Here are few great deals at Walmart!

Gain Fabric Sheets, 80 ct $3.12
$3.00/1 Gain Fabric Softener or Sheets from RP 2/13
Final Price:  $0.12

Gain Fabric Sheets, 40 ct $1.87
$3.00/1 Gain Fabric Softener or Sheets from RP 2/13
Final Price:  Free

Gas-X, 20 ct $1.28
$1.00/1 Gas-X Product, any from SS 1/9
Final Price:  $0.28

Hall Cough Drops, 30-40 ct $1.18
$0.50/1 Halls Cough Drops – (
Final Price:  $0.68

Thanks, Saving with Amy

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You can only use one man. Q per item. Period. Some stores issue their own store coupons and will allow you to use their store coupon and a man q (stacking).

You will have to print out your coupons if they are Internet coupons and you usually only get 2 prints of each coupon per computer.

Man Q’s you can obtain by a clipping service, eBay or buying multiple copies of your local paper.

Hope this helps- Carrie

Dollar General has Gain normally priced at $2.00/ 60 ct box. Final Price would be free as well!

How do I go about using the gain coupons at family doller if they only cost $2.15? Thanks

If they allow overage you buy a filler and get something for free!

My walmart in Northern VA had the 40ct at $1.87 and the 80ct at 3.26. I didn’t want to waste the coupons on just the 40ct at 1.87. Since I didn’t feel like spending $0.26 per box on the 80ct after the coupon, I decided to buy five 40ct and five 120ct at $4.33, this allowed me to spend $0.10 cents per box, now that’s a deal. I did my own scenario and saved even more.

Went to Walmart today to get toilet paper and napkins, decided to get 6 Gain dryer sheets for $1.87 and use my $3.00/1 coupons, well the cashier said I couldn’t do it and when the manager came over she also said the same thing to which I pointed out that their policy states I can use them and she said she wouldn’t allow it. I politely told them to keep everything and that I would not be back to that store. Who can I write to at Walmart to inform them of the problem I had because it’s not the first time.

23 boxes – no wonder shelves are CTFO when I get there hoping for ONE.

What is RP?

rp= Redplum insert in your local sunday newspaper~ its a small insert with usually about 6 to 8 pages of coupons, hope this help! happy couponing!!!

Just a quick question to make sure..

Since Walmart is taking store coupons, are we allowed to stack them at all with a man. coupon as well?


I hit the jackpot the last go around and obtained 23 boxes of 80 count gain boxes of dryer sheets for .12 a box that adds up to $2.76. I live next to 3 Walmarts and they all sell for different prices. $3.12, $3.26 AND $3.52 a box. I did great.

$1 Malt O’Meal cereals were in the front of our store. I think they are $2/2 out there, making them FREE!

Does anybody else get nervous about a good deal? I got the gain sheets (3 boxes) a week or so ago, then yesterday after a trip to my favorite recycle bin, I got 4 more coupons. I just want to get in there before they are gone! Last time I had to go twice because the shelves were bare. This time the coupons are expiring very soon so afraid I won’t get this deal.

I have also visited the recycle bin in my building.My purpose was for this weeks P&G but came back with 2 gain coupons and fist full of other coupons I was about to order. High five to dumpster diving

Just got back from walmart and found a few good clearance deals:

AIRWICK ultra air freshener, clearance $5, used 4/1 cpn that I printed from
Nivea body lotion, clearance 3.00x 2 used $5/2 cpn
Lysol healthy touch handsoap, clearance $5, used 3/1 cpn.

Jealous of everyone finding them for so cheap! Made a special trip out of my way to Walmart this afternoon and couldn’t find any of the great deals everyone else has been finding. :( Boo! The cheapest ones at my store are $4.33!

Dollar general has box of 60 and 40 around 3 dollars each. they will aloow overage for smaller box as long as they dont owe you money.

our Walmart has been out of stock of Gain dryer sheet since the first day $3 coupon was out (was it two weeks ago???). I bought mine at Family dollar and it was $.76 total. Paid a little more but saved me trips to the store.

My Walmart in Toledo OH has the 80 ct box for $3.12. I have used 5 of them so far although I’m not a regular Walmart shopper anymore since they gave me grief about internet coupons. But I figure I’ve got my clothes covered for a loooong time.

Walmart’s coupon policy (check the KKL website or the Walmart website) is VERY vague. My husband’s been hitting the Walmart by his work for me, but they’re giving him all sorts of trouble saying you can only use one coupon per transaction (even thought it says 4 per transaction) and wouldn’t give overage. Boo!

They are 3.26 at my Walmart for 80 ct. but are out of stock. Hoping to get my coupons used before they expire. I very much DISLIKE going to Walmart, lol.

