Some Target stores have Propel Zero on Price Cut for $0.79.  Here’s how to get them for only $0.29:

Propel Zero, 20 oz $0.79
$1.00/2 Propel Zero Calorie, any 20 oz. or 24 oz. single serve bottles from SS 2/13
Final Price:  $0.29 each when you buy 2

Thanks, Totally Target

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19 thoughts on “Propel Zero only $0.29 at Target!”

The new Propel Zero sucks. The flavor is not as good the original and the powder DOES NOT DISOLVE in the water. Instead it clumps up and only after several minutes of vigorous shaking will the larger ones break up into smaller clumps.

I got the catalina and asked for a rain check for my fave flavor giving me a little more length to get more coupons!! :)

I got the $2 catalina also but it says “manufacturer’s coupon” on it so it can’t be combined with another coupon. Unless I’m missing something?

I got the $2 catalina today after purchasing 8.

So where are these at in the store cause im having a hard time finding them I went down the isle but they only had the 6 pack and there was none in the cold case by the registers.. Help please

I couldn’t find these coupons anywhere. I looked in my coupons and couldn’t find them. I’d love to take advantage of this deal and when you do the doubles at Kmart, is that per day or can you leave and go back and do another five?

I bought 10 of these today at my Target. When I checked out, I received a Catalina for $2 off of 9 Propel for my next shopping trip, so I’ll use up the rest of my $1/2 coupons to get more and this time they’ll be free! :)

I live in a tiny town (nearest Wal-mart/Safeway/Albertson’s are 20+ miles away) and our little “market” had then for .79 so I snagged 10 for $2.70.

How does Target regulate the amt per household? Does your Target require an Awards card? I’ve never heard of a Target store requiring such a card so this being the case, you can buy 10 per transaction, right? Just my opinion :)

So you can use a target coupon elsewhere? I am trying to learn a lot of the secrets you guys use to get more out of my coupons and I was wondering if you can use the store coupons at other stores?

Walmart will take coupons from any store but they count it as a manufacturer’s coupon so you can’t double up a store and manufacturer’s coupon.

how does your target know ? you could probably just do 8 trips and get 10 each time !

Supposedly they will be on sale at Publix for 2/$1 this weekend. And you can use the $1/2 coupon making them free!

You guys are lucky because no one sells singles around here, just the 8 and 24 packs.

I found them at a Walmart 25 miles from here and their supply is limited because it’s considered a “seasonal” item, no idea why. And they cost .33 each.

my target has a limit of 10 per household…I hate it cuz i have like 80 coupons that i found for this.

These are free at Kmart, they are 10 for $10. plus Kmart’s doubling up to $2. this week making your $1. coupon worth $2. The rules are you have to spend $25. (before coupons) in groceries and/or hba and you are only allowed 5 doubles a day. Also, you’ll need a Kmart rewards card, that’s how they keep you to your 5 a day.


It’s free at K-mart with the double coupons (on sale 10 for $10) but you have to buy some other pretty high price stuff to go with it to get to the $25 spent before coupons to even be able to get the doubles.

My Winco had these for .49 cents each so I got 2 for free!

Got mine for free today! Our local grocery store (Bloom) in Northern VA was having super double coupon day up to 1.99 today only. Used all my $1 off 2 coupons and stocked up for my boys and baseball season!! They will sure come in handy :)