I am getting so excited to watch Extreme Couponing on TLC on Wed. April 6th.  In honor of the series premiere debuting in just over a week, I wanted to have a little fun.
In the few months since being on the show, I’ve gained the perspective to laugh at myself and at the criticism of the show, so here is my Extreme Couponing “roast”!

Top Ten Changes to the Series, Extreme Couponing TLC

10.  Series premiere: Who can get the most groceries out the door without paying a cent: contestant vs Lindsey Lohan.
9.  Extreme Couponing contestants spending more than $10 trigger trap door elimination.
8.  Jury of previous Extreme Couponing contestants seated in produce section; aisle by aisle narration by Jeff Probst.
7.  Immediately after Extreme Couponing contestant completes checkout, they and their groceries are transported by helicopter to the game of Survivor.
6.  Episode 3 recalled after stores post new “limit of three shopping carts per customer per shopping trip” policy.
5.  Woman from the dumpster gets hauled off to jail for trespassing and trades groceries for bail.
4.  Bookie trolls the aisles taking bets from other shoppers, and reporting odds that Extreme Couponing contestant saves at least 95%.
3.  The Extreme Couponing contestant who saves the most at the end of the season wins a vacation for two and a spot on the next season of “Hoarders”!
2.  Episode 6 [attempted international episode] flumps when contestant unable to fit huge coupon binder through airport security
1.  You know that guy with the tower of 1000 boxes cereal? He has to eat them.

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A friend of mine just made the funniest comment about this show. I was telling him about it and he said “So its like Extreme Couponing meets Hoarders” lol! :)

When you purchase your coupons, does that dollar amount not have to be figured into your grocery total in order for it to be accurate? I think this show is very very misleading!!!! I use coupons regularly and as a normal shopper, I find that if I save 30-50% on coupons I have collected/printed on my own without buying them, I’m probably coming out ahead of the ones that buy coupons!! How is this accurate when you don’t disclose the amount you are spending on coupons????????????

Good day Krazy Coupon people! Is’nt it great to get all of these good deals….some of them STEALS (the leagal way) AND NOT GO TO JAIL!!!! It is a VERY GOOD DAY when you can walk out of a store with freebies and know you are not going to jail LOL!

I am SOOOO excited about the series. Got my DVR set to record. I randomly caught the first one just because TLC was on – I did a double take and sat down. I’ve been addicted ever since. When I find a great deal I feel like I turn into another person and I get this adrenaline rush. I get so sweaty and scared at checkout that my calculations aren’t right. It’s such a good deal I almost feel like I”m just walking out with it! And the store is letting me! Thanks for educating us all! I think all the haters out there are ridiculous. Perhaps jealous of your stockpile! I am slowly building mine but I dream of a garage fully stocked like aisles of a grocery! Keep it up Joanie!

That was very funny. I love it.

Hi and thanks for all that you put out there! I’ve learned so much and saved so much more! I can’t believe you would be criticized! I’ve cut the grocery bill in half and I’ve asked several neighbors to save their coupons for me and they are very happy to do it! Plus, my husband didn’t think I’d be able to save much and he’s on board now! We have all that we need and then some! I’ve been able to start getting more food to our local church food bank and telling others how to also! Many blessings to your family! Keep the interviews and shows coming!

Great list! What an awesome sense of humor you have! It was funny because I stumbled onto Extreme Couponing when a friend posted it on Facebook that she watching it. I immediately tuned in and later set my dvr to record new episodes. My dvr kept recording the same one even though it wasn’t new, but I couldn’t not watch again! Then I cleaned up the dvr and accidentally erased them all – I was so bummed because the show is quite motivating for me. My favorite part was watching the cute little dumpster diver! :)

I LOVE the humor & I also LOVE saving money…just like you & a lot of other crazy coupon ladies! Seeing the two of you on the Nate show RE~INSPIRED me to get even more serious about couponing. although I have been doing it for a couple of years, I tend to get frustrated at times, not being organized enough, stores being out of “the bargin stuff”, getting home to find out something didn’t ring up right…never the less ya’ll kick started me AGAIN & I THANK YOU! We work too hard for our money, to pay what prices are today! Gotta save to fill the gas tank, and I can justify eating out a little better if I can save on groceries!

