Stouffer’s has a new Instant Win Game!  Everyone wins in this game. If you don’t like the coupon you get after the game just don’t print it and you can play a few more times to try and get a better coupon.  You could win a $1.50 off, $1.00 off, $0.50 off or a FREE coupon for Stouffer’s. Plus it’s a fun little game! :)

Have fun and good luck.  Let us know what you get!

Thanks, Mojo Savings

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16 thoughts on “Stouffer’s Instant Win Game!”

I got a FREEEEE one. yeah! Thank you KCL…

got zero all three times. But got a 50 cent coupon however the site ahd an error and I was unable to print it!

Got a free one on the first try!!

I got a free one! My first two tries were 0 but I finally got lucky on the last try. I love free stuff!

Got 2 1.50 off coupons!

$1.00 off and it let me do two prints!

I was greedy and ended up with 0, but it let me print out a 50 cent coupon anyway. That’s better than a free coupon, because Fry’s (Kroger in AZ) will not accept print-at-home coupons for free products. They will double it to a dollar, so that’s good.

Actually it’s a snail mail coupon… not to disappoint you, but just wanted to clear that up for others! So stores that accept coupons should accept it.

Won a free meal, thanks :)

sweet – FREE on the 1st try! :)

I played three times (released the first 2 coupons I got for $1 off) and the third time’s a charm, I got a Free coupon!

It would not let me in????

I didnt get any :( I got 0 the first two tries and the last got $1.00 but wanted to try for the free, but then it said I had played all 3 of my chances!! oops :)

woo hoo! first try got $1.00 off so did not print and tried again and won a free one !! thanks for the info, awesome as usual :)

I won a free one! Thanks!

Me to, I totally won the free one. Also I mastered Plinko. Drew Carey here I come!