$3.00/1 – Salonpas Pain Relief Patch or Salonpas Arthritis Pain – (bricks.coupons.com)

Here is a HOT $3.00/1 Salonpas Pain Relief Patch coupon.  These are priced $1.99 at Walgreens for a single patch.  This coupon will make it Free!

Salonpas Pain Relief Patch single $1.99
$3.00/1 – Salonpas Pain Relief Patch or Salonpas Arthritis Pain – (bricks.coupons.com) (will have to be adjusted down)
Final Price:  Free

Thanks, Hooked on Bargains

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21 thoughts on “HOT New $3.00 Salonpas Pain Relief Patch coupon, Plus Free at Walgreens!”


That was the problem I had with the visine too, the manager said it was only good on the visine pictured. When I called corporate to ask them, they forwarded my number to the same manager who then basically chewed me out for questioning him. Not sure there is anything else to do in those situations.


I tried this today and the manager tried to tell me that the “good on purchase of one” means “1 box” because that is what is pictured. I politely told her that it meant 1 product and that the picture does not matter! I dont know what else to do when they are sure they are right but are obviously very wrong!

Saying already printed for me! boo! Anyone else having this problem?

Two things to add…first my walgreens had the single packs for $1.99 along with B1G1 50% off. So it was $3 for 2. The manager told me I could get 2 more and get all 4 for free. I said I wasn’t sure that was legit and he said it was. So I did!! Yea for me 4 single packs for free!

second…just an fyi…I had a question about the visine in store coupon a few weeks ago. KCL said if you buy the one with the added rephresh (I think that’s what it was) Then you could use the store coupon and the mfg coupon. I think you could then get some additional product for free. The manager told me I could not use the in store coupon for the visine with the additive so I passed on the deal. Afterwards, I called corporate (from the WAGS Parking lot actually). I asked to confirm exactly which products the in store coupon could be used on. I got a call back within 2 hours however it was the manager I disagreed with at the store originally and he told me he remembered me and that I was wrong. I tried to explain that I was trying to find out the answer from corporate and he basically told me “too bad”. I know I was right b/c others on KCL posted that it worked for them. He was rude on the phone and didn’t understand why I was calling him. (which I wasn’t…duh!) I wasn’ ttrying to make a big thing about it but he certainly turned it into a thing. Needless to say, I won’t be returning to that store. THank goodness there are lots ad lots of Walgreens!!

My store didn’t carry the single patch packages. Mine had the boxes of 5 patches for 7.99. I decided to come home and read it again. I have a tendency to print first and “read” later! lol I will try Wal-mart. Thanks for the tip. Has anyone actually tried this product before? I have a bad neck with almost daily pinched nerves and constant stiff neck. I’m hoping this works for me.

I’ve found them to work very well I use the patches and I have a jar of Tiger Balm that I could not live without!

If you have problems with cashiers and managers at Walgreen’s just contact corporate customer service via email. I did that and had the manager of the story calling me within 2 hours to apologize for the cashier…so they definitely follow-up!

Did you notice it says coupon good on one salonspas pain relief patch and limit one per customer? I’m assuming that by 1 they mean 1 box. The reason I ask is someone said they have a box of 4 at CVS for just under $3.00.

Wow! Walgreens called you to apologize? I’ve emailed corporate twice telling them how rudely I was treated the past two times I shopped there (it’s been weeks since those 2 emails) and I haven’t received any response at all. I guess they didn’t like what I had to say. I’ll never shop there again. I’ve never been treated so terribly coupons or no coupons. I had my coupon policy with me and they still adamantly refused to adjust the coupon down by 1 cent. She said they “don’t do that here.” Even after I pointed out the line in the policy that said the exact opposite. Then the cashier told me in the meanest tone that she didn’t care what I did, she wasn’t going to take my coupons. Oh, and she informed me that I couldn’t use more than one anyway (I tried to buy 4 deodorants with 4 coupons plus I had 10 packs of gum) the coupon said “one coupon per purchase.” I did the “Krazy Coupon lady” tip and nicely asked her how many I was purchasing, and she said “No! One per purchase means 1 only!!” How do you change someone’s mind when they react this way? LOL! Maybe she got mad that I showed her the coupon policy which made her feel ignorant?? Not my intention. I was super polite even though she was humiliating me in front of other customers and employees. The worst part is that this woman was a “Team Leader,” not just a regular cashier. Shouldn’t they know more than a standard cashier? Shouldn’t they lead by example and know how to keep their cool in stressful situations? I just walked out of the store without making a purchase. I’m sure they don’t care to lose one customer, but I just wonder how many others have been treated so horribly. I don’t need apologies from them, but I would love to know they’re educating their employees to follow their own policy in the future. Probably not. Sorry for the rant. LOL

Welllll, the manager was all “It won’t scan, it’s fruadulent sorry to tell you!” I’m all “stay calm Adriann, just stay calm…” He says if it won’t scan then it’s not real! Pffffff! I went to Walmart and it scanned just fine!

on my Walgreens for $ 7.99 are not found at $ 1.99 :(

They are free with coupon at Rite Aid also!

First off the new scanners at Walgreen’s suck!!! I have noticed now that I am continually having problems with the cashiers regarding the new scanners. Second, when is Walgreens going to educate their new coupon policy with their employees and the Managers? Not that hard to have the new current coupon policy right there near the cash registers.

I got one today at Walgreens, but had to fight for it. The cashier told me she wasn’t going to “rip off” Walgreens for me. Uggh. Bring your policy and your patience. 😉

I don’t know how they’d be getting rippied off, you should remind them that they get reimbursed on the coupon from the manufacurer plus 8 cents, its no loss to them. And yes, take your copy of their store policy…it says they adjust the coupon down. Wags can be strange sometimes lol.

try rite aid next week

you do have to buy a filler item if you are using more coupons than the amount of items you have. Check out their Q policy on their website.

My coupons wouldn’t scan so they denied me my patches!!!!!!! Errrrrrrrr

My Walgreens today wouldnt adjust the coupon price i had to buy a filler, so is it just my store or does this happen all the time?

Walmart has SALONPAS SINGLES $1.50-2.50
You can get overage
Be sure to bring the updated policy with you

Yeah ! Walmart can actually give you the change back, since their new policy changed =)