WOW! There is a HOT coupon for Silk Soy Milk right now! Just head over HERE and look on the top right corner. You will see a coupon for $0.75- click the link and login or sign up. Then, you will be given an option to fill out a short (4 questions, I think) survey to get a $2.00/1 coupon!

Thanks, The Frugal Find


Silk Soy Milk, half gallon $2.50
$2.00/1 – Silk Soy Milk, Half Gallon – (

Final Price:  $0.50


Silk Soy Milk, half gallon $2.68
$2.00/1 – Silk Soy Milk, Half Gallon – (

Final Price: $0.68


Silk Soy Milk $3.29
$2.00/1 –  Silk Soy Milk, Half Gallon -(
Final price: $1.29

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40 thoughts on “$2 Silk Soy Milk Coupon, Plus Cheap at Walmart, Publix & Safeway!”

Silk Soy Milk doesn’t use or contain GMO soybeans if you are concened about GMO ingredients. I don’t work for them or anything. I just geeked out on their Web site where you can type in your UPC code from the carton and they tell you where the soy beans were grown for your carton of soy milk. One of the farms they buy from is on my husband’s home town! – Told you I was geeky :)

Walmart around south TX is 2.76 but STILL an awesome deal 😀

It worked after I created a new account. Awesome coupon — especially combined with Publix’s current sale of 2/$5. Only 50 cents each!!! My daughter only drinks soy milk and this is great!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

It worked for me. Thanks!

I was able to get two coupons, but our Walmart has just gone up to $3.28 for the Silk half gallons. It use to be $2.50, and they were always out of it, not they have it in stock, but the price has gone up. UGH

i am getting screwed with smartsource coupons lately! it goes to print but only prints out the “save 2.00” and then stop printing the rest of the coupon. so i don’t have a coupon and the system thinks that it gave me one when really i have nothing! AHHH!

Everytime I try to print with SmartSource it says that I have already printed the coupon and I have not. Any suggestions???

Means the coupon is gone already

There is also a $2/1 Silk register receipt (I think that is what it’s called, the machine that prints coupons after paying the checker at the grocery store) that printed for my groceries yesterday (3/19) at Albertsons.

Lisa, what did you buy that triggered the $2 off Catalina? BTW, I believe what you were talking about was Catalina.

I wasn’t able to find where the survey was.. only allowed me to print a .75 coupon once :( was hoping for the 2 dollar! I searched every where!

I printed two using IE 9. Thanks!

My son had to help me take dopwn the firewall to install Java. Be sure to put it back up afterward!

I was able to print 2 coupons for $2.00 off. Thank You KCL! ! ! You have to complete the survey if you want the $2.00 coupon.

Thank you so much, It worked for me! I love it, this the only milk we drink and it goes like pan caliente!!!

If you want to print a second, be sure not the close the page with the “download coupon” button. Hit it again once the first has printed.

I discovered that since I already had an account w/Silk, it would only give me the $.75 coupon. I signed up under my husband’s name (new account), it offered me the quiz and the $2 c/o but would only let me print it 1 time.

Ok, this appears to only be valid with a NEW sign up to their website. I was not able to access the survey/coupon with an existing account, but had no problem when I signed up with a different email address. HTH

It only let me print one.

I signed in (didn’t read the post all the way) and downloaded my coupon to see that it was $0.75. Tried to get back in and it said I’d printed already, clicked to “take the 10 day challenge”, but no survey. Tried a different computer and the same thing. Is it gone? That sure didn’t take long.

There was no option for a quiz, only the take the 10 day challenge

For the People that say they cant get it to print on smart source try this it has worked almost every time for me.

When you get the message about java diabled or not found just hit the back button list scroll down thing and you should see the smart source print coupon page select that and it should print coupon. =) o i hope this helps someone

I logged in, and only was able to get 2 0.75 off coupon. Then it ask me to take the 10 day challenge. I couldn’t find where the survey is or the $2 coupon. Please help!

It did the same for me so i just signed up using my junk mail email and then it popped up weird

Thank you so much, I was able to print after re-registering with a new email!

Nope I just received a $2 coupon…@ Dana I also hate Smart Source as it also is an issue for their coupons to print

Thanks for the $2 off! My daughters and I drink soy and almond milk like crazy.

YAY!!! Thanks, I’m always on the look out for Silk coupons since my daughter can only drink Almond milk. Makes me happy to save on those bad boys. :)

The page says its for 75 cents off until you sign in/register. Then it gives you the option to take their short quiz to upgrade to a $2 off coupon. I will second the problems with smartsource. It loads the main page where it shows the “Print Coupon” button, then immediately loads to another page saying they do not support my configuration. So I backed it up and hit stop loading. I clicked the Print button and it worked fine… so much for it not working with Firefox.

OMG! THANK YOU!!!! My husband goes through a lot of soy milk! :o)

Looks like it’s been lowered to a 75 cents off coupon now :(

Sarah….did you sign up? Mine worked after I registered and was able to print 2.

If you fill out a short survey, they will bump it up from 75 cents to $2.

Oh man! I literally used my rain check at Fred Meyer (price 2/$5) YESTERDAY! Oh well, we go through this stuff like water, so this will be great! Thanks!

Once again, hate hate HATE SmartSource coupons! I have more problems with them!! I really wanted the $2 coupon, too. Thanks for the link though. I sent Silk an e-mail about SmartSource, too. Their software is pathetic!

Hi Dana,

I, too, can’t print any smart source coupons. It’s frustrating…just wondering if it were a java problem you were having? Apparently, that’s why I can’t print them, even though I’ve done everything the instructions say to do.

Yes, I think my netbook has issues with Java. I usually don’t have any problems when I print from my CPU. You’d think I’d learn to not even try!! 😉

If you $.75 coupon, and if you answer 6 quick questions, like the ages of your fammily members, you can then print the $2.00 coupon. Good luck

I was able to print this coupon twice (but a lot of you amazing shoppers probably knew that). :o)

Great coupon. I won’t let my 12 year old daughter eat or drink soy so we drink quit a bit of almond, coconut, rice & hemp milk & this coupon is perfect! Thanks so much!!