$0.75/1 – Sara Lee Delightful Buns or Bread – (bricks.coupons.com)

There is a new $0.75 off Sara Lee Bread Coupon!

Thanks, Hooked on Bargains

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Visit coupons.com, go to printable coupons area, you’ll see a banner at the bottom (it rotates among other coupons like kellogg, restaurant.com, etc) with the 75c off sara lee coupon. Enjoy!

Oops let me retract part of the goods news, of course on closer inspection the coupon that I found last night can’t be used with this coupon for Sara Lee Delightful bread…it is excluded…sorry…but it is still good on $1.00 off milk with purchase two Sara Lee bread products…so still look in your bread isles for this coupon.

I kept refreshing till the coupon popped up on the right side and it printed for me on coupon.com. Also last night I found a coupon in the bread isle for a $1.00 off milk with the purchase of two Sar Lee bread products…it is on a tear off pad. I am assuming that they are in all markets,but they should still be there. They weren’t on a blinkie, so be on the lookout.

Angelique, thank you so much! I printed two, also, thanks to your help. :) Woohoo!

Go to coupons.com, click next on the coupon page until the side banner on the right side has Sara Lee. Printed 2 coupons!

I went to coupons.com and clicked the ad…

Got mine!! Yay!

After several tries, I went to coupons.com on page 2 and found the coupon info on the right side. I was able to print 2 coupons.

GOT MINE!…My ad was at the bottom of the page as well from that zip code that was listed above

tells me I’ve printed the number allowed. Wonder when I did it. What a rip off

Not the end of the world, just a loaf of bread :)

I went to coupons.com and kept scrolling through the pages until i saw the add on the right side and clicked on it. I was able to print from there.

I got my two! Thanks!

Same here! :(

I eventually found it too, just keep refreshing your browser until the Sara Lee ad goes up on the side. I wish it was on all Sara Lee bread, family doesn’t care for the Delightful stuff too much.

I try to print this coupon and it says that I already printed this, which I didn’t…..

it was in the bottom banner for me…

For me, it said it had already printed using the above link. I went out to coupons.com and saw it showing up as a Web banner ad running at the bottom of the coupon site page. Clicked on the banner and got it to print just fine.

Must already be dead! Everyone is getting the same thing.

If you go to coupons.com & look on the right hand side at the ads you can get it there. If it doesn’t come up right away just keep hitting refresh.

Am I doing something wrong? I tried this “trick” of going to coupons.com and looking for the ad but there are NO ads that pop up.

I just get an error

hmm. it says i printed them out too. weird!

Go to coupons.com and the link is on the right side of the page. You may have to refresh a couple of times but it will work!

I went to the original blog, she says its on the right hand side of coupons.com. I used my zipcode 66205 and the Sara Lee banner showed up on the right side and I was able to print from there.

I read on another site if you go to coupons.com and start going through the pages there will be an ad on the side for Sara Lee bread and a link to print the coupon. Hope this helps.

If you reboot the computer to factory default it will let you print all your coupons again. But you will loose all your info so do a back up your files and pics. It will change your ip and let you print.

I got the same thing, already printed maximum(I’ve never printed it.)

Says I’ve already printed too!!

FYI: One of their websites says they will be giving away bread coupons tomorrow on Twitter.

Tried the link, but no more prints available.

says i already print. i always have this problem :(

I wonder if it’s because she sending us to her direct link and so if she’s printed it the max times it wont let us. Hopefully, she can just put up the zip code for this item because it’s not listed under my zipcode.

I get this error frequently and it doesn’t matter which computer I try to print from :(


it wont let me print!

Thank you so much for sharing this!

It keeps saying I’ve printed it the # of times allowed- but I haven’t printed it at all! Anyone else having this issues?

said the same thing to me, and I didn’t print any either

Must be gone already….tried to print from 2 different computers and it says I have already printed the number of times allowed :((

OK This JUST popped up, and when I tried it, it said I’ve already printed the allowable amount of coupons. I haven’t EVER printed Sara Lee coupons because I’m new to this. What’s up with that?

Having the same problem. Never printed it before. I am using Windows XP.

Having trouble printing this one out. Get the message already prined the maximum. This is my first try at this coupon! Anybody else having problems here?

Strange, it says that I have already printed it. This is the first time I have seen a coupon for this bread. What do you do now?

Says I already printed…which I didnt. Did the same thing a couple weeks ago when this coupon was available. Anyone get this to print? I tried on all 4 of my macs.

says I already printed too, and never have……