Woot Woot! FREE Coffee!!! :) The $2.00/1 Millstone Coffee Bag or K-Cup Portions pack from RP 2/13 is soon to expire.  Here are a few ways to get FREE coffee:


Millstone Coffee Pre Packs Singles $1.69
$2.00/1 Millstone Coffee Bag or K-Cup Portion Pack from RP 2/13 (exp 3/31/2011)
Final Price: FREE


Millstone Coffee Pre Packs Singles $1.99
$2.00/1 Millstone Coffee Bag or K-Cup Portion Pack from RP 2/13 (exp 3/31/2011)
Final Price: FREE


Millstone Coffee Pre Packs Singles $1.64
$2.00/1 Millstone Coffee Bag or K-Cup Portion Pack from RP 2/13 (exp 3/31/2011)
Final Price: FREE with $.38 overage after coupon

Thanks, Coupon Connections

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30 thoughts on “FREE Millstone Coffee!!!”

My Walmart had these for $1.64. I bought one with no problem but when I got it home I realized it was expired 3-16-11. I am going to take it back.

I went to another store on Monday and asked. The cashier asked the customer service manager, the customer service manager asked the store manager. From where I was standing, I could see them looking on the computer. After several minutes checking, the store manager said the coupon was indeed good on the prepacks. Now if stores are allegedly being notified, then why is it not posted? They are going to (allegedly) NOT BE PAID! So this is important! They sure throw those fake coupon alerts up quickly! Please know that as a fellow couponer, I am not trying to argue with you. I am just saying how odd it is that it is not plastered everywhere if it is true! Please don’t be angry.

I am sorry, but I believe the whole thing about the company refusing to reimburse the stores if customers use this coupon on the 1.75 oz. prepack bags is a ploy to keep us from using it. This coupon turned out to be VERY popular! I am NO coupon expert, but it seems to me that they would HAVE to reimburse the stores because the coupon says any prepack bag. I have not found anything official concerning this! I have not been told this by ANY store! The only reports of it I see are one or two on some coupon sites. Like I said, I am NO expert, but it seems to me they would have no choice but to honor the coupon as written!

Unfortunately since the manufacturer is the one putting out the coupon they can do whatever they want and if they send a message out to the stores informing them they aren’t gonna reimburse them then they don’t have to. There’s no law that states a store or a manufacturer has to accept a coupon and they have the right to refuse to accept a coupon at any time even if it’s a legit one. Couponing is a privilege and not a right. Now if the manufacturer fails to notify the store they aren’t going to get reimbursed then maybe the stores have a legal avenue there but as far as we as customers are concerned “it’s we get what we get and don’t throw a fit” even if I’d like to sometimes lol!!

At my Safeway they were 1.69-so I got 3 and used 2 coupons-so paid a little bit, but didn’t have a problem with it beeping with overage-like to avoid that at Safeway-they are so picky with coupons! I had to study the coupon carefully=as at first thought it was for 1/2 lb or more-but that part is for the bulk beans. It also says for any single package & these are the real little ones.

I try to do this at Walmart but the coupon says 1/2 pound or more, couldn’t do it

Does anyone know where to get this coffee in Southern California? No luck at Walmart or Food-4-Less.

I am so upset. I went to Walmart (without my policy) and had the coupon in my purse so I used it. The cashier tried to tell me the amount of the item had to be more then the coupon and only gave me the price of the item not of the coupon off of my total. Shouldn’t employees be aware of the company policies?

does anyone know if kroger or walmart is still taking these anywhere for the smallest bags?

Went “hunting” for this coffee at Walmart and Food-4-Less (Kroger) in Southern California, neither one had it.

I used it today at the Safeway store no problem. It was $1.89- a small MM. My Walmart does not carry it though.

Can someone plz tell me if this is the kind you fill your own bag from the machine, or is it prepackaged? Thx in advance.

My coupons are for EITHER 1/2lb of the bulk (self serve) or the small little prepackaged or the K-cups. The way to get it free is to buy the small prepackaged bags.

I just got 40 of the small pre-packs at Safeway..the coupon went thru for $2 no problems!!
If you need these coupons http://www.couponclippingbygabby.weebly.com has them for .10 each :)

Is this the kind you have to fill a bag yourself? Or is it prepackaged? I looked for this at walmart but only saw the machine and empty bags in this brand. Plz reply…thx

It’s prepackaged, a very very small bag.

My walmart didn’t have them…i went to fred meyer and got them 3/$5.

Mine says 1/2 lb bulk or more. Does anyones else say this? Would it still work??

Mine says that,too, so I didn’t try, as I am an ethical couponer – or try to be. :)

Thanks KCL! I just got 2 small things of the coffee. :)

Fred Meyer had the single serve packs on sale (indefinitely?) 3 for $5.00. If you buy multiple papers and had 5 of these coupons, you could get 6 packs with 5 coupons.

I did this in Feb. when the coupons came out.I made money, had 20 coupons and I had no problems at Wal Mart. That ashame that the company sent out a notice.

Arggh. Yet again, another one that I didn’t get in my RP 2/13. I’m not a big fan of how much the coupons vary by region. Here in New Hampshire…I feel like I’m kinda getting a bum deal. :(

I did not get that one either. Boo!

Yes! Here in the southeast, I’m always missing great coupons I want. Not a fan of the regional approach to coupon distribution.

Are the pre-pack singles, the same thing as the K-cups?? I need more K-cups BAD!

The company has apparently sent out a notice letting all stores not to accept this coupon for the small bag. :(

Where can I find these Q’s?

when does this start? today? i have a TON of these coupons.

Confirmed! I just did this deal at Fred Meyer in Redmond…was able to get them 3 for $5, and was able to use these coupons on them. Can get 6 packages with 5 coupons for free! Thanks!