I one funny coupon story I have to share! When I first started couponing, I went to Walgreens to buy toilet paper that was on sale buy one get one free, I had coupons for it, felt proud of my purchase & savings (my hubby thought I was crazy getting 4 packs of t~paper) Put it in the bathroom, he comes out with this crazy look on his face and says ” I don’t care if that kind is buy one get THREE free DO NOT EVER BUY THAT KIND AGAIN!” It was some rough stuff LOL! Still laugh about that!


I laughed so hard reading that!! I cannot wait for the new season to start!

Yay!!!!! I cannot wait for the show to air! I will be on there look for Desirae from Kannapolis, NC. My series should air towards the end of April!

A big thanks to everybody for giving me a good laugh this morning! And a big thanks for creating this website! I am a full time college student, soon to be married, and buying a house! Using coupons has definately helped and the money I have saved with coupons has probably covered my wedding costs and helped with getting our home as soon as we are!

I believe this show will hurt couponers. You can laugh and have fun at the show all you want. I have seen the show, and I can tell you that stores will stop doing coupons and doubling them after seeing a show like this. It will make honest couponers look extremely bad. You have people on this show that abuse couponing. The show thier home, and thier stockpile. They are horders! I love to have a nice stockpile but thiers are EXTREME. I’m not going to support this show, they don’t show how these people save, only what they buy and how much they pay.

Billy Joel said it best when he sang; “Virginia, We might be laughing a bit too loud, aawww, but that never hurt no one! The stained-glass curtain you’re hiding behind never let’s in the sun…”

I agree Virginia, this show will hurt everyday couponers. I just started couponing in Feb of this year and while I do buy multiples on my shopping trips they are usually 6 or less. I don’t understand why these extreme couponers get 2500 inserts and have a huge hoard of products, many of which they will never be able to use. And I know many of them say they donate to charity, but it is really over the top when they have large portions of their homes devoted to their stash. I do have a stockpile on two six ft tall shelves in my laundry room, but that is it. My goal is to have what I need on hand to go me for three months in case I have a financial emergency. I just want enough for myself and my two dogs, nothing more. I have no desire to empty my local grocery store’s shelves because I “can” clip or purchase 200 coupons for a product.
Saving money is great and I love to coupon. I just hope this show dosn’t effect how stores handle couponing in the future.

Everything has an expiration doesn’t it?This is an addiction

Ha!Ha!Ha! Joanie, you made my day! My sides are splitting from laughter! You are hilarious! I haven’t laughed so hard in ages! Believe it or not, I literally fell off my chair! I’m still cracking up! I think I busted a lung from laughing so hard! Thank you so very much for all you do to save us money and to keep us smiling! If McDonalds were to name a new hamburger after you, they would call it McKrazy!!

Ha! McKrazy. My husband would eat at least three of them. (hopefully they’d be on the dollar menu!)

I love how you can joke about what others have said! That makes you awesome!!! But I have to say, that show changed my life, when I saw it on a re-run earlier this month. Its weird how someone you never met .. on tv no less, can change your life for the better. But you did. And because of you, now my husband and I can save money on things we use. We can buy the things we need without worrying about money. And cause of that, you and your family will always be in my heart and my prayers. Thank you so much! (sappiness over .. and I’m sure you wont even see this lol, but I had to say it!) I LOVE being a Krazy coupon lady! I carry my binder around in stores with PRIDE and if people say stuff I laugh and thing, you wouldn’t be saying that if you saw my total!!

I did see it and you almost made me cry. Thank you so much! I’m so happy that your family is doing well! This is a community; heck! It’s a movement! It’s not about me. I personally can’t save you a dime. I can however, point you in the right direction and tell you about this website where hundreds of thousands of women and men come every day to find deals and help each other. Coupons rock. I’m just like you– excited about saving some money!

