Here’s another Great Deal at Walgreens!  See if your store has Buy One Get One Free Osteo Bi-Flex.  If they do, you can score 2 for Free!

Osteo Bi-Flex, 30 ct $9.99
Buy One Get One Free
Buy 1, Receive $1 Register Reward, Limit 1
Use $3.00/1 – Osteo Bi-Flex Caplets, Soft-Gel or Powder, Excluding Liquid – ( (zip 90210 pg. 10)
And Use $6.00/1 Osteo Bi-Flex Caplets, Softgels or Powder, excludes Liquids from RP 3/6
Pay:  $0.99, Receive $1 Register Reward
Final Price:  Free

Thanks, Wild for Wags

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24 thoughts on “Two Free Osteo Bi-Flex at Walgreens!”

  1. Blaine says:

    My walgreens didnt have the bogo but krogers did but didnt have the small boxes even still I got 4 boxes $68 worth for $10 not bad since it wouldnt let me stack my coups

  2. Vikki says:

    I went to my Walgreens here in Glen Burnie, MD. The tag indicated 9.99 however they DID ring up BOGOF. Happy camper here:)

  3. Michelle says:

    I can assure you they are BOGO in FL. I was stingy because my husband uses them all the time. We have 40 bottles and the expire in 09/13. The shelf is not marked but they DO ring up!

  4. Hilary says:

    Went today to Walgreens (Hillsboro, OR) and got my two free boxes. There was not indication that they were BOGO on the shelf, but sure enough, they rang up BOGO! I’m hoping to find another $6/1 coupon so I can go back and get some more!

  5. Lisa says:

    Used 4 $6/1 coupons to buy 4 Osteo Bi-Flex at my walgreens in nothern CA. They were up for 9.99 with a $1 RR.(only got 2 RR, but who is complaining?) Received $6 to tske home 4!! Mom uses this daily so she is very happy!

  6. sara says:

    the walgreens store brand was bogo at my store in northern calif.? I will be back on friday and will check if they are not sale too.

  7. Jacqui says:

    Help! What are x-points? My jusband went to a Walgreens near his job today (we don’t have any near our home), but they were out of must of the items I had planned on getting. He was given rain checks for all the items, however they don’t say register rewards on any. They say buy 3 @ .99C get 3x-points. What doesat mean?? Can he used the rain checks and still get the RR I was planning on receiving with my transactions?
    Thank you,

  8. Charlie says:

    There was a display up at mine (Orenco-Hillsboro) BUT the promo had ended on 1/29/11, don’t know why it was still up.

  9. Sandy says:

    mine weren’t marked BOGO, but I had the BA ring it up and check to see what happened and they rang up BOGO, so you might want to do a price check. Got them free and a RR so a MM. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hilary says:

      Where are you located? Also, how did you get $5/1 coupons (I looked at your receipt)? Or were they just adjusted down coupons?

      • matt says:

        I live in SW Washington/Portland Oregon area. I had four 5 dollar off coupons and two 6 dollar off coupons. I am not sure what weeks the coupons were issued.

    • AmyLynn says:

      What is a walgreens rewards card? We dont have those here in cT

  10. Kristie says:

    Hit 3 stores today and I can second what Marissa says. But it is still a good deal at 9.99 (from 19.99) when you use the $6 and figure in the RR.

  11. Jana says:

    Yesterday I tried to use these two coupons, it was not possible. Also, there is no promotion buy 1 get 1 free for this item. I just could use 1 coupon (I chose $6.00). The final price: $3.00.

    However, I’m enjoying a lot on your blog. Thank You!

  12. Sonya says:

    They weren’t on sale at my WAGS either.

  13. matt says:

    it is for real folks, they really are BOGO. i got 6 bottles, and 3 packs of gum last night. total OOP = $3.40 and total saved = $122.00!!!!

    i took a picture of my receipt and the 6 bottles. i will email it to you.

  14. MATT says:

    i did this last night, and they are BOGO. i went in and tried it, see for yourself. i did it camas washington. I used four $5.00 off coupons and two $6.00 off coupons. 6 osteo bi-flex’s and 3 packs of gum. total OOP = $3.40, total savings was $122.00!!!!

  15. Angela says:

    How can you use 2 manufacturer coupons on this item?

    • Sheryl says:

      I would like to know this too! I can understand how one coupon or the other can be used on the one you pay for, but how can you use 2? I only have the $3 Q and will be going to check it out tomorrow. With my bad knees I am hoping it is BOGO!

  16. Kim says:

    No but you could get one bottle for free with those coupons if they are $8.99 with the $1 rewards. That is the sale that I can find

  17. Marissa says:

    I called about 5 stores and they are not buy one get one free! ):

    • brenda says:

      Thank you!!!! I wont waste anymore time trying to find out where I put my $6.00 coupon :)

    • Pam says:

      did they actually scan them to see? My store (Chicagoland area) didn’t have any signs posted, but they did scan as BOGO. I used to $5.00 off coupons with no beeps.