Yippee!  The Dove Men +Care Deodorant coupon has reset and now you can get it for FREE at CVS! :)

Dove Men +Care Deodorant $2.00
Use $2.00/1 – Dove Men+Care Deodorant – (coupons.com)
Final Price: FREE

Thanks, For The Momma’s

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40 thoughts on “Dove Men’s Deodorant Coupon Reset! Free at CVS!!!”

They are not on sale in Alabama…I tried Walmart and CVS….$4.99…:(

Went today to CVS in San Bruno CA,and the Dove Men +Care Deodorant was not on sale at all… Soo bummed!

The deal ended on the 12th.

It was $5.49 this morning in the Reston Virginia CVS and it show $5.49 on the scanner as well. No special here.

When will this deal end?

I went to a CVS in southern california on 3/13/2011 and the price was 4.99 not 2.00….. is the 2.00 going to kick in this week, or did it pass already

It was not on sale in Indiana. It was 4.99 Didn’t work.

Just went to CVS in Columbus, Ohio an it didn’t work there either. The “price checker” said they were $4.99

Went to CVS this afternoon and was able to use the $2 coupon and find the right Men’s on sale. It’s the 2.7 oz Dove Men’s. I scanned it at the machine and it said $2.

This information could have been useful earlier. I wasted my time, gas (which isn’t cheap at the moment) and ink!

oh bummer, if i only knew to price check them before. I got 2 from one CVS and then i went closer to home to get 2 more and they were regular price, then went yet to another CVS and the same …regular price $4.99. The sale it’s over today right?

Does anyone know if we can use these at Target? They are having a sale on Dove and there is a Target coupon for them as well…just wondering because I don’t have a CVS close. Thanks!

I went today and got five. They are the ones with the silver cap. I found mine behind the newer ones. not all companies rotate their products like they should , especially when they have the push forward bar behind them. But check behind all the dove mens care deodorants for the ones with the silver caps they are $2

Thanks for posting it was the silver cap…I had gone this morning to getnsome and was disappointed because they were 4.99 but after reading your post I went back and was able to get 8 for free…thanks again

Can you use more than one coupon?? I am new at this.

I had the clerk scan every single one – the DEODERANT was full price, $4.99. The ANTIPERSPERANT/DEODERANT in one was on sale for $2.00.

Hope this helps!!

You have to make sure you get the ones that have the Silver Caps. They are the only ones ringing up at $2 each.

Only men’s degree was 2/4$ here in Philly. Men’s Dove was still regular price, about $4.99 ish.

i always thought that “remdem at” meant redeem only at that place… “and available at” was a margeting ploy and really meant anywhere


I went to cvs the first time and got the clear they rung up wrong so I called one of my bf’s and she said she had gotten them earlier.. she said check them on the coupon/price checker so I went back and tried the solids and they were 2/4 so I got 4 of them for 48 cents ;D

According to the weekly flyer.. Dove (For women) or Degree (For men) is priced at 2/$4.00. Dove for men was priced at $4.99 and did ring up at $4.99. I was unable to use the coupon. I reside in Chapel Hill NC. Anyone around here have any luck?

Make sure you check them on the scanner. I read somewhere else that it was only the 2+ oz that was on sale, there was another that was 3+ oz that was not on sale. I was able to buy one no problem (no questions or beeps) at CVS yesterday, in MD.

I live in GA and had the same problem at our local CVS. Only the deodorant pictured in the ad was 2/$4. The mens Dove was $4.99 and not on sale for 2/$4. Bummer…I was looking forward to some free deodorant! :-)

Same Herr. I also live in ga and it’s not on sale it’s $4.99

I wasn’t able to use them either. The mens Dove is not included in the sale and rings at $4.99 in Glens Falls, NY.


Im in Durham it works. I got 4 for free plus tax. Dove has about 6 styles of the deoderant so I took each of them to the red coupon machine and scanned them myself. Some still showed $4.99 while others were 2 for $4.

Thank you for the info. I will take a look at the CVS on Garret Road this evening. Would love to take part in this deal.

I had the same problem here in Delaware :( I couldn’t use it.

I’m in charlotte nc and it did the same thing for me! Hopefully it will come on sell for us eventually :)

oops..looked at the wrong thing..is it in this weeks add or the one that starts sunday????

this dove plus care is much more..i think it was 5ish dollars at walmart…i didnt think it would work for regular degree

Is the deodorant priced at $2 for this week only or is it an everyday price? Trying to see if I need to make the trip today…

$2 is the sale price

hmmm…is this CURRENTLY on sale or will it start Sunday??

The coupon states (Redeem at Walmart). Is anyone having problems using them elsewhere?

I used the coupons earlier this week. No problems, athough the guy did ask about it. I just told him that it meant that they are avilale there, but since it’s a mc, I can use it anywhere, as long as it doesn’t say “use ONLY AT…”
Happy couponing!

I tried to use them today,they would not let me.

What does coupon has been reset mean?

It means that if you already printed it, you can print it again.