$3.00/1 – package of Huggies Diapers – (bricks.coupons.com)

Yep another Huggies coupon! Hurry and grab this coupon before it’s gone. These $3.00 off Huggies coupons are amazing!

Thanks, Totally Target!

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I was able to use the $3 off Huggies coupons with the $2.50 off Huggies at Target coupons to get 6 size one packs of 50 Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers for under $4 a piece. I spent $53.94 and had $33.00 in coupons so my total before taxes was 20.94 for 300 diapers!! Oh…I am due in June with my 3rd baby and am total stocking up this time. Thanks for the great deal!!

Target is running their $5 promo. If you buy 2 huggies (I think 48 count or more) you get a $5 gift card.

thamks i cant wait to go shop and impress my hubby!

Quick question for everyone –
What is considered a stock up price per diaper? We just found out that we’re expecting (end of Nov./beginning of Dec.)and I’m needing some help figuring out when to stock up and when to let a “deal” pass. I used this deal to get the Huggies in size 1 at Target. They were 8.99 each at my target, used $3 off coupon and $2.50 off store coupon for $3.49 total per package (bought 3 packages this way). 50 diapers per pack puts each diaper at about 7 cents. I’m thinking this might be a stock-up?!? If so, I’ll be hitting up friends computers to get more!

This is a great question. We’re also expecting, end of July, and I’m just starting to clip coupons for diapers. I’m curious about this too!! I think $3.49 is a great deal, I might go at lunch today and use my 2 coupons.

Another question — does anyone prefer some diapers over others? I just don’t know if I stock up, and what if the diapers aren’t “good”? I don’t want to waste my money.

Barrie and Melissa…
My daughter will be 18mths on friday and I didn’t start couponing and stocking up diapers until a few months ago so GREAT JOB for starting now.

Barrie: My personnal preferrence is Pampers diapers (we use Cruisers) and at night I use Huggies Pull-Ups because they seem to hold more at night for my little drinker. I have a girlfriend that prefers Huggies diapers for her girls. I will also say that we prefer Huggies wipes (Walgreens had a fantastic deal last week and I STOCKED up with I think 12 refill packs). They seem to be thicker and when my Madison gets diaper rash, they don’t sting her like Pampers wipes.

I hope I helped either of you ladies :-)

Happy Couponing!!!

Seven cents/diaper is a great deal for size 1/size 2 diapers. Just telling you from my experience – my little boy is 10 months now. He only stayed in size 1 diapers for maybe 1 – 1 1/2 months or so. The hospital gave us a pack of about 15-20 Pampers diapers. We liked the Pampers size 1 diapers for when we couldn’t cover the umbilical cord with a diaper. However, since then, we’ve liked Huggies Little Movers better than Pampers, but my cousin swears by Pampers. I don’t really like the Huggies Snug and Dry, but I do like the Pure and Natural, they’re just more expensive/diaper. Then he was only in size 2 til he was 4 months, maybe. 3 months for sure. I think I had around 10 size 2 jumbo packs, and that seemed to be fine before we moved him to size 3. I think with girls, they generally don’t grow as fast. Just for stocking up to know what and how many to get. My boy is still in size 3s, so we could have stocked up on lots of those!

Are there any great deals to use all these great coupons on before they expire??

target.com has a $2.50 off coupon to stack with this one. :)

Will these work on pull ups?

I was only allowed 1 $3off coupon at coupons.com BUT they allowed me to print 2, $2 off coupons there which was a nice suprise.

I did get two $3off coupons from bricks though. Hopefully they are still available tomorrow when I get to work.

also found one at coupons.com for $3.00 off making 4 total for me

I was so excited today i printed the coupons thinking it would be a waste of time cause i never find good enough deals on huggies (at least since i started looking) than today at Rite Aid i was able to get a killer deal!!!! so excited thanks

How did you get 4 from one computer? This one is linked to the coupons.com coupon. I was able to print two from this link but when I went to coupons.com it tells me “print limit reached” on the $3 Huggies coupon.

i think she was stating she got 2 of each from her computer – 2 of the bricks and 2 of the coupons.com hth

I was able to print 4 $3/1, HOWEVER, two of the coupons have a specific count you have to purchase, which I got those from coupons.com. The other two have no specific ct required.

THanks for the HU! I got 2 there after readi g your comment!:)