Wow! Talk about a RARE coupon!  This one has only a limited number of prints available, so print it now!

Buy 1, Get 1 Free – Pepsi  throwback, 12 pack – (

Thanks, Jess!

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25 thoughts on “Hurry! BOGO Pepsi Coupon!”

too bad some printed out 2,

Missed it…

Need to post again. What a disappointment!


For those lucky enough to have been able to print 2, Safeway is running their Buy 2 get 2 Free promotion again on Pepsi, so 4 free 12-pks through Tuesday, March 15 (Must pay tax and CRV on all 4 12-pks). Hopefully your store is carry this flavor.
If you only got one coupon, it is still a great deal – purchase 4. Two will be free with B2G2, one free with coupon which means you will pay for one plus tax and CRV on all 4 12-pks.

All gone. If anyone has an extra one to spare. Please e-mail me.

well, at least I can still get Coke coupons on

The throwback tastes so much better that the kind with high fructose corn syrup. It took me back to the old days. hehe

Does anyone know if this will be coming out in the smart source coupon insert in the sunday paper any time soon?

already expired :(

that went REALLY fast :(

Tried but already gone? :(

its gone.:(

Gone! :-(

Already gone…

WHOA! 22 min later and it is GONE!

Its gone.i

It’s already gone :(

looks like it’s gone already? It says the offer expired :(

Aw man, it’s gone!

Cool! Anybody tried the Pepsi Throwback?

How does it taste compared to regular Pepsi?

Is this available at all big chain grocery stores?

I printed 2!

I LOVE Pepsi Throwback.. It is a little sweeter than normal Pepsi. It’s made with real sugar! :) Tastes like the coca cola they sell in the Mexican aisle.. Or soda sold in other countries.. No high fructose corn syrup!

Having trouble printing this….anyone else?

I didn’t have trouble printing out this coupon.

Wowza ! This coupon doesn’t expire until 12/31/11
Thanks KCL