Like KLM Airlines on Facebook and create two free personalized luggage tags! You can even upload your own picture.  Expect 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  Yay! no more filling out an airline tag every time you travel! 😉

Thanks, Bargain Briana

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12 thoughts on “Two FREE KLM Personlized Luggage Tags!”

please bring the free KLM luggage tags. I like to have my family pics around me. when I’m on trips.

Thanks for the heads up! Pretty awesome deal!

To clarify for anyone…you input ONE picture with your name and whatever contact info you want to include. KLM will send you TWO tags…but they will be exactly the same. So you essentially create only one.

thanks! i just got the deal – really cool, can’t wait for them to arrive!!

perfect timing! Going to Las Vegas next month and we needed luggage tags!!

It told me that the labels are sold out….

I just made mine. I cant wait to get them in the mail.

It only let me do one.

I put a pic of my daughter and instead of the address I just put the name and picture event. Now I have a sturdy one to carry in my purse.

I clicked on the link and “liked” them…but screen is blank…hmmm…any suggestions?

Did you go to “Get Free Tags” on the left side? From there you can upload your photo, input your info, etc to create the tags. It did mention that Safari on a Mac would not allow you to upload the photo or something. I’m using Firefox on a Mac and it’s fine.

This is really cool! I put just my phone number and address on them so that I can use them after I move!

edit: EMAIL address