There are two new coupons available! $0.75/1 – Wishbone Salad Dressing – ( and $0.75/1 – Smuckers Fruit Spread – (!  Hurry up and get these before they disappear!  ;) They both make for a great price at Walmart.

Wishbone Salad Dressing $1.68
Use $0.75/1 – Wishbone Salad Dressing – (
Final Price: $0.93

Smuckers Concord Grape 18 oz. $1.78
Use $0.75/1 – Smuckers Fruit Spread – (
Final Price: $1.03

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12 thoughts on “HOT Wishbone and Smuckers Coupons!”

  1. Alicia says:

    I was having problems too, but if you actually type in “” into your browser instead of following the link it popped right up.

  2. Valerie says:

    It was there on page 1 for me. No zip code entered, but I live in 98005, and the computer probably remembers that

  3. Kira says:

    Wasn’t able to find the Smuckers coupon. I tried just opening up the site and not putting in a zip code and then tried it with a couple zip codes and couldn’t find it.

  4. John Fay says:

    I just printed it twice, when I brought up I didn’t enter a ZIP code and it was on page 1 for me.

  5. Here is my info for the target drawing

  6. Heather B. says:

    Same here!!! :(
    Spent all morning looking for the Smuckers. Tried about 15 different zip codes and still couldn’t find it!

  7. Lacie says:

    not able to find it either.

  8. Tara says:

    Cannot seem to find the Smuckers either.. another site posted this yesterday and I have been looking since then.. Still haven’t found it! :(

  9. Cher says:

    Hello KCL,

    Looked under a couple different zip codes…not able to find. Help!
    Thanx, have a great weekend!

  10. robin says:

    Not seeing the smuckers :(

  11. Lisa says:

    What zip code did you find this under? I looked under 3 different ones and didn’t see it. Thanks!