Grab this coupon to get free PediaCare at Walgreens this week!

PediaCare Products $5.99-7.49
Use $2.00/1 – PediCare product, any- (
And use $5.00/1 PediCare product In Walgreens Ad
Final Price: Free – $0.49

Thanks, Common Sense with Money

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21 thoughts on “$2.00 off PediaCare Coupon!”

@Chrissy it did the same with mine with our employee discount too?? Weird!

Thanks so much for this posting! I picked up 4 of the childrens and 2 of the infant medicines . . . a few for our family and a few for the Open Door Mission!

I was wondering if you someone could explain the fillers? I am a little confused about them. How would I have to use fillers in relation to the pediacare deal?

It would not let me print it either, but I went to their website and they let me print 1/$1.00.

It was 7.99 at my Walgreens, but .99 is still a smokin deal. Had to buy my child cold meds at full retail a couple weeks ago so stock up with the savings are hot (and your child is not!)

That could be my problem — my ad is only 8 pages!

Can you use coupons from other regions? Will they be recognized by my loacl store’s computers? If so, is there a way to get a scan of the coupon?

I would think any coupon would work – whether it was your area or not – I can try scanning it and email it to you if you want.

Is this a regional promo? In Delaware, I don’t see any in-ad coupon (or other sale) on PediaCare.

in my ad (in Indiana) it’s on page 13 – bottom right corner next to the vicks coupon

QUESTION: I bought the Pediacare:
$9.99 for infant pain reliever 1 oz., ($8.49 w/family associate discount)
$6.92 for children’s cold medicine 4 oz, ($5.35 w/disc.)
$7.49 for infant pain reliever .5 oz., ($6.37 w/disc.)

3 $2/1 Pediacare product manufacturer’s coupon and
$5 off Pediacare Wags coup. **should have taken off $5 off each, total $15 off

These should have been better than free since I used fillers. However, the receipt showed that the Wags coupon only took off $12.75 so I still paid $1.46. (Still a great price) I handed the cashier that coupon *last* so I don’t know what happened; I am new to couponing. Does anyone have any idea how this happened??? Thanks!

If the walgreens coupon says limit 3 does that mean I can get 5.00 off 3 with one coupon or do I still need 3 walgreens coupons?

I got 5 infant drops at 5.99 and 3 Childrens at 6.99 paid 9.58 saved 34.35 and unless u buy fillers u can’t use the 2$ printable coupons because the 5$ off coupon makes them down to .99 if u buy the ones priced at 5.99 but still good deal!

Suzie, that is way you always want to use your manufacturers coupons FIRST at Walgreens, then the in ad coupon. This way the registers wont beep, and you can still get the item free.

My Utah Walgreens had plenty of these today. I was able to pick up 3 acetaminophen priced at 6.99 so after coupons they were free and one cold relief priced at 7.49 for just 0.49. Just remember to give your manufacturers coupon first, then your in ad coupon. What a great thing to have on hand. No running to the store to pay full price for me when one of my little ones gets sick.

couldnt use the manufacture coupon on this yesterday so i only got to use the walgreens in ad coupon. 2 for 2.64 is still not bad

sorry for the duplicate above, it didnt take my comment the first time :-)

I got 2 yesterday and 3 dawn dish soap from walgreens and my total since I had to do two transactions on the first one was $1.68 and than the two pedicare I got for .78 cents :)

I got 3 this morning, what an awesome deal!!!!!!!!

FYI it also prints a save 1.50 manufactuer coupon after receipt on any pedia care, if you run out of printables you can use that go back for more!!

I got 3 this morning, what an awesome deal!!!!!!!!

FYI after you purchase your pedia care it prints a manfucturer coupon for any pedia care item, save 1.50

so if you run out of the printable 2.00 you can use the ones that print with receipt to get more.

Try zip code 90210, under Health Care and it was is on the bottom of page 1 on the right.

I keep seeing posts about this coupon, but it’s not showing up with any of the zip codes I’m using. Help…