Clearance)

Buy 1 Pampers Soft Care, 576 wipes $9.44 (Clearance)
Buy 1 Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, size 5 or less 136 ct $30.99 (Clearane)
Use $7.00/2 Pampers Diapers 112 ct or Larger for Baby Dry AND Wipes 480 ct or Larger, Target Coupon from RP 1/30 #2
And Use $3.00/2 Pampers Diapers AND Wipes 60 Ct or larger From PG 1/30
Final Price: $30.43 for BOTH Diapers and Wipes

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12 thoughts on “Target: Pampers Clearance Deal”

I saw this clearnance, and made the connection to the coupons – but it still doesn’t trump the price I get buying the regular Up and Up diapers that Target sells. Absolutely love ’em! And at 19.99 per 144 box, why would I spend $30 on pampers?? Even if you apply the amount of the coupons straight to the diapers only, it isn’t much of what I would call a good price.

I wish the coupon had allowed you to apply it to two boxes of wipes instead. Those I don’t care for from Target (the bags leak all through my diaper bag).

Ok. I didn’t see that it was a Target coupon. That clears it up. Thanks!

My Target had Pampers diapers in size 3 on sale taking them from $35.99 to $25 and wipes at original price of $11.99 with $7 target coupon and I had a $3 off man coupon for the diapers and paid $27.99 for both!!

I would be interested in the target q if you still have it.

i got this deal too last week! i got this huge pack that regualry costs 35 dollars for 30 and a big box of wipes for regualr price at 11, i used my 7 dollar target q and a 2.00 man q, so a total savings of 14 dollars! so i practically got the big box of wipes for free

She is actually talking about a target q that came out in the coupon insert for 7 off of 2!!! I have two of them if anyone is interested, I don’t use pampers! And I am stocked up on diapers for at least 6 month:)i

I am interested if you still have them coupons…I have looking to buy pampers for my little one. I have tried to find good deals online but have not being successful…Any recommendations on where to look?

Hmmm, I’m confused, how can you use the two coupons when they are both MFG coupons for 2? arent the coupons in your scenario $7 off 2 and then $3 off 2, and your only buying two items…isnt there supposed to be 4 items??? thought ya could only do this if one of them was a Target coupon… =}

Would this be using two Manufacturer’s Coupons?

Hey Ladies,

Just to let you know at my Target in Montana they also had Pampers diapers on clearance for 25.99! :) Picked some up last week! <3

How can you use both coupons if they are each on 2 items?