Here’s an Awesome Deal on Nexcare Bandages!  Right now at Walgreens they have “Try me Free” Peelies on them.  There are 3 kinds to choose from, (Active Waterproof, Soft n’ Flex and Waterproof).  You can get a Rebate on all three and you only have to send in one form.  The Peelie will be your rebate form.  The Rebate is good through 12/31/11.

Buy 3 boxes of Nexcare Bandages (1 of each type) $3.49 each
Buy 1, Receive Mail in Rebate
$1.00/2 – Nexcare Bandages, Any – (
Pay:  $9.47, Submit Mail in Rebate
Final Price:  $1.00 Moneymaker after Rebate

Thanks, Wild for Wags

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21 thoughts on “Free Nexcare Bandages at Walgreens!”

none in clifton, new jersey! checked two spots!

Joy I went the other day to like 5 Walgreens and couldn’t find them at all. Went back to one today and found them on a end cap across from the bandaid section. It was on the top shelf of the end cap. Good Luck!!! I know what you mean with having young kiddos. I have a 5yr old and a 2 yr old and we go through lots of bandaids too special with shorts on now.

Not located here in Lynchburg, VA. Oh well! With two young kids (4 and 2) – I can always use more bandaids! I think I’ll swing back by later in the week (one can always hope). :)

I went to 5 Walgreens in North Fort Worth, Keller Texas area. I even talked to a few store managers and they looked at me like I was crazy. They haven’t heard of the rebate nor have them in there store. I guess I won’t get to score some bandaids this time :O(

None here in Menifee, CA. Did not even have any shelf space for Nexcare bandages. I even checked the endcaps. Darn –I really wanted to score some…

Hey Krazy Coupon Friends! I got this deal yesterday in NE TN. Two things: Make sure you buy 1 box of EACH type of bandage or this will not work. You get one free box of each TYPE. I had to do an exchange because I didn’t READ the deal. Second, as another writer posted they are NOT where the regular bandages are. I too thought my store didn’t have them, but look on the endcap of the aisle where the bandages are. That’s where my store displayed them. Also, make sure you get your coupon and use it too! I think someone posted the link to it. It is a PDF file, and it is easy to print (no need to enter all your info). Oh lastly, the APRIL coupon book isn’t out here either, but I’ll be looking for it! Have a great day!

I saw the link for the coupon, but couldn’t find where to get it once I got there. Any help would be appreciated. With summer fast approaching and my 7 kids at home, we’ll go through a lot of bandaids!!

Forget it; just found it! If anyone else has a problem…you can find it by clicking on view ‘all brands’ on the 3M home page, select Nexcare and you’ll see the coupon. Have a great evening!

Just to clarify – do you have to buy ALL 3 types to do the rebate? Or can you just buy 1 or 2 as long as they arent the same?

I looked all over. Couldn’t find them, either.

I have not been able to find these either. (I live in Indiana.) I drive an hour to work & an hour home, so I will look at all of the Walgreens on my way home tonight & see if I can find them in any of the stores.

I even checked at 2 Walgreens with no luck here in Virginia Beach.

Not available in Spokane,WA either. Our Spring couponbook is also not available.

I didn’t find them in Phily too.

Couldn’t find any either. Darn. – I live in the San Francisco East Bay…

Couldn’t find these either until I spotted them on the end of an aile by themselves. They aren’t down any actual isle so you may have to look hard…

None in San Diego either…. Boo. My hubby goes through a ton of bandaids.

I could not find these at my Walgreens. I couldn’t find any NexCare bandages. Bummer because I need bandaids too.

I guess this would be a good way to get some cash for some RR’s.

I guess this would be a good way to use up RR’s for a cash rebate.