Next week is a great time to stock up on hair care items.  At CVS there is a Spend $30 get $10 Extra Bucks on certain products including Herbal Essence.  If you can get your hands on 6 of these coupons here’s a great deal:

Buy 6 Herbal Essence Shampoo or Conditioner $2.75
Buy 6 Herbal Essence Styler $2.75

Use 6 FREE Herbal Essences/Aussie Styler wyb Select Item from SS 3/13
Pay $16.50, Receive $10.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $0.54 each

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38 thoughts on “CHEAP Herbal Essence at CVS starting 4/3”

Where can I get these coupons? New to all this!

Hi Brittany,

You can get them from your daily Sunday paper, I recommend getting a couple extra copies. I’m not a pro at this but if I see a deal that I can get an item for free, I head to Ebay and buy the coupons in bulk. Hope that helps!

I have a question about the $1/2 coupons with the BOGO. It’s only my 2nd time at CVS (I have Walgreens just about mastered) and only my secong BOGO deal, so here is my question, I handed her my BOGO coupons(5, I had 10 items) and then I had 5 1/2 coupons which also is for 10 items, but she gave me back 3 and said it would only take the 2. Should I have given her the 1/2 coupons first? Or does it not work like that at all? THe last BOGO was a coupon and a BOGO sale so all I paid was tax. I thought this would count the items the same way. I’m so confussed now. Help. Thanks.

You can only give the $1/2 for the ones that you are actually paying for. I always give the dollar off coupons first and then the B1G1 coupons so that way I don’t have any issues. I hope that this helps

I did this yesterday; I bought 3 shampoos, 3 conditioners, and 6 stylers. I used the 6 BOGO coupons, plus 2 $1/1 herbal essence/aussie (PG booklet), and 2 $1/2 herbal essence/aussie (PG 4/3). I have enough hair products to last me the rest of the year! :)

I didn’t get mine P&G $10.00 ECB for purchasing 6 herbal essences.I just thought it was a glitch in the system & the cashier printed a $10.00 ECB for me. When I got home I was reading the bottom portion of the receipt where it tells you what ECB’s you have earned.
In Plain sight – P&G $10.00 – Amount towards this reward $16.47 Amount needed – $13.53.

I thought you had to reach the minimum total before you hand over coupons.

If I am understanding you correctly: You had to purchase 12 not 6. So that amount at the bottom of your receipt is actually correct. the cashier shouldn’t have pushed that through for you without checking the total. If you go back and buy 6 more the 10ecb will print. You will want to give back the other $10 though that she pushed through. :)

How does buying 6 add up to $30? Sorry I’m new at this..

You’re actually purchasing 12…the total counts before you hand over the coupons!

I was at Safeway Today, Herbal Essence is on sale for 2.49 each. I used RP coupons of $1.00 off 2 and a 1.00 off herbal essence or Aussie Products. Some Aussie products were 2.49 as well.

Just saying – it doesn’t get you reward points, but 2.49 is cheaper than 2.75 and I believe right now CVS has herbal essence for $3.00

I think this Sunday’s paper (04/03/11) is going to have a $1.00 off 2 coupon that you can also use in addition to the B1G1 coupons from the 03/13 inserts!

So you can use both these coupons when buying?

My past experience has been, yes! You should be able to use the 6, B1G1 coupons, towards 6 of the items – these will count as “free”; and then use 3, $1.00 off 2 coupons, towards the other 6 items
So fun! :)

Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, anyone! :)

Does the “free” item HAVE to be a styler? Or does the coupon allow for the 2nd item to be another shampoo? Sorry – don’t have the coupon in front of me at the moment.

I looked in my SS coupons from 3/13 never saw coupons. Are their any printable coupon?

I have another question. Can I stack the B1G1 Free coupon with a Free herbal essence or aussie coupon the company sent me? I have 3 of those. Does it need to be coded in a certain way? Thanks

According to company policy you can stack a coupon with a BIGI. But it seems that it completely depends on the store. Some people have great success with it while it never works for other people. It’s always worth a try though!

I have another question. In addition to the B1G1 Free coupons I also have a few of the Free herbal essence or aussie product coupons that the company sent me. Can these be stacked? Do they have to be coded a certain way? I would like to get them this week for the $10 ECB

I was in Safeway and in their clearance stuff they had a bunch of L’Oreal, Herbal Essence, and Garnier products on clearance. You might want to try there if you can’t get your hands on 6 coupons.

News flash: There’s a website that is selling $10 gift cards for $7. They make you pay about thirty cents for the bid, but there’s nobody there at all and it really works. So you end up paying about $7.35 for a $10 card that shows up in the mail a few days later and it is 100% guaranteed to work at the register – and it does.

I have already tried it at Walmart, Walgreens and TGI Fridays.

That’s 25% off on anything you want to buy, pretty awesome in my book. It’s called Nickel Bidder dot com. They are new.

ok thanks! I have never shopped at CVS and want to add the store to my list. How does the extra care bucks work? Do they print when you reach the total, like walgreens? Sorry for typing my last comment twice. I thought the other one didnt go through!

Yes the EB print at the bottom of your receipt!!!

The coupon does not require the styler, so you can buy 6 and 6 shampoo and conditioner. I think it counts you gross spend for the week, so you would do 2 transactions of 4 and 2 or 3 and 3. Then the ECb would print on the 2nd transaction.

Dates? Am I reading this right? Sale is next week but coupon doesn’t come out until the following week?? Or am I not awake this morning.

I think it’s supposed to be 2/13 because I already have these and have had them for a couple weeks now.

Apparently I’m not awake either. 3/13 would be right as we just started the 4th month. I think we both need to go back to bed. :)

Coupon is from 3/13 not 4/13 :)

the coupon states “only 4 like coupons in one shopping trip”. How can we use 6?

Can an additonal $1 off 2 herbal essence shampoos be stacked with this?

Even though the coupon says 4 in same shopping trip, cvs’s program keeps up with what u spend toward your rewards, so even if u dont do it all in the same day, u could still get the $10 rr. I know many cashiers won’t check the coupons tho, so maybe thats the plan.

With this coupon, can you buy just the Shampoo or Conditioner? Or do you have to get the Styler to use the coupon? Thanks.

The coupon says “limit of 4 like coupons per a trip”. So could we use 6 of the free coupons?

Where could I get the coupons for Herbal Essence

Try a coupon clipping service or ebay

Ok help me out here. that coupon says limit of 4 same coupons allowed, so I was thinking with cvs it doesn’t matter if you spend 30 in the same transaction, correct. It does accumulate if I’m not mistaken. Lookin for confirmation on this

Yes, you are correct. You do not have to purchase all in the same transaction (or even the same store). Look at the bottom of your receipt, your card tracks your purchases and once you meet the requirements it will print your ECB.