There is a new $3.00 off any K-Y Jelly product coupon available! Get it at Walmart and make money!

K-Y Jelly, 2 0z $2.62
Use $3.00/1 -K-Y Brand Product – (
Final Price: $0.38 Moneymaker

Thanks, Hip 2 Save

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41 thoughts on “K-Y Jelly Moneymaker at Walmart!”

Walmart store # 2015 refused to take these ky coupons. Insisted I got wrong item. And said I can’t try to get things for free. And refused to read the coupon policy I prontef form walmart website.

i cannot find it. it also just displays 9 coupons for me. zip code anyone? i tried the zip code someone posted earlier but that didn’t work either.

Picked up 2 but cashier and CSM made me do 2 separate transactions because coupons said “one coupon per purchase” ugh, tried to explain it to them but didn’t feel like arguing.

You can get a $2 off coupon from KY’s site that prints through Smart Source.

I used two of these tonight and they both worked!

I am not finding this coupon anywhere. I only have 9 coupons showing up and $3 off KY is not showing up. Help someone!!

I can’t believe nobody has not made a joke about KY jelly LOL!

I clicked on all of the links given for this and still can’t find the coupon.

Great find! I was hoping this coupon would be out again. Any other stuff makes me have a bad reaction, but sense this is what they use at the gyno office, I’m good (that stuff doesn’t make me burn). I used this last month and that was before the new policy and she just adjusted it down for free. glad I get overage this time.

some people may not find it because it has a different k y picture on the coupon but the $3 is good towards ANY k y product . :)

I just got back from Walmart and got the four of them and the cashier had no problems with taking the coupons.

good idea!!!!

I just looked on the website and the K-y Trial size is actually a 0.5 Oz so you can print that off or just go to another walmart But Im printing off the website to take in just in case!

I can’t seem to find it! Looking for a good zip….

my cashier said it was the trial size! :( what sould i do

The trial size is .97 cents at my Walmart. You could go up to the register with both and show her that it’s not the trial size.

How many times can this be printed?? I have noticed some will let you print several times but the bar code numbers are the same. Will you still be able to use it more than once??

It should print twice, and the pin #’s should be different : )

K-Y Jelly 2 OZ $2.62
Use the $3.00/1 -K-Y Brand Product – (
$0.38 Money maker at Walmart

Use the $0.38 Money maker on
One secret clinical strength deodorant .05 OZ
Go to the travel section in Wal-Mart and you will see Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for $2.47.
Use the $2/1 Any Clinical Strength Product PG 2/27
Final Price: $0.09

Use the

My coupon is not there for me either

SWEET Finally I had the coupon on the first try of looking, thanks for this!

Found the ky coupon but when I printed it, no bar code or serial numbers. Anyone ever have this happen before? I posted this before but don’t see it now so I am asking again. Thanks…

Gone? Or is there a good zip? Registered and still nothing.

I used 10305. see if that works for you/

ditto…no coupon

Not showing up on mine either. Zip code?

Not sure if this is ok but I am posting the link I found on smartsource. Could not find a zip that worked for me or I would just post that. Please remove if this is not ok.

Thanks for this web site it worked great! Finally a web that i can print coupons from. C~:

not sure if I can do this or not. Please remove if this is not ok.

I have 2 of these coupons and didn’t see this deal! Thanks for posting! I will be going to Walmart soon to reeem my FREE KY’s!

Click on Hip 2 Save and it will come up :)

I don’t see this on… What zip code are you using?

hi can u tell me if this coupon is still available i am not seeing it. thanks

what zip?

what zip code did you use to get the coupon??

has anyone ever had a problem printing coupons?
I found KY coupon and printed it, but the bar code never printed, or the serial numbers…
Has anyone else ever had this happen?


It probably has something to do with one of your ink cartridges…