LOL….good job, Joanie! I watched you on the Nate show last night (thank you DVR) and my husband was like, “Well you already know all this!” Thanks for sharing your gift of saving! With 6 people in our family and housing 7 more in our tiny home it has been quite the blessing! And the best part is that I am passing on “tricks”! I ran into my twins teacher at WalMart and she noticed my binder. At school the next day she asked one of my sons, “What was that big green binder your mom had?” This morning I sent her those awesome $3 Huggies coupons and a note telling her to “hook up with us on FB”. She is a new mom so this is all new to her. Just awesome how we can pay it forward! Thanks!

#1….my thoughts exactly!!

Thanks for getting my brain working this morning :)

Too funny!

You know your a KCL when
…you start asking fellow shoppers, “did you know there is a coupon for that?”

…your daughter asks you to find a coupon for ice cream because she would really like some

…your son finds a coupon on the floor while at the store and is WAY TOO excited

Thanks for the laugh this morning!
…you and your favorite check out lady continue your conversation from last week- after all you spend a good 20 min.+ with her each week!

#10 made me laugh and spit my coffee out!! Those are great!

You know you are a crazy coupon lady when…Your 5 year old son gets excited when he sees a Fruit Snack coupon, because he knows that I am going to buy LOTS of them!

Thats my son too! He is 5 and he is always on the lookout for ice cream coupons.

You know you are a crazy coupon lady whe….You send your husband to the gas station every Sunday morning to get you more newspapers

Dear couponers,
It’s okay I rob the stores blind too!
Winona Ryder

would also love to see “you know your a crazy coupon lady when…..” I would love to see all the ones that you have and any that the posters could add! These are great!

Oh Lord, you used Lindey Lohan’s name here? She sued eTrade for using her name (well not even her whole name, just the name Linsey, period)and won apparently because they pulled the commercial where the baby used the name Lindsey when talking about another baby.

That was great! I’m really looking forward to the show. I saw you on Nate Berkus yesterday. I couldn’t believe that lady would spend close to $400 a week! It’s a good thing she had you KCL’s to show her how to do your thing. Many blessings to both of you on your success! :)


ROFL! It’s so great to see you laughing at yourself and the show and enjoying couponing so much! Thanks for the laughs. You’re the best.

LL! Almost fell off my chair on a couple of those. And too late my Hubby did come looking for me. BUSTED! But I doing homework Coupon Homework that is :0) hehehehehehe!

I think that we also need a post to go with it called “You Know You’re a Crazy Coupon Lady When…” and see the responses you get. (This occurred to me as I was looking through Craigslist and actually paused to consider a commercial cooler/freezer unit..ha ha)

Yes! You Know Your a Krazy Coupon Lady When… We MUST have a set of these!!! Please, please, please!?

I just did the same thing!

She had a contest like that once. The best KCL quote became a cartoon picture and pretty sure the winner got the PACLH book :)
I thought of this again last week.
“You know you’re a KCL when your idea of a fun Saturday night, is checking ad match-ups til 2 am” That was me 2 Saturdays ago :)

Omg that is just too funny!!

Love it! Congrats on all your successes ladies!

I love #1!!! KCL can you please do a shopping trip out in Southern CA.? I want to know how to get the best savings here, where we have no double coupons, some stores don’t take printed coupons, and very often the coupon limit is 3 per transaction. It makes for a very long trip to the store when you can only use 3 per transaction. I am doing the best I can out here, but truly do not find very big success. Had one great day at Target, but the most other than that was around $15. Feels like defeat when that happens and yet I see a $400 savings by you guys where you’re shopping. Please please please!

YES!!! I second your comments also being a So-Cal Couponing gal!
Does anyone know how it works when you have a retailer coupon for “buy 2, get one free” and in store they are running the same “buy two, get one free”/ deal on the very same product? Does this mean we can get four of the products for free? I’m confused about this.
Is this similar to the concept that KCL has explained about B1G1 deals?

Would appreciate anyone’s help and comments on this.

It would work like this:
You buy 3 of that item (I did it yesterday at CVS with M&Ms.
One is free from the store and one is free from the coupon.
So, you pay for one and get two more for free.
I got 3 M&Ms for 99 cents. They were 99 cents each, and two were free with store promo and coupons.

Would love a CA trip also. Bummed we don’t get double or triple coupons. I would especially love a trip to Winco as they do have very good prices that I stack my coupons with, but they don’t run regular ads. I have been contemplating shopping at safeway, save mart, raley’s etc…but really don’t want to go to 4 different stores every week. Advice anyone??

If you imagine that you’re being paid $80 an hour to shop, would you shop at multiple stores? The only way to make huge savings is to shop when the item is on sale and at different stores. The people who don’t want to take the time to do this, are the ones throwing huge piles of money away. Which one are you? :-)

I go to 8 different stores every week….IMHO, there is no way around getting everything you need (or want) for free or super cheap unless you take advantage of all the different sales the different stores have to offer. If you only go to one store, you just have to take advantage of the sales every week and not be brand loyal at all. CA’s stores coupon policies are not fun…I wish you luck Cyndi!

i disagree. i don’t think you have to shop at more than one or two stores each week. for a couple weeks, i looked at my three local grocery stores’ fliers (foodtown, shop-rite and a&p). i noticed that in general, they were all very similar with regards to prices and coupon policies and ran close to the same sales each week or within one or two weeks of one another. i chose foodtown because it seemed to be slightly cheaper than the other two, with the added bonus that it is the closest. i do one foodtown trip per week and one rite-aid (did the same type of comparison with cvs and walgreens) trip. i pay attention to the other pharmacys’ deals though this site and if i’m really on the prowl for something i may visit an additional pharmacy.

I’m in So Cal and I shop @ Von’s. They give double coupons on 50 cents, but no more than $1. They have very good weekly sales and 3 day sales with coupons on their flyers too! I pretty much shop there every week. Just did some good shopping @ CVS tonight & used the $5 off $25 plus all my other coupons on their b1g1 sales!

Kroger’s in Texas is doing away with double/triple coupons on April 13th. We will have to do some creative couponing to save that much afterwards.

O man dont even get me started… I am so upset by this!

What???? Where???

I’ll have to do most of my shopping at Randells when that happens! So sad…

What?!?! Is this “ALL” of the Krogers in Tx? I (& a LOT of other people) hope your wrong! They will loose a LOT of customers! This upsets me because Kroger is were I usually find the best bargins with sales & coupons! Maybe we need to go protest!

I am in Northern CA and in a similar spot. After being a KCL for about 3-4 months now, I have a nice stockpile of toiletries and household goods (mostly from drugstores), but I have a really hard time getting good deals at grocery stores. I don’t know all the stores that double coupons, but I’m assuming that none of mine do. After seeing you ladies on Nate Berkus (which was awesome, by the way) I realized that I may never be able to get the prices that you got for that family. It would be SO helpful if there was a post about CA stores and how to make it work. I pretty much have Winco, Safeway, Raley’s and Savemart. HELP! :)

Here in Tennessee too! I save a good amount but never seems to be a greocery cart full or a half cart full!

BONUS ROUND: Whichever contestant can build the biggest replica of the Statue of Liberty using only free toothpaste, deodorant, and panty liners wins!

I LOVE it! I am having a watch party with my mom and sister, even though I am in Texas and they are in CA. Talk about dedicated! lol

I Can’t Wait!!!!

Thats awesome! LMBO!
wish they had the show online.

Wow! I was roflol the whole way. See: O-<-< That's me roflol!

9. Extreme Couponing contestants spending more than $10 trigger trap door elimination.

That is my favorite. I pictured it and in my late night stupor, cannot stop laughing!

lol…..love them all and thanks for reminding me to set my tivo!

Hahaha #3 has me rotf!!!
You crack me up I can not wait till the episode airs I have 2 sister in laws coming over to watch!

#3 is the best!!! Love it!!! :-)

Ha ha! Love it! You mean April 6th right?

Yes! Thank you! It’s too late! My brain isn’t fully-functioning!

Yes, Joanie, it IS late. We should go to bed before our husbands come looking for us. lol

Why don’t they donate they’re surplus to the needy and food pantries?Who really needs 1000 tubes of toothpaste.I think it’s a sickness to hoard it all.