I dislike WalMart also. Ours in town has also told us before that we could only use one like coupon per transaction. The first time I emailed corporate about it, their response was basically too bad. We didn’t shop there for awhile after that. We tried again about 9 months later and he was told the same thing. I emailed corporate again, this time telling them that I wanted an apology for wasting our time and their response to me the last time was not good enough. I also told them that we would NOT be back to their stores. This time the manager called and told me to come see her. She gave me a $20 gc for our troubles. She said she would also be training everyone on coupons to make sure they knew what to do. It has been better but really we cut back how often we go there. Its just not worth the hassle most of the time.

Gaby, did you tell the Walmart people that on the coupon for the Gain sheets it specifically says you can use up to a limit of 4 of those coupons?

Keep in mind that if you purchased the gain coupon it is a better value to pay the extra $0.12 for 80 sheets than nothing extra for the 40 sheets (even with the overage figured in the 80 count is still cheaper per sheet).

@ Heidi, yes you can use one BOGO coupon and one .50 cents off coupon on two hall packets…because you’re allowed to use one MQ per item.

My Target in NoVA has these at $1.17 so I used target hall coupons and MQ, and I got them at $0.17 each. Great deal ! esp. with allergies and flu around the corner.

What is an RP and how do I get it?

RP means Red Plum. It’s one of the inserts that come in the Sunday newspapers and contains coupons. Some folks get them in their regular mail if their local newspaper doesn’t have it. You can find out what’s going to be in the upcoming Sunday inserts by checking

I’m a newbie trying to get the hang of things. Is there a page with all the abbreviations you guys use? Like RP, I’m like Anna, it’s hard to catch on when you can’t figure out what your talking about. :) Can I ask a stupid question? So like on the Gain, when a coupon will make it free… If you want to stock up, do you have to print off as many coupons as you want to buy of the product? Or will one coupon due for as many as you like? I am just getting going using coupons so I’m REALLY a newbie! Also, seems like there have been times at Walmart where I have had more than one coupon for the same product, and they would only let me use one? Thanks for the response.

my walmart in antioch ca was out of the 80ct for 3.26 when i went so she let me use 4 3/1 coupons but i got 8 40 count for 1.87. she said as long as the value of my couopons did not exceed the total on all the boxes of sheets i could do it that way since they were out! very nice checker i love when that happens!

Hello fellow Antioch-ian! I tried to use these at Walmart, but they wouldn’t let me on the $1.87 boxes…then I read somewhere that Walmart’s new policy is to allow overage. Need to get more information on that!

HI there! technically i didnt have overage from the checkers point of view. I guess its all in who you get as a checker LOL. im going to try and go back and see if they have the 3.26 boxes now. when did you go last? I went on monday.

I found the 40 count at Walmart and the first time I used the coupons the cashier gave me overage. The second time the wouldn’t give me overage. Does Walmart have a policy on this or is it just what the cashiers feel like doing?

I have Hall’s BOGO coupons. Can I use them in conjuction with a .50 off coupon?

The Dollar General near me has the 40ct. reg. for 2.00 and the 60 ct. lavender for 2.75 and the big bottle of liquid is on sale for 3.50. So I’ve been racking up. Also they give overage…..yeeeaaahhh….=)

Do you know how many loads the 3.50 liquid softners have? Thanks :)

Jessica, I think its 60 or 70??? sorry not at home to look….

here the 3.50 at dollar general is only 21 loads!

Can you get this coupon any other place? I just started couponing and don’t have the RP from 2/13??

You can buy them on Ebay. I know it sounds funny to pay for coupons to save money but most are selling about 20 coupons at a time. So you pay 1-10 and get 20 $3off coupons. Its worth it for me, as I LOVE Gain!

Our 80 count boxes are $3.52 at our Wal Mart.

My walmart was out of 80-counts. I guess I know why. I got the 40 count for $1.87 each and other items. They scanned the $3 dollar coupon and the difference was applied to other items. Can’t complain…

If you live near a Fred’s they have the Gain 80ct sheets on sale for 3.00. With the 3.00 coupon they are completely FREE!

If your Walmart is out of Gain, the 40 ct. sheets are also free at Family Dollar. (Reg price $2.15)

Grrr! I really need to figure out which newspapers in my area carry which inserts! I am just really getting into this and apparently did not get the RP from 2/13. I LOVE Gain so I would have had my eyes peeled for that Q! Isn’t there a site to preview which Q’s are coming out that Sunday? Seems like a saw one at some point.

Amanda, there are whole inserts for 2/13 on ebay for a reasonable amount.

To preview what is going to be in the Sunday newspaper inserts, check

There is a website. The one I go to is You are one of the lucky ones if you get the redplum insert in your paper. My paper doesn’t get it anymore. For some reason it is no longer available in my area.

I’ve been looking through all of my redplums and I’m not seeing that coupon.