Extreme couponing in Canada can save you a lot of money, but generally there is a lot of work involved – it can be quite time consuming.   So here is some valuable info about couponing in Canada, courtesy of Canada, deal-blog, Bargain Moose:

  • Many traditional coupon sites like coupons.com and restaurants.com are not valid in Canada. Of course, you find this out after printing the coupons and reading the fine print.
  • Unfortunately, Canadian coupons are often of less value than US coupons. Even sale prices tend to be not as great up here as in the US. Take Bath & Body Works for example: in Canada in they had 5 foaming soaps for $20, in the US the deal was 7 for $20.
  • Coupon stacking occurs but it is not as common here as in the US. Coupons often have barriers written into the fine print against that. However, we use coupons on sale and clearance prices, which can really help with the cost.
  • Most grocery stores accept coupons willingly (Loblaws, RCSS, Safeway, etc). However, they prefer ones that get mailed out, and get kind of skittish with coupons you print off yourself. If you have a valid coupon that a cashier isn’t too happy about, it’s always worth a polite word with the manager – you should be able to redeem any valid coupon. As a little aside to that, Blockbuster accepts all of Disney’s printable movie coupons, which is really helpful.
  • Groupon, Living Social, Wagjag and all those other group buy sites have Canadian cities where you can get great savings through pre-buying your coupon. They have really been a step forward for Canadian bargain hunting. There have been some super deals there so it is really recommend you subscribe to your city’s deals.
  • Facebook is a valuable resource for coupons. Click “like” on a company’s page and they will often post coupon codes or printable coupons. Be careful that you “like” the Canadian version of some companies, such as The Children’s Place. They have completely separate Canadian and US coupons, so make sure you’re getting the correct one.
  • Entertainment Books are a valuable resource you can get local to your city, and they have cities across the US and Canada too. They give great coupons for entertainment in that specific city, and they’re most useful for dining out deals.
  • As I mentioned before, the primary coupon sites one might use in the US are not valid in Canada. However, we do have resources for coupons here. Save.ca, websaver.ca and brandsaver.ca are all great Canadian websites for getting coupons, which are mailed to your home. Most are related to food, health, and beauty.
  • Prices? Well, prices across Canada can differ widely. I just saw a standard box of Froot Loops for $6. A razor (non-disposable) like a Venus will cost you around $10 – $14 and a gallon of milk is around $4 – $5. They are just a couple of examples of prices up here.

I hope that gives you a rundown on couponing in Canada! Happy clipping!

Bargainmoose.ca is a Canadian deals blog, which has been operating for about 2 and a half years. Every day, they write about the best deals available in Canada, from freebies to coupons, fashion to groceries.

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14 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing in Canada”

If a coupon does NOT state “Only valid in USA” is it good in Canada?

What you look for is a Canadian mailing address on the coupon for the store to get reimbursement. Usually it’s an address in St. John, New Brunswick, whereas U.S. coupons will have a U.S. address, usually in Texas. No Canadian address? Not valid in Canada.

Very jealous of the variety of coupons you have in the states, but fortunately there are still many sources that canadians have, but no double coupon days here :(

Great article!

And just a heads up target is planning on opening up some 120 stores in canada

And now, two years later, they are packing up and leaving. The prices were just too high. Walmart kicked their butt. Their own fault, I say.

We don’t think shopping in Canada as being that different than the US, but just a glance at amazon.ca vs. amazon.com is amazing. Where are the hovercrafts? Where are the giant boxes of Poptarts! 😉

I used to work with a company that has a location in Montreal. More than one employee in Montreal asked me to but them an iPod before I came to visit.

I am so glad to see this post about Canadian couponing. I am a Canadian who moved to Ky about 9 years ago. I used to be shocked at the prices here when i walked into a store. I was so used to the Canadian prices and could not believe how cheap everything was. This was before couponing.I have only been couponing since January and thanks to you wonderful site i have learned and saved so much. I go back to visit family every three months and because of all the great deals and freebees you post on here i can bring back terriffic “care packages” for my family in Canada. From laundry soap all the way to toothpaste.Every little bit helps. So thankyou again from all of us for what you do. :)

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady for sharing our tips :)

I LOVE that you posted this. I am a Canadian who has recently started cross border shopping in order to take advantage of the deals you get in the US. As a Canadian, it is extremely difficult to get things for VERY cheap or free. We have ok sales but nothing compared to your MEGA sales and NEVER anything for free. Our drug stores do not offer RRs or ECBs or UP+ rewards. We can collect points based on how much we spend but, it takes a good long while to rack them up. I recently read an article that says we pay, on average, 22% more for the same products here. A 32oz bottle of gatorade is $2.29 here and I got them at last month’s Kroger mega sale for $0.39!!!
Our Smartsource and Redplum inserts are pretty lame too. They have about 12-15 coupons in them and approx. 60% are pet. They are only 4-6 pages long and they suck…let’s be honest. When I ordered my first stack of inserts for the US, I was in SHOCK at how big they are! Printable coupons are few and far between here as well. Our rules are a little different but you CAN stack a coupon with a sale and you CAN stack a ‘store’ coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon. It definitely helps but, NEVER free product!! We do have 1 store in Western Canada that takes more than 1 coupon for a product. As long as the ‘barcode’ is different on each coupon, you can use more than 1. Doing this, I’ve managed to save a maximum of 80% and tax is never covered. We have HST here so tax is 13%!! anyway…enough of my rambling…you are all VERY lucky to be able to take advantage of all of your coupons, great prices on products and amazing sales. And…I thank you for offering this website/database to allow Canadians like me to live the joy!! LOL!

If you don’t mind giving up your source :) , can you tell me where you were able to purchase the inserts from. I am not having much luck, one source I found had a shipping rate that I thought was a little high.

My wife and I are Canadian extreme couponers, and also live in a border town, so your site has been extremely helpful to us since we do a lot of cross border shopping. The deals are definitely better in the U.S. and we have cut our grocery bill by 70%. Thank you for all of your info.

Used to have to dive cross border to shop in US. What a hassel! Now I’ve moved in US and can’t believe how much $$ I’m saving even without coupons! Counting my blessings…

There are however, some important Candian Coupon Sites to mention— Save.ca is one—they allow you to request coupons,which they then print and mail directly to you, Ithink its only once per month for that one. Also, PG does have brandsaver.ca which is similar to brandsampler in the us, they mail you samples with coupons once per quarter.

Some stores are great with stacking coupons– if you’re on the west coast, check out London Drugs, they let you use multiple manufacturers coupons on one item. For example, lets say you’re purchasing a small pack of Pampers Diapers that is on sale for $8.99. You have 3 coupons, One from save.ca for $2.50 off your next purchase of pampers, one from PG for 1.50 off any package of pampers, a peelie from the package for $1 off any, so in total we’re talking $5.00 off in Manufacturers coupons–London drugs will let you use all of these on the same item, bringing the cost of those diapers to 3.99. Hope that helps shed some light, the above post was pretty vague.

Thank you. ya couponing in Canada kinda sucks, we are quit jealous of yo guys sometimes but w do get lucky with London Drugs who allow stacking, also super store allows stacking with there in store coupons and manufacturer coupons and recently Pharmasave has been having double coupon days! So stores are getting a little better but some are getting worse also.
I just wish store that are in the US and Canada at least had some of the same deals like safeway for example. We do not get loadable cards or no double days. The only thing they do for us is email coupons every once in a while =(