There is a $1.00 off coupon available for Renuzit Super Order Neutralizer! Get it free at Walmart. The picture on the coupon is different than the cone (it’s of the spray bottle version) but the wording is the same with no size restrictions. So it should work, no problem!

Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer Adjustables $0.94
Use $1.00/1 – Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer – (
Final Price: $0.06 Moneymaker!

Thanks, MOJO Savings

Coupon prints at top of page, followed by an advertisement. Expiration date 4/9/2011, print limit 2.

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51 thoughts on “Free Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer at Walmart!”

Used coupon within date for product listed, or at least ateempted to. Walmart would not accept this coupon as it “is not in their database.” They seem to begrudingly accept other e-coupons as well. What is up with that???

I tried this one at My WalMart (I work there) I had my doubts- and it said “item not matched”. The computer should recognise if the correct item is purchased. If the coupon would have said “cone or spray” they would overide it. They are funny about internet coupons, but it is there policy to take them. I tell them they better get used to them! Often I use self check out with coupons.

The cashier at my Walmart took the coupons but was not happy about it. She kept telling me it has to look like the picture. I try to be nice but sometimes it gets me sooo mad!!

I could not find it-only Glad and Airwick products. Help?

Is this a sale price or reg price?

It was a big no go for me yesterday when I tried to use mine. She called the CSM over and said to her, “The coupons are for $1 and these are only 97 cents.” I thought well that’s why I am trying to buy them lol. But no, they said it had to be the spray.

I got the same thing from my Walmart. She said that because they weren’t equal to the coupon, I couldn’t use them. I told her that I had other coupons that were more than the price of the itema and she said, well it is for the spray anyway! Walmart is not one of my favorite places anyway…Now they just moved farther down the list!

I know…I hate going to walmart. Btw, Publix took those coupons without a problem!

Went to buy 2 of the Renuzit Super Odor Cones today and got rejected cuz it wasn’t the spray…there was a line so I just bought it and then went to customer service with my coupon policy and told the woman what happened.

I couldn’t believe it when she said they didn’t take internet coupon even when I showed her the coupon policy (thanks heather), she called the manager and got confirmation and then she looked at the picture on the coupon and said it had to be the spray not the cones.

I told her it says “Any one” and she insisted it had to be the spray, I said forget it and got a refund.

BTW, I noticed there was the same coupon policy in a frame behind her when I left.

I bought 1 at my walmart today and printed a black and white with no problem… Priced at 97 cents… so with my 3 cent overage applied to my 5 cents for tax I owed 2 cents…. the checker had a puzzled look on her face… and was a little bit in shock.. I smiled and gave her my 2 cents worth LOL

I tried mine at Wal-Mart today and it beeped and the cashier said it had to look like picture.

I was gonna try this deal but I was at Walgreens yesterday and they had the Renzuit Neutralizer Spray for B1G1.. they were priced at with two of the $1/1 coupons..its only .99 for two bottles.I would rather have the spray anyway:)

I tired using it at walmart today. they told me that since the coupon wouldn’t scan they dont accept them. is this true?

I used mine at Wal-Mart today and they accepted it. No problem.

got mine today at Target..not a problem coupon scanned without beeping. I really like them had never tried them b4.

I printed 4 (I have two computer). Target (in Kansas) had them on sale for 85 cents. Made for a nice overage for my other items.

I got denied at Walmart, too… it’s only for the spray. But I went to Walgreen each bottle for .49.

Wal-Mart said it is not what is in the picture on the coupon and therefore it was a no go! How embarrassing! Don’t try this deal.

I got my two for free, and the overage helped pay for the tax. Tax came to $0.08 total for both! Yah!

This renuzit is also on sale at Albs and FredMeyer. It is $1 each at either store. The stores say 10/$10 or 5/$5 (respectively) but you don’t need to buy multiples, they ring up a dollar each. FREE!

Very true I saw them at FRed Meyer for 5/$5

i went to walmart today but mine beeped and the cashier wouldnt take it becose it wasnt for the cone it was for the spray bottle :(

i had a problem with printing b&w coupons @ walgreens once. the girl said because the dots behind the date weren’t yellow, they couldnt accept them…i left everything there and walked out :/

Hi Hailey,

I too only print in Black and White. I never have a problem. The colored ink for my printer is much more expensive than black.

I went to my local Walmart store on yesterday and was told they no longer accept printed internet coupons, has anyone else experiecne this recently?

WalMart’s coupon policy says they do. Print out a copy and take it with you.

That is crazy. Even their sales add states on the bottom they glad accept internet coupons. If I was you I would have grabbed an ad in the front of the store to show them.

I have Walmart Corporate’s phone number programed in my cell phone and if I run into a problem, a threat to call corporate usually works like a charm. They take them, they were just in a bad mood. I would report it.

$0.89 @ Target!!!!

Does anybody know if these coupons work if only printed in black and white? I hate to waste money on colored ink when I can just use the black ink.

Yes they work just fine.. i only use my black in for my printable coupons.. dont like to waste the colored ink myself..

Thank you!

Hi Hailey… I have an HP Laser Jet Printer and it only prints out in black and white and I have never had a problem with using any coupon I print from it.

Thanks! I just wanted to be sure and check, I would hate to print them all in black and white and the coupons not work. I have been printing all my coupons in color, but color ink gets spendy and obviously all of us on this site are all about SAVING! Thanks again!

I found it under zip code 90210. :)

Coupon is available for two additional prints at

anybody know how much is it at target?

I found it under household in my zip code 95642. Mine expires on the 10th of April. But the other 2 coupons that I printed for Glade last until the 30th. Go figure.

i found the coupon also so is the coupon good for the spray or the cone?

I found it! It is good until 4-9-11. Just printed it off. It was kind of hard to find because the picture on the coupon is different, as she said. The picture is of a spray bottle of Renuzit Odor Neutralizer.

If I have 2 of these coupons can I use them BOTH at the same time??

its under household, but in the picture its a spary bottle.

Couldnt find it either!

I was trying to convince my wife to let me buy the bottles at walgreens for $.50 each. There is no argument when I’m going to be paid $.06 to take them. I printed 3 of those coupons a couple days ago and they don’t expire until 4/5. THANKS FOR THE INFO. Goin’ shopping in the morning.

I couldn’t find it. Is it under a certain zip code.

its because this coupon expired on the 27th i had the coupon and i just tossed it today because it was expired…. =/ she must have just remembered where she saw it but didnt check to see if it was still available

Thankyou for the info

I have found that most of the coupons that you print are good for a month from the time you print them. So if you print it today it won’t expire til the 29/30 of April, but if you printed it at the end of last month it would be expiring at the end of March. There do seem to be exceptions like Easter Candy (and Valentine) they expire on the holiday.

I found it under zip code 90210, household, first page. It shows the spray bottle on the picture. Mine doesn’t expire until 4/10/11.

I just found it under zip code 46239 and it expires 4/10